The Life of Bon: I don't want to clean and you can't make me.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I don't want to clean and you can't make me.

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INTERESTING THINGS (Keep in my that interesting is subjective, please.)

+I spent two hours today cleaning out my car, inside and out.  Given that it is just a little corolla, the fact that it took two hours to clean should tell you something about the dismal state of the car's cleanliness.

+Speaking of cleanliness, the house is a mess.  For the life of me I can't keep stuff cleaned up around this joint.  Last week I did awesome.  Every night before bed I set the time for 20 minutes and cleaned up until the timer went off.  And the house stayed totally clean.  This week I haven't had the time or energy or incentive to clean up.  It doesn't help that Hubs has less than neat freak habits and also lacks time, energy, and incentive.  (I'm hoping ratting him out on the blog will provide him more of an incentive to clean?  Come on, Hubs. TAKE MY BAIT!)

+ I've had people tell me they like to read my blog even though I write so much.  Funny because I don't think I write very much.  And why would you have a blog anyway if not to write?

+ Today a student came up to me after class and said, "Teacher, how do I get a blog?"  I thought it was about the sweetest thing ever.

+If your're ready to be real jealous I've got a little lady who used to live in Scotland but just moved to Thailand and is now soaking up the sun with a pina colada in hand.  I know, disgusting, right?  I have to admit I love following blogs of people living abroad because it can be so vastly different from life in the states and yet somehow so the same.  I am hoping that one day Hubs and I will have the opportunity to live abroad together, wherever it may be.  Until then, I'll live through Elizabeth!  (Oh, and P.S.  Watch for how her kid looks like a total mini husband.  It is absolutely adorable.)

Hello everyone! This is Elizabeth from The Bradleys! I am so happy to be guest posting on Bon's cyber home!

Two days ago ( at least I think it was two, I am so jet lagged...) we left behind the quiet life by the Cromarty Firth in the Scottish Highlands. We had planned on staying permanently in the UK but after having a complex visa situation ( that makes me irate thinking about) we moved back to Thailand, where we have lived for roughly two years. Quite a contrast!!

One of the movies available on the plane was the latest Bond, which I hadn't intended on ever watching, but I had 5 hours to kill before my next connection. If you haven't seen the movie, let's just say it was actually pretty good and worth watching ( in my opinion). The ending takes place in Scotland, the very place we were leaving, not too far from where we lived. Everyone I meet really loves the country, as do I. Is it the people? In my mind yes: Scots are witty and friendly. The archaic buildings and foliage are also a huge part of the allure, and the Skyfall really played that up.

On the other hand, the winters are pretty terrible. The wind is borderline evil, slapping you hard in the face, even in early Spring. This made staying inside by the fire, sipping a cup of tea or hot chocolate the most amazing, comforting thing ever.

I will always miss the 4 months we spent in Scotland, and wonder if one day we will go back! For now I am happy to be in the land of coconuts and palm trees, sipping an ice cold drink while my daughter plays near me. I would love to have you follow our family adventures on Instagram and on our blog! You can also follow us via Bloglovin'



  1. 1. First of all, Elizabeth, gorgeous pictures and a gorgeous little boy!! :) Yes, I am jealous. 2. Bon, when I've read comments about how much you write it always takes me back. I look for blogs with writing...full fledged thoughts and descriptive stories are where it's at. I just don't go for the surface level link ups, memes, and the like. My most favorite blogs contain "lots of writing" I you said, "Why blog if not to write?!" Agreed!

  2. Elizabeth!! I had no idea you moved to Thailand! That is so neat. We haven't chit chatted in forever, hope you're doing well. Awesome post! You rock too Bonnie Bon!

    1. Hey Kelsey!! Yes we moved back!! How have you been??

  3. I loved Thailand, moved there for 2 months last year before I came to China it was wonderful!

  4. Greetings from Russia!! =))
    And I'm your newest follower =))))


  5. That phrase makes me laugh. "Even though you write so much." Seriously? I prefer word based blogs to picture based blogs (unless, of course, pictures are part of the story, and are very necessary). You can really get to know people through their writing.

    And my brother is in Thailand right now on his mission! He says it's very hot.


  6. Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I have emailed you for the Shabby Apple gift card. :D :D :D :D

  7. What lovely pictures and I almost died at the resemblance between the two men (man and little-man?) - adorable!!

    1. Haha yes our daughter ( her hair refuses to grow I swear) looks just like Papa! I am so jealous, I want their curls lol

  8. My apartment is the exact same way, a disaster!!!!


  9. I'm super inspired that you set a timer for cleaning! I can't even imagine having the motivation to clean for 5 min every night... and our apartment is currently a complete disaster. Maybe I'll start at 5 min a night and then work my way up... baby steps, right?!

  10. Bonnie, I definitely feel the same way with cleaning!

  11. I like reading your wordy blogs :) I am an English teacher too and probably write too much on my blog. Keep it up!

    So Much Sunshine