The Life of Bon: Jeans and an Indian Chief

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jeans and an Indian Chief

Sometimes the darndest things happen.

You see, I like never wear jeans to school.  Like never!  It is so once in a blue moon.  I like to dress up and be professional so I'm always donning the skirts and tights and even high heels, oh my!

But today I didn't feel like it.  I woke up utterly exhausted, and the day was cold and drizzly so I thought, "Screw it all.  I'm wearing jeans!"  It didn't help that I had just gotten an adorable new sweatshirt from Skip n Whistle and I thought, "By Golly!  Today is the day to wear that bad boy!"

So I put on my comfy jeans and my ultra soft sweatshirt and was off to teach the youth of America.  At school those teenagers really liked my sweatshirt!  They said it was hip! And unique! And spunky!  And I said Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, darlings!

Neon Native American just can't be beat.  You can find him here.

And then who should appear?  But an administrator!  To observe me!  An administrator who has observed me teaching before and do you know what my report looked like?

+great classroom management!
+excellent rapport with students.
+Responds well to questions.
- Wearing jeans, doesn't look professional.

For whatever odd reason the last time I was observed I was also wearing jeans!  I've probably worn jeans four times the whole year and two of those times I get observed?!? Oh, the agony!

As soon as the administrator left, I exploded to my students, "Guys!  I'm wearing jeans!  Last time I was wearing jeans too!  That's what I got marked off and usually I'm dressed so nice!"

You wanna know what those kids said?  "Oh Teacher we know you always look nice!"  "But your jeans are so cute!"  "But you had to wear jeans to show off the Indian chief sweater!"  "We'll fight for you if they try to fire you for wearing jeans!"  "You look better in jeans than most people do in a suit!"

And that's why I teach 17 year olds.  Whoever says they're not the sweetest things is straight up lying to you.

Speaking of teaching, my girl Katie teaches third grade and I tell you those kids have got a fashion model teaching them multiplication.  She's got the whole putting outfits together thing down.  She would definitely never be marked down for wearing jeans!  Also.  Do you ever wonder how elementary teachers do it?  I do.  ALL THE TIME.  The patience and love that job must require... I can't imagine.  I figure they've got to be freaking saints.  And Katie totally is.  Last time Katie posted on this blog she told us about her struggles with infertility and miscarrying a baby.  Today she is pregnant with a baby girl due in July.  I could not be more excited for her.  I adore this blogger and I know you will too!

Hi Life of Bon readers! My name is Katie and I blog at for Lauren and Lauren.  I'm really excited to be here, and am a huge fan of Bonnie's blog.  One of my favorite things about Bonnie is her honesty.  You know she is going to share what is on her mind, which is something that I try to do on my blog.

But my blog started with just slightly more shallow content, as I used it as mostly a way to share my outfits with my sister Lauren and sister in law Lauren (hence the name for Lauren and Lauren).

While I do love to share my ability to find cheap clothes and what kind of outfits I put together, I've also found great blessings in using my blog to share things in life I'm working on, lessons God is teaching me, and a lot about our struggle through infertility.  While scary at first, the support and blessings that have come from it have been far worth it.

And we are unbelievably excited and still in disbelief that we will be having a baby girl this July!

Which means I am doing my best to still find cheap, cute outfits that I can wear with this growing bump of mine.

I also love sharing about different projects I've made like these infinity scarves or heart sweater, stories as a third grade teacher and then occasionally making fun of my husband with either his constant annoying noises, or his lack of knowledge about anything fashion related.

And then of course sharing my love for sweets, clearance racks, and my complete obsession with Target. (But is there any woman who is not addicted to Target?)

And as cheesy as it sounds my favorite thing about blogging has been meeting people and making friends.  Something that I had no idea existed in the blogging world.

Thanks for having me Bonnie!  I'm always excited to meet new bloggers so come visit me!



  1. That is too funny about the jeans, oh well!

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    My 1,000 Follower Giveaway!

  2. Us elementary teachers say the same thing about you highschool teachers. :) you deserve some jean days and a basket of your favorite wine/beer/liquor. :) silly admins.

  3. I like the sweatshirt!


  4. It's like a conspiracy. Next time, don't wear the jeans when you feel the urge. Wait till you are reviewed and then wear them the next day! LOL

  5. Well, that sucks about the evaluation. I am a teacher also, and we can wear jeans on Fridays. It seems like if there is no dress code in place (against jeans), then you shouldn't be marked down for wearing them. But what do I know? I'm just a teacher. :)

  6. Seriously - that thing with the jeans/admin is always the way things like that go!

    But you know what?? Sometimes I think my nice jeans look nicer than my black work pants! My work pants are all baggywaggy and it kinda looks like I'm wearing pajama pants. I'm wearing black jeans today (jeans is a no no, but I try to sneak in the black ones), and I feel ten times more put together!

  7. Ugh isn't that always the way! I'm so annoyed for you Bon!! Jeans have come a long way and most of the time us ladies can dress them up just as nicely as dress pants! Administators need to recognize!!

  8. Oh no! I feel like that's how things always go. The day you decide to do something that you're sort of not totally supposed to be doing is the day that an admin walks in. For me it's always my lesson objective. I'm required to have it written on my board and the one day I forget is the day admin walk in. As for the jeans though-- I wear jeans all of the time and don't feel guilty about it at all, but then again it isn't in the dress code that we can't wear jeans! :)

  9. lol i SWEAR administration can just sense when there's something about your day that might be off. for me it was the copy machine was down one day so I projected the quiz onto the board instead of giving handouts. my AP popped in and then told me in the future I should give handouts this was the most genius idea anyone had ever had. ughr!

    ps - super cute sweater!!

  10. gotta love the high school kids - they really can say the sweetest things! i'm sure your jeans looked great, no matter how 'unprofessional' it may be :)

  11. I'm suddenly regretting my decision to turn down the free native american sweat shirt...

  12. I never got the "no jeans for teachers" rule...I mean, as long as you don't look like a slug! plus that's a really cute sweater :]

  13. I so enjoy reading your blog posts and I love that sweatshirt. Like had to talk myself out of buying since it is already reaching 80 degrees on the regular here.

    I completely relate to your review situation. My classroom AC was out for 9 weeks so I was a hot sweaty t-shirt wearing mess. And I had two negative reviews for the lights not being on or the room being too loud, perhaps 6 fans will do that to a room. Sigh, it seems they are always looking for something.

  14. Great post! That's so sweet how loyal your students are. You must be a great teacher for them to love you like that!

  15. We had sports day yesterday at Springville Junior and were to wear our sports jerseys, etc. I wore my high school Varsity soccer uniform. It felt very weird not wearing heels or blouses or skirts....

  16. oh heck no!! Teachers deserve a casual Friday at least!! My school...I'm pretty sure my district...supports casual Fridays!! all my current co-teachers and former wear jeans on Friday (with the exception of the older teachers who know old people stuff). Even if it wasn't were wearing like PE shorts and a running tank top or something so how are jeans "unprofessional" ?? Ugh that makes me mad!! You looked cute!!

  17. It has been years since I have found a pair of jeans that fit me......