The Life of Bon: March, how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

Monday, March 04, 2013

March, how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

It's Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarch!

The month of madness
The month of anniversary
Of light in the mornings
And long, slow evenings.
The month of high hopes
And anticipation of spring
The month of 40 degrees.
Then 50.
Dare we hope for 60?
The month of Spring break
And love and kisses
January is gone, February is history
Can you believe we've made it?!?

WELCOME MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me.  Outside.  March 1.

Do you notice how bluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuue the sky is behind me?
Oh, March.  I think I'm in love.

This March I am looking forward to:
March 12 and 13:  Anniversary trip to St. George with Hubs.  Two days sluffing school and me and my boy in the sun for two days.
March 19:  My sis comes home from her mission to Argentina.  I haven't seen her since August of 2011.  Mary, I be missing you!
March 22:  Fly down to Phoenix for this girl's wedding.
March 29-31:  Possible quick trip to California for fingerprints.  And some beach time.  Obvi.
April 12-14:  Girls weekend in St. George with my college besties.  (I know it's not in March, but... EEEK!)

Notice that everything I am doing basically involves me following the sun.
Oh sun.
We've missed you so much.
And in case you wanted to know, this January was the coldest January in the state of Utah since 1949.  No wonder I was complaining so much!  It was all justified people, IT WAS JUSTIFIED!

Now.  I know (mostly via my comments on this post) that some of you may have the tendency to skip over "guest posts".  Give this girl one paragraph, and I promise she will lure you in.  Kendra is a fantastic writer, her voice leaps off of the page, and if I ever have kids, I want to be just like her!

I could introduce myself by stating my name and where I'm from, but that's the boring part of me, so I'll let you get acquainted with the details first. I hate the crust on bread. I can eat a rittersport in about 1 minute and if practicing patience maybe it'll last two. I'm self conscious of my hips. I'm an organizational nutcase. My favorite fastfood is grilled cheese +tatertots+ cherry limeade from Sonic. I'm a Sprinkles Cupcakes fanatic. I studied abroad in London. I first fell in love after Jared asked me to Prom our Junior year and we were married 5 years later. I'm super frugal but don't like to sacrifice sophistication for tacky. I love taking in my surroundings and exploring every nook and cranny of any city I live in, which currently is Washington DC. And I am a mother to the two most beautiful babes, Evelyn and Warner! So, hi there! I'm Kendra. 

Over yonder on my blog, Kendra MayI love to document my experiences as a mother, our family films, and my coming of age. I remember years ago, I thought that once I got out of high school I would leave the awkward and ever-doubtful me behind because high school is the time of great self-discovery right? Then college came along and I re-defined myself. It was a better self. Then marriage. Surely, if there is ever a time to truly emerge into your own it is when you merge yourself together with another person and discover that you+him = you. You are forged together in unity and it is tough but it is beautiful. Then the two of you decide "hey, doesnt you+me+baby+baby = neverending happiness?! Let's dooo itttt!!" and before you know it you're like "hey, where'd I go in all this?" And so my blog is my travel log, if you will, of my road to self-discovery. Each day, each new experience, is teaching me that I am just now chipping away at who I really am and what I am truly capable of. I'm on a voyage to  re-defining myself as a mother, forging new paths, conquering anxieties, opening up vulnerabilities, testing my limits, growing patience, discovering my strengths and strengthening my weaknesses. And I blog about it all because that's what the internet is for, right? Sharing our intimate details with the rest of the world? Motherhood is one crazy gig ;)

Whew, how was that for our first meet and greet, huh? A bit too deep? 

Well, if I have intrigued you in the least bit, I'd love to have you pop on over and say hello! 
Thanks Bonnie for having me!


  1. i love march and i love kendra - her family is beautiful!!

  2. i love this month too and especially that it means warmer weather!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  3. I flipped the kitchen wall calendar to March a full 5 days before it was actually March. Although we're supposed to get a snow storm tonight & tomorrow, so perhaps February is having the last laugh.

    Good guest post.

  4. Happy March! I definitely am enjoying hearing the birds chirping when I wake up in the morning. Just another sign that warmer weather is coming!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. I am soooo ready for spring, we've had one snowstorm after another here! Fingers crossed this is the last one :)


  6. Nice to meet Kendra she sounds like a lovely person with a beatiful family. Now to March.....left, right, left......oh not that type of

    We only have 2 birthdays in March so a nice and easy month for us.........but it arrived so bloody fast....

  7. March is wonderful.. The sunshiney warmer days are making me happyyyyy :)