The Life of Bon: Would you like to be in our clique?!?

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Would you like to be in our clique?!?

So I'm kind of obsessed with Taylor from The Daily Tay.  I started calling her Tay Tay totally against her will and have now demanded that she be my bloggy best friend.  I think I literally wrote her an email that said, "I need bloggy best friend. It's you whether you want the gig or not."  I think I like Taylor so much because she is pretty much the blonde female version of Greg.  She is witty, sarcastic, and does improv.  She's also got a deep, sexy voice.  At least I imagine she would!   I am hoping that one day both her and Hubs make it big in the comedy industry so I can spend the rest of my life following them around and laughing.  That, my friends, is what we call living the freaking dream.

Currently Taylor and I are in a Blog Clique.  A blique, if you will.  Here's a few of our rules:

1.  You have to keep it real.
2.  You can't enjoy taking photos 24/7,
3.  You have to wear salmon colored tank tops on Fridays.

That's it!  Only three rules!  If you fit the bill, you're in.  Anyway, the two of us put our little minds together and sat down to discuss a few things  blog and non-blog related.  You're going to want to stick around, too, because we might be giving away $50 to J. Crew.  And when I say we might that means we are.

Why did you start blogging?

Tay: Because I got to the end of my Limited Two diary and it just felt like the natural next step.
That and the fact I was living in Kansas City fresh out of college in Nebraska and had no friends
to share my sarcastic thoughts with ...

Bon:  I had a bossy ex boyfriend who thought he knew exactly how my life should pan out.  He told me I was a good writer so I should write more!  I should take whatever opportunity I can get, even if it seems totally pointless like writing on the back of cereal boxes or writing on a blog.  I chose the blog.  The boyfriend is since history.  The blog remains.

Tay: I love Bon's stories about her dad the most, so it only felt right so share a photo of my dad and I.
(While attending The Book of Mormon, fitting right?)

What is your least favorite thing about blogging?

Tay: Editing photos, html, formatting, etc... 
I also don't enjoy comparing my life to fashion bloggers, I guess it's just hard for me to accept 
nine-month-old boys have a better wardrobe than me.

Bon: I struggle with having a filter, so I never know what's appropriate to say or not to say.  To me if it is appropriate for me to think in my head, than naturally it is appropriate for me to share with thousands of strangers on a very public forum.  I am learning, (slowly!) that some things shouldn't be said.  (Handicapped parking post and pantless student post come to mind).  Also, I feel bad for my family.  The internet knows more about them than they would ever wish.  No one wants to be related to a writer.

What was it like growing up in the middle of nowhere?

Tay: Just as awesome as you'd think it'd be.  I detasseled corn as a kid (when I wasn't just hiding in the cornfields),  rode my scooter from one side of town to the other  (one trip involved accidentally dumping my retainer in the Burger King trash, I dumpster-dived to get it back. And wore it for five more years...) And had a pet squirrel named Sally, whom I fed vanilla oreos.  Obviously I had an awesome childhood.

Bon:  Price is known as the armpit of Utah and Utah is known as the armpit of the United States.  So basically I grew up in the armpit's armpit.  Just stand back and be impressed for a minute. When they put up a new stoplight in town I complained for weeks because my daily time spent in the car jumped from seven minutes to eight minutes.   Weekends involved throwing flaming toilets off of bridges and pretending to be a cult in the mountains. Let's just say my small town upbringing really helped foster my creativity.

This is what the armpit looks like covered in snow.

What are some of your favorite writings from each other?


Taylor has a gift for writing satire. That and making fun of herself.  She's my go to when I need a good laugh.  You might like some of the following...

Like the Dos Esquis guy, only less cool
I love haircuts, just kidding I hate them
I think the title explains itself
Such as "I hate followers!"


Bon often manages to hide a serious topic within a usually comical, very well written post. When I want a post that makes me laugh or cry or just feel anything at all, I turn to her. Here are a few of my faves:

You know, in stuff like movie theatre popcorn and an ice cold coke
Trying to write as honestly as possible
Written on the three year anniversary of my dad's death
Sometimes it just feels good to make fun of the high schoolers I teach.
To meet a Hubs part one and two
Because everyone needs an old fashioned love story

Next up, we have sent each other a few words and then wrote down the first things that came to mind.

My thoughts regarding...

Bon and her "hubs"
Rulers of blogland
All get married pretty fast, and all seem unusually happy about it
Nice dressers
Need to know more, The Book of Mormon broadway show intrigued me so...

Misunderstood (We have this total complex where we feel like the world hates us.)
Mitt Romney

Reality TV

Hate it
Love it
Ruining our society
But it's addicting
RHOC is a train-wreck I can't stop watching, especially with Vicky's new fact.

Keeping up with the Kardashians
Not real celebrities

On having babies
(I just wanted to hear Bon's response to this one.)


No sleep
Redheads (because my husband is a redhead we have this nightmare that we are going to produce 6 strapping redhead boys.)



Life changing, for the better
Teaches me to come from a play of "yes"
The most fun thing I've ever done
Dream job


Ditto to everything I said above about improv.

Moving to California


I'm not, but Bon is.
So Bon? What are your thoughts on California?
I think you should pitch a TV show to Bravo-
The Real Mormon Housewives of L.A.... 


Where do I park?
Are my new high school students going to try to beat me up?
Will I get mugged?
I'm the worst driver ever- an accident is inevitable!
I've obviously never lived in a big city.
Real Mormon Housewives of L.A., here I come!
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