The Life of Bon: What could I write tonight?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

What could I write tonight?

The weekend has been busy and beautiful and full of all of those things that make you take a step back from your life and catch your breath as you realize how good life is.

Tonight there is much that I could write.

I could write about the hours of nonstop fun with my college roommates in St. George.  The swimming, the tennis, and the talking about life until four in the morning.  I could tell you about those bonds and how strong they are and how sometimes there are people in your life that aren't family but they are family.

I could tell you about how I had to leave said girlfriends at 7 am to get back to hear my sister speak in church at 11 am.  I could tell you that I was speeding and how I got pulled over for going 90 in a 75 and when the police officer asked where I was going I said "church" and he let me off with a warning.

I could tell you about my little sister and how she rocked that missionary homecoming talk today.  I could tell you about what a great public speaker she is and how confident and dynamic a person she is.  I could tell you about how strong the spirit was and I could write about how touched I was and how proud and inspired by her hard word.

I could write about all the extended family who came, not just to support Mary, but to support my mom and our family and my dad who is watching down from the heavens.  I could talk about how death may end a life, but it never ends relationships and how those relationships can continue so sweetly way beyond the grave.  I had to sit back and awe and just look at the people who showed up in droves to support our tiny little big family.

I could write about my cousin who says very seriously to me every time he sees me, "How's your blog going?  I'm sorry I don't read it.  I really never read it.  Sorry."  I don't really care if my cousins read my blog or not except for when they seek me out to tell me that they don't read it.

I could tell you about Hubs who washed dishes for a straight hour.  A MAN, DISHES, AN HOUR.  Doesn't quite seem to fit, does it?  I realize more every day how lucky I am to have such a rock in my life and how important it is that I try my darndest to be a rock back.

I could tell you how I only slept four hours both the nights I was in St. George because when you only get together with your best friends for two days out of the year you are just so stinking excited that you would rather not waste time sleeping.

Yes.  I could write about all of those things.  But I'm not going to.  Instead I'm going to take a scorching hot shower, cuddle up next to Hubs and try my best to remember that no matter how you look at it, we are blessed blessed blessed blessed.


  1. Those last 4 words make the post!! Glad you have so much to be grateful for!! :)
    -Meesh :)

  2. That photo is so awesome! You can see how much fun you guys were having, a lot.
    If you get a chance to write about all of these things I would seriously think that was awesome. You should do it.

    Oh and if you went and took a look at my new blog that would be fantastic:

  3. Glad you're feeling that way tonite, Bonnie(blessed, blessed, blessed)....I am feeling the same way

  4. What cousin says that?

  5. SO true... we are so blessed!

  6. We are all very blessed but man, 4 hours of dishes?? I know my hubby wouldn't last that long!

  7. What a great attitude - sounds like you're surrounded by great people too!

  8. Your weekend sounds FANTASTIC!!! And I think that this post was great!


  9. I never really admit this when I'm reading blogs but this post gave me goosebumps. There's nothing better than feeling blessed.