The Life of Bon: Spring

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Spring is breathing life into me.  It's like my heart and soul are finally starting to thaw after a long, harsh winter.  And, boy!  Wasn't winter long?  And wasn't it harsh?  So harsh!  I never am a lover of winter, but winter of 2013 will be the winter that goes down in the books as the longest, coldest winter.

Just when I thought I couldn't take any more of the bitter winter, the sun peeked out.  The snow melted, and I was reminded that there is beauty in the world.  Someday I would like to be a good enough writer to explain how much I love spring, but for now this will have to suffice.  I believe spring is a gift from God.  A reward for having endured winter.  The fact that every single year winter is followed by spring is a testimony to me of the goodness of God.  A testament that no matter what the darkness and coldness in our lives, it's always followed by light and warmth and sunshine.  Sometimes our periods of winter seem especially long.  But spring always comes.

I hope you are enjoying the beginnings of spring weather.  Or if you are one of those gross people that live in a state of perpetual sunshine (Florida!) (Arizona!) (California!) I hope that you can reappreciate the sunshine this weekend.  And when you feel that warmth on your arms that you haven't felt so many months I hope you remember this- the cold can't last forever.

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+I have been absolutely overwhelmed by your kind and honest comments on this post. I have some of the sweetest readers in the world.  I hope you can feel my sincere love traveling across the vast internet waves.


  1. Anonymous6:55 AM

    Happy Springtime! Keep on writing! I love to read your blog!

  2. Don't rub it in... we're still in 30 degree weather here.

  3. Happy Spring!!!!!

  4. If it makes you feel (slightly) better, it has been colder here in Northern Florida than usual, but still in the upper 50's. You can hate me:)

  5. Spring is a long way off for me............but our weather is changing and it isn't that hot anymore and I am liking the cooler weather.........

  6. I feel the exact same way... just when I couldn't take one. more. miserable gray day, the sun came out :) Died laughing at "gross people", btw. Your blog makes me laugh every day and I thought I'd creep out and say hi. Happy Easter!