The Life of Bon: Weekend Love

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Weekend Love

This picture has nothing to do with the post.  I just like it because it's silly.

If you're wondering, I'm taking all three shirts back.

This decision came pretty easily after I looked at March's credit card bill.  Somehow we spent every penny we earned in March and then some.  Given, we had some pretty big expenses... plane tickets to Hawaii, a condo rental in St. George for me and my girlfriends, a plane ticket to Arizona for Ashley's wedding, fees to get my teaching credential in California, etc.  Add to this all of our regular spending and the March total made me want to crawl into a hole and cry.

Thus, the three shirts are going back.  (The yellow one may or may not be returned.  We'll see if H&M returns shirts that have been washed...)  And thus I am implementing a No Spend April.  Yay for no spending!  I can only spend on groceries and gas and the very occasional meal out.  Whaddya think?  Is it possible?  Being that we saved NO money in March, I am bound and determined to spend nothing extra in April so that we can put a big chunk away into savings.

Isn't money talk the worst?

This weekend I will be watching 8 hours of Mormon church on TV.  Say what?  We do it twice a year.  Instead of going to church we get to stay home in our pjs, eat disgusting amounts of ice cream, and listen to the best of the best speakers give us inspired counsel.  It is a time of year that fills me with immense peace and joy.  You can check out their talks here.

For your weekend reading:
+ The biggest, most exciting Mormon announcement ever here
+ I LOVE spring, but it carries with is some difficulties for a school teacher like me.
+ I spent last night making lasagna and helping to put a baby to bed with my best friend, Amy. I'm so lucky to have her
+ Making fun of my awkward wedding pictures was the most fun I've had all week.
+ At our blogging roundtable on Wednesday we talked a little about writing the hard stuff.  I wrote this post on risky writing and not being afraid of your readers in September.  It is one of those posts that I am mighty proud of.

Oh, and THREE giveaways going on this week:
Shabby Apple giveaway here
J. Crew giveaway (and my favorite blogger ever) here
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  1. oh stop I'm blushing.

  2. I love your hair in this picture!

  3. i feel really silly asking, but ive read a few of your mormon related posts, and im not sure what an LDS is. explain please? :)

    1. LDS is an acronym for Latter Day Saints :) Most people refer to us as Mormons but LDS is kind of our official name.

  4. Ugh I hate money too - where's that darn money tree?

  5. I did the same thing as you're doing for April but in March and coined it "Money Maven March." Kinda lame, but the name stuck! The most helpful advice I have is to avoid shopping (in stores and online) and don't open any emails from retailers- they're too tempting! It worked like a charm and I saved a few hundred dollars just by cutting back on eating out and buying NO clothes or accessories. Good luck- it's totally worth it!

  6. You're coming to Hawaii! NOT UH! You must tell me when and I will wine and dine you. Which is code for show you my favorite beaches and beverages :)

  7. I'm doing the same thing this month. NO spending. We have like no saving at all and for a couple that has been married for two years, that is so scary. :( Good luck!!

  8. Lol I doubt you can return things that have been washed. I love doing "no spend" months or even years. I did one awhile back and it was SO freeing. It showed me that I don't "need" to buy anything. I like having control over my money, instead of it having control over me.

  9. I am doing the same thing! I don't buy anything clotting/accessory or beauty related (unless needed...deodorant!) during this month. This is mostly due to an epic shopping trip I had in March that shall go down in history:) You can do it!

  10. Yes, I don't know if you can return the washed one.

  11. I think the one you washed is yours.............and as for not spending money during the month it is often a lot easier said then done.......well it is for me except when I have no money to spend then it is easy............which is most of the time

  12. You're going to Hawaii?!