The Life of Bon: A national crisis!!! AKA, What do I do if I don't have any pictures for my post?!?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A national crisis!!! AKA, What do I do if I don't have any pictures for my post?!?

Here's my question.

How do bloggers have enough pictures of themselves to put up on their blog every freaking day?  Do they all just take pictures all the day long and who can remember their camera all that time?!?  I know the  unspoken blogging rule is that every post must have pictures.  Well I'm out of pictures.  I could post a bunch of pictures of me wearing clothes on my deck.  Nope did that yesterday.  I could put some pictures of me and Greg looking all lovely.  You're all definitely sick of those pictures.  I could post a picture that has nothing to do with nothing.

Yah.  I guess I'll go with that.

These are pictures of me and Greg at Cafe Rio last week.  I felt like a true moron pulling out my camera to snatch a picture of my giant daddy burrito, but the thing is food so rarley looks that perfect or tastes that amazing so I was justified!  Kind of?  I still feel like an idiot, but whatevs.  You out of staters, next time you visit Utah hit me up and I will take you to a Cafe Rio, and you will spend the rest of your life thanking me and you'll probably make me the godmother of your first born son and leave me your golden BMW in your will because that is how much I have changed your life.

If you go to Cafe Rio without me (first off, RUDE!) get the sweet pork burrito.  It's unlike anything you've had on this earth  Rumor is they marinate the pork in coca cola and brown sugar for days.  THINK ABOUT IT!  Meat. Coke. Sugar. Could there be a better food combination?

Well now I want to change subjects but the thing is I don't have any pictures for my new subject.  Oh, blogging, why must you be so difficult?

Today I was passing out some short story books to my sophomores and I said, "Alright, folks, let's do a little Short Story 101.  What's a protagonist....?"  Yada, yada, yada.

The teaching went on like so until finally some blessed little soul raised her hand on the front row and said, "Uh... Teacher?  There's no page 101..."

"What?"  I had no idea what she was talking about.

"You said Short story 101.  There's no page 101."

Light bulb.

"No.... what I meant by that is that it's the basics... you know... like a 101 class covers the very essentials of any course...."

Blank looks from 40 students.

"Teacher, you're so weird!"  Said my sassiest boy student from the back with a quick wave of his hand.  All the kids laughed because seriously, what kind of a weirdo teacher says something like "Short story 101"?  She's obviously cray cray!

13 days left of school

No one's counting.

+This whole story reminds me of when Gail thought "whore's" meant "horse."
Ahhhhh, the innocence of man!  Or woman....?

+Are you reading Silver Linings Playbook yet?  Because you should be.  
Our blog book discussion is in two weeks, people!


  1. So I took pictures of my entire day yesterday, and I felt so AWKWARD doing it. I kept apologizing to my co-workers, "I'm doing this stupid photo diary of a day in the life. My life isn't interesting. I'm sorry." And today I have a boring blog post about working two jobs and eating food, although the pictures are better than if I had taken pictures of me working at home and then getting dinner out and then hanging out with my bestie. If I bother with pictures, I go through all my old pictures of when I lived in France. Those are cool.

  2. I. LOVE. CAFE. RIO.
    I would marry it and have delicious sweet pork burrito babies with it. seriously. and definitely will you my gold car (it's a honda, sorry). luckilyyy we have a few here in So. Cal FINALLY.

  3. I've never been to Utah, but I will definitely hit you up when I do! :D

    xx Denysia Yu

  4. I feel the same way when taking pictures! So awkward, but a lot of times it can just be so worth it in the end when the pictures turn out great!

  5. This pictures make me miss home! I told my sister when I get there she's picking me up from the airport and taking me to Cafe Rio.

  6. That's because they've never been to college. When they go and take English 101 then they'll understand.

  7. I almost always have a camera with me. I've learned that those moments I don't have one, there is almost always something completely & totally worth photographing, so I've been known to have people take shots and send them to me. Or I take over their phone, shoot & email it to myself.
    It's just far less rude if I carry my own.
    Not that I always use it though.

  8. OMG that is too funny that they had no clue what 101 meant. I am convinced if it's not on reality tv, today's kids have no clue.

  9. Sorry to admit that I was pulled in my your post title but distracted by all the delicious pictures of Cafe Rio.... I miss it!!!

  10. Fun fact about Cafe Rio...they have expanded! I don't know how many locations there are outside of Utah, but I know that there is one in Maryland and that's all I need. Your students are funny.

  11. It amazes me the amount of people that don't get basic phrases. I train adults (like most are older than me), and the amount of times I have to back up and explain something that I thought was simple astonishes me.
    Sad fact, I am pretty sure most of the people in my training class wouldn't get a 101 comment either.

    1. I'm thinking the reason why they don't know what "101" means is because it's from college? The school I went to and the school I work at has a different sequential system (4 numbers instead of 3), but a lot of schools use the 3-digit sequence (as in English 101 = freshman English; 201 = sophomore English; etc.). The reason I can understand why they wouldn't know is because I help advise during Orientation, and we are constantly having to explain again what those numbers after the course sequence is...

      But for adults, especially if they have been to college, I don't know what excuse they have! :)

  12. I feel so weird not having pictures, but I just use a meme if I run out. There is always a random meme that fits your story! I'm such a bad blogger, I hate whipping my camera out at restaurants and on trips!


  13. Anonymous7:31 AM

    I love that you share stories about your students! I subbed in a couple schools for awhile during/after college and having those stories to share are what I miss the most about it.

  14. This is another good reason to have kids. If I need a picture for a post, I just plop one of them in and I'm good to go!

  15. honestly i have the same problem sometimes. i feel obligated to put photos with posts, but if i post too many photos then i feel weird too. and i don't want to put up 50 selfies, but then i dont like to put too many photos of my friends bc i worry they'll have an isse with it, blah blah blah. i do think sometimes stock photo sites like "" or "" can help to pretty up a post and add the visual appeal we all want :)

  16. Oh, just wait until those little peaches get to college! They'll figure out the '101' reference soon enough!
    I have the same problem with photos. Not having a smartphone, I can't just whip out and click away, so I end up recycling photos a lot. Or, uhm, borrowing. I figure nobody wants to see daily pictures of my lazy, unmake-uped, PJ-wearing self on every post.

  17. Haha your students are so funny! It is totally stressful finding enough pictures for every post...I agree! I can never manage to take enough!

  18. Finished silver linings play book so fast! Loved it can't wait for discussion

  19. Haha! I use something from Tumblr when there's absolutely nothing exciting to share.


  20. Well, at least your sassy boys just tell you you're cray cray. Today, one of my usually very well behaved students said that he was going to ghetto slap another boy in class and they both started laughing. When I said, "What are you talking about?" He answered that he used to live in Las Vegas and he knew how. Right. Ignoring, ignoring, ignoring.

  21. Hahaha I totally get what you mean about photos for blog posts. Now I'm blogging everyday I seem to be taking my camera EVERYWHERE! Sometimes it's nice to take 'stock photos' or something boring but versatile (flowers, birds in the sky etc) that can lend themselves to any kind of post.

    Good luck in your photo endeavours!

    Louise xx

  22. I'm obsessed with both Cafe Rio and Costa Vida. Before I got married, my roommate and I lived near the Costa Vida on University (by Fat Cats). We would go at LEAST once a week! Their pulled pork is my favorite also, although I can't decide between the salad and the smothered burrito. We could possibly do a double date sometime to Cafe Rio! My husband would love going.

  23. This is too funny! I just saw you guest post somewhere with stupid things students say... I'm loving it!

    Patterned Love

  24. I want to eat ALLLLLLLLLLLLL of that food.
    And, the fact that teenagers don't know what "101" means is, along with Kardashian worship, a sure sign that the world is coming to an end. :(
    Bless their hearts.

  25. Anonymous12:04 PM

    God I wish I had a blog when I was a teacher. I can't even remember half of the things my students said that just made me roll my eyes. Yes, I also don't have pictures for most of my blog posts. lol

  26. Now you know why I blog from my phone. It is always with me and far easier to take a quick picture than busting out my big huge camera.