The Life of Bon: Let Spring Break begin!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Let Spring Break begin!

Alright, folks it's spring break around these parts which means I plan on doing a whole lot of nothing the next few days.  (Our spring break is totally wack.  Instead of having Monday through Friday off we have Thursday, Friday and then the next Monday and Tuesday. Like I said. WACK.)  I can't wait to start The Great Gatsby for April's book club, and I'm finishing The Watchmen for Banned Book club at my school so I'm hoping to do lots of reading over the break.  Other than that I'll be applying to buttloads of jobs, sleeping in, and working on this little bloggy blog. (Trying desperately to find some high traffic blogs to sponsor in April... have you guys sponsored anyone good lately?)  I can guarantee I will somehow get some Downton Abby and tennis time in as well.  Oh, poor me!

I didn't do any of that today, however, because I was at a wedding.  Two weddings in five days, YOWZERS.  Also, you may have seen this on Instragram, but it is too precious not to share.  This was me at the wedding on Saturday.  I guess marriage just makes me really stoked?

Also, I feel like I should tell you how proud I am of my little sis.  She came with me to the wedding today because Hubs had work then class then rehearsal.  While at the wedding Mary had TWO guys ask for her number and the girl's barely been home from the jungles of Argy a week!  That's how we Blackburn women do it.  Way to go Mar Mar!

I'm hitting the hay now because it is my spring break and yet somehow I am beyond exhausted at 10:30.  I'm having my good buddy, Deidre take over for me from here.  One Friday night Deidre wrote on her twitter that her husband was out of town for baseball.  Hubs was doing a play that night.  So I said, "Hey!  Let's go on a girl blogger date!"  And so we did.  We went and got dinner (we were both ten minutes late, of course!) and chatted for hours.  I'm kind of a big fan of the girl.  She is also my fabulous blog designer!  She'd probably hook you up with something special if you asked real nicely so make sure to pay her blog a visit!


Hey. It's me again. I'm back. Oh, you are new to The Life of Bon? Well. I was here a long time ago. And Bonnie let me come back. Which is surprising because I think she believes I am a nutjob. A literal psycho. But. That is okay. Now let me introduce myself. My name is Deidre. My husband is Adam. We are just a newlywed couple living life. And we blog at Love, The Skinnys. Last time I told you our top ten FAVORITE things to do, and this time I will tell you the top ten Skinny facts. Because lists are easier than writing actual posts. And away we go.

Top Ten Skinny Facts

1. Adam and I met and our connection was instant (apparently not the first time we met, but the second time...) But I wasn't used to boys being nice to me. So I was really mean to Adam and chased him away. And then somehow I won him back. And about 9 months later we were wed. But you can read all about our story here.

2. I have no filter. And that means there are always things that are borderline inappropriate and potentially awkward for everyone to read. And who doesn't love a good awkward moment? My life in general is pretty awkward, if you wonder what I mean by that, you can send Mr. an email asking him about the time I kicked him out of my house when we were dating... Oops.

3. The blog is a nice balance between a woman that can wear a crown and a woman that can make herself look like she just got in a bar fight.

(Wondering about the crown and sash? I used to do pageants. It was is a serious addiction. 
I aged out and got married so now I just volunteer for Miss Idaho and coach contestants all over.
I also appear to have an incredible talent of drawing mermaid tattoos.)

4. Adam and I both give great hugs. Mostly to each other. But we will give them to you too. What does that have to do with blogging? Really... nothing, but that's okay.

5. Sometimes I post things about fashion. Mostly because I like to think I dress well.

Ooops... Wrong photo. Let's try fashion again....

6. The Mrs. would wear animal print every single day if she could. But alas... she must be a grown up.

7. Skinny is a nickname. Not a body type. Well. For the Mr. it is...

8. I like to make music videos. Mr. hasn't quite embraced it like I have. That's okay. He will come around eventually.

9. Mr. Skinny is a baseball player. And because of that he is gone about 60% of the time from February-June.... and if he signs to play professionally it will be about 75% of the time from February-September. But that is the way we like it. Especially when I get to go watch. Because baseball players are attractive. See photo below if you don't believe me.

10. Last of all... I am hilarious. If you don't believe me ask my parents. Adam is potentially funnier more funny funnier than I.

At the end of the day we are just a couple of kids in love, living life on the edge, and causing a ruckus. You can follow along in our adventures here or you can just scan through our photos. We accept all people. Love you dearly.

xxoo, The Skinnys


  1. Love this post! enjoy your spring break! mine is almost over...sad :( thanks for following my blog Mrs. Bon-Bon or should i say Mrs. Skinny? tehehehe :)

  2. Great post,hope you have a rockin spring break and don't break anything while springing..........oh yeah spring break has nothing to do with or broken

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