Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Hubs is lying next to me memorizing lines out of his brain.  He has a big comedy show Thursday night and well, he needs to prepare!  All I know is I am so glad I did not choose his line of work.

Want to come?  To the big comedy show, I mean?  I promise it'll be a lot more fun than whatever else you had planned for your Thursday night.  (And if you can't make it tonight, there's a show on Monday too!)  The show starts at 8:00 at Comedy Sportz in Provo and admission is $6.  If you come make sure to come say hi to me!  I will most likely be in the front row in bright red lipstick.  You know how I roll.

Moving onward...  here's the name of the game-


I know.  Sounds like a middle school game, doesn't it?


I've got my darling sponsors gathered together today and each one of them has a vicious lie somewhere in their blog introduction.  Think you can figure out their lies?  Read their intros (the lies are at the bottom of the intro) and then leave a comment telling me which girl you think had the best "lie".  The girl who gets the most votes will get free advertising on Life of Bon next month.  Oh, and a commenter on this post will also be randomly selected for free ad space next month, so it's in your best interest to be reading and voting.  And of course, if you feel so inclined, share your own two truths and a lie!

Two Truths and Lie
- I met my husband on spring break in Mexico
- I'm still an *NSYNC fan after all these years.
- I started shaving my legs in secret with I was 11, thinking my mom wouldn't notice the lack of leg hair.

Lie: I'm still and *NSYNC fan. I was never an *NSYNC fan and will always love the Backstreet Boys!

One line description: Lifestyle, illustration, and humour blog.

Two Truths and a Lie
  • I'm an Arts student 
  • I was baptized more than once.
  • I got the chance to interview the finalists of Miss World 1993
(The first one is the lie)

My blog is She Crab Soup - a blog by a beach girl at heart- made with a little bit of everything!

Two Truths and a Lie: 
I used to be a prison guard at a male medium custody prison
I love books and gardening  
I'm a master in the kitchen

The lie is I'm a master in the kitchen.  Oops!

My blog is all about a rapping husband, business ventures, 3 children, church callings, working full time. Never bored at the Reupena Household.

Two Truths and a Lie
One time at work, it was a slow day and we had just gotten a bunch of balls from our partnered marketing group. We decided to play American Gladiators. We each took turns being the gladiator. We had to run from the teller line to the front door without getting hit by the balls being thrown. It's no wonder why that branch has since then been closed down and we're all working elsewhere! No balls or tellers were harmed when recreating the best 90's television program.  

My husband and I tried to be romantic one weekend. We lit candles all around our hotel room and around the jetted tub. As I stepped into the tub I slipped and knocked down most of the candles. I even broke a few candle holders. It was just like that Zoosk commercial. (You've never seen it? Look it up!) Such a romantic FAIL!!

I ripped (a full on slit through, two pieces kind of rip) my pants at work showing someone how to "drop it like it's HOT." Yes I definitely dropped it! My boss was in the middle of an employee review. She came out and couldn't help but laugh. She and my co-workers were crying from laughing so hard. I was the BUTT of the joke! 

The lie would be the romantic fail although I'm sure my husband and I have had more than enough of those. Just not in that exact way!!

 A lifestyle blog with a soundtrack!

1. I have read all of Chelsea Handler's books except, "Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me". 
2. I own a VHS copy, but not a DVD of my favorite Jim Carrey movie, "Liar Liar".
3. The first scarey movie I remember seeing was, "What Lies Beneath".

(The second one is my lie). 

This is my story of becoming myself regardless of what happens and learning what it means for me to stay gold.

-I got in trouble as a toddler because I learned how to crawl up on my babysitter's dining table and swing on the chandelier.
-I once backed my car into a jeep because I became distracted when I noticed a hot air balloon passing.
-I accidentally peed my pants the first time I got a kiss.  

(the last one is the lie...but it totally happened to my roommate's Mom.  Good thing they ended up getting married, right?)

 Hi! I'm Jenn and I blog about my daily adventures over at Girl Defying struggle to get fit (complete with embarrassing "before" pictures), my infertility journey and the trials and tribulations of being an Anatomy student. Stop on by, I'd love to meet you!

1. A couple years ago I was asked to come into work and give a statement for a new PR campaign, as my company was attempting to win a contract in the next county. I reluctantly dragged myself in -on 3 hours of sleep!- and before I could say whattheheckishappeninghere?! I found myself mic'd up, with a script in my hand preparing to film a T.V. commercial. #myfifteenminutes

2. Awhile back my ambulance partner and I had a 911 call for abdominal pain. The patient was in an upstairs apartment and we left most of our equipment at the bottom of the staircase before heading up. As I started back down I suddenly noticed that my brand-new Michael Kors sunglasses were no longer sitting sitting on the bag where I'd left them. They'd been stolen! Noooo! As I was taking in that fact, my foot missed the stair and I flew headlong down the flight of concrete steps in front of the fire department, our patient, and about 20 random neighbors. #walkitoff

3. I used to make the drive down to Pebble Beach for the Pro Am every year. Now, I could really care less about golf, but the celeb-spotting and the party atmosphere are totally worth a little road trip. The last year I went, my girlfriend and I had waaay too many chocolate cake shots, met Bill Murray (I almost threw up on his shoes) and got into a fight with an obnoxious girl at a bar downtown. Allegedly I was dragged out screaming "I win, bish! I win!"  Allegedly. #awkwardblackout

{ #3 is the lie. That actually happened to my crazy BFF ;-) }

My blog is a place where you can see life in Australia, living gluten free, battling infertility and everything in between!
(I didn't intend for that to rhyme, I swear!)

Two truths and a lie.  
1. I was an extra in the movie Australia
2. My husband asked me on our first date via facebook
3. I'm scared of roller coasters.

(Number 1 is the lie.)

A blog about my everyday life and hoping to get someone else to read it besides my mom (hi mom!)

I used to have two photos on my wall that I made out with every night. John Travolta and Lance Bass. Should it be surprising to anyone that one of my first serious boyfriends was gay?

I won the 1986 Santa Cruz Beauty Pageant and was crowned 'The Most Beautiful Baby.' Yeah, only six months old and I was already a beauty queen. 

When I worked at Target, I accidentally walked out of the store with some merchandise one evening and didn't realize until the next day when I went to my shift that I had inadvertently stolen $500 worth of goods. Needless to say, my bosses weren't pleased with me, but I didn't get in too much trouble. 

(The third one is the lie)

Two truths and a lie:

I'm 29 years old 

I attended Guilford College in 2006

My favorite dish is Boeuf Bourguignon.

(The second one is the lie.)

One bloggers mission to spread as much kindness and happy as possible in her life and inspire others to do the same!

Two truths and a lie
        1.  I recently lost 15 pounds!
        2. I hate foaming hand soap.
        3. I used to be a Toddler in a Tiara.. Oh yeah baby beauty pagents! 

Number 3 is the lie :)

I'm a 20 something Pittsburgh girl on a journey to lose 100+ pounds on weight watchers and I blog about the highs and lows of my weight loss journey. 

Two Truths and a Lie:
1. I almost had a real life Jaws moment. Swimming in open water I found myself swimming with a shark. After it swam up against me and checked me out it went on its way!

2. As a child one of my home movies made it onto America's Funniest Home Videos and we got second place!

3. Anastasia isn't just a good cartoon movie to me, I have family ties to the last Romanov family. 

(# 2 is the lie:  "As a child one of my home movies made it onto America's Funniest Home Videos and we got second place!")

Living happily ever after, one day at a time.  It's just the tag line on my blog.  If it is lame, let me know and I will think of something else!

Two Truths & A Lie:
  • I didn't learn how to ride a bike until 7th grade (I'm a loser.  My brother trailed me everywhere.)
  • I have never read a newspaper (They are depressing.)
  • I lived in Beijing for 2 years. 
(The last one is the lie.  But, I wish it was true.)

Blog/ Instagram

Just a small town girl with a small town blog--Bailey Dailies is just about my life and how I live it!

Two Truths and a Lie
I have been kicked out of a bar
I have had a warrant out for my arrest
I have gotten 3 traffic tickets

#3 is the lie... I have only gotten 1 traffic ticket ever. The ticket is the reason for the warrant, though. I was a freshman in college and my dad just mailed in a check to pay my ticket (I couldn't do driving school, I mean, it was on Saturdays and I had football games to attend). Well, the ticket cleared but the clerk accidentally didn't take me off of the court docket. I didn't show up for my court date twice (because you don't have to go if you have paid your ticket), at which point they put a hold on your license and put a Failure to Appear Warrant on you. My dad got a letter in the mail one morning about my warrant and FREAKED (we are lawyers) and called me to tell me not to drive until he called me back (if I had gotten pulled over they would have run my license and taken me straight to jail). It all got straightened out but it was kind of a big deal for a while and I cried a LOT! And yes I was kicked out of a bar but it was because we were having a bachelorette party and some of the group brought in these little pre made "bachelorette weekend" shots in test tubes and the bar got mad about it so they made us leave. It was kind of hilarious because it was like 9:30pm--and it was a piano bar. 

Mr. D & Me is a lifestyle blog about marriage, school, and all the crazy goodness that happens in between.

I grew up in a funeral home
I skipped a grade
I'm deathly afraid of needles

Lie:  I'm deathly afraid of needles. (It's actually quite the opposite!)

Blog Description: My whirwind blog about life, love, and the many things I'm passionate about..

            1. I got stung by a bee when I was 6 and the stinger is still there.
            2. I've never had braces on my teeth.
            3. I have a large closet full of collector barbies.

(Number 2 is the lie)

In Search of Sunshine is a lifestyle blog about my life in San Francisco with my boyfriend and golden retriever puppy, where you can find anything from photography to new recipes to random stories. Come on over and say hello!

Two truths and a lie:
- I had a guy shake my hand once after a date when he dropped me off- no hug, no kiss- just a hand shake ( i know, so pathetic)
- I have an identical twin sister
- I was at a party in college where someone got shot (It was a Halloween party and someone got shot in the foot)

#2 is the lie... I definitely don't have a sister, let alone a twin sister

Now tell me readers... who had the best lie?!?


  1. I think Crystal's is the best lie: *NSYNC vs. Backstreet Boys! Very believable!

  2. This was fun to read! Interesting how you judge things about someone just by looking at them.

  3. Definitely Autumn -- teehee!!

  4. I think Jenn had the best lie! :)

  5. I vote for Autumn! But I have to say, Ashlee's #1 (which was a truth) was HILARIOUS! She deserves props for that. I laughed out loud. I love the way you do your sponsor posts, Bonnie. It's brilliant and so fun!

  6. I'm going to have to go with Ashlee. Too funny!! What a fun sponsor post :)

  7. The NSYNC one was the most believable, although I have to say she's TOTALLY WRONG because NSYNC is SO much better than BSB. Juuuuust saying.

  8. I think Catherine has the funniest lie!

  9. I think Jenn had the best lie, she had me cracking up

  10. Jenn's was the funniest!

  11. I like Autumn's lie best. A tie for close second would be Ashlee and Jenn.

    My two truths & a lie. :)

    1. My first kiss was when I was 19. And by "first kiss," I mean steamy make-out session on my parents' couch on Good Friday...
    2. When I lived in France, I won tickets to the French premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One, where I met Clémence Poésy.
    3. In 2010, my flight to D.C. was late, so I missed my connecting flight to Paris. In the morning I had to go the ER for severe pain, and ended up hospitalized for several days.

  12. I LOVE this game. And I'm gonna have to pick Catherine.

  13. I'm going with Jenn but Talisha had me laughing with her drop it like it's hot truth!

  14. Jenn's lie was awesome! Baha!

  15. I like Autumn's lie the best! About peeing in her pants during her first kiss. Hilarious.

  16. I think Autumn had the best!!

  17. I like Ashlee's... although they were all great.

    Here's mine:

    1. I was on tv for figure skating.

    2. I knit in my spare time.

    3. I put ketchup and vinegar on my poutine.

    (#2 is a lie)

  18. Talisha's!! Love her and her stories!

  19. I played this game at parties in middle school

    (sent here from Messy Dirty Hair)

  20. Anonymous5:11 PM

    FUN post!!!! :)

    i'm coming from Messy Dirty Hair!

  21. What a fun way to show off your sponsors!

  22. I liked Talisha's. I love her!

  23. I think Jenn's was the best!