The Life of Bon: Jacked up

Monday, May 13, 2013

Jacked up

Dreaming of this while I cram for my exam.  I'm the only girl playing in this picture because I'm extreme and a little annoying like that. 

Some things in life are just messed up, you know?

I've been studying to take CTEL right?  Well, the questions on the practice test are just jacked.  The things make no sense whatsoever, and I consider myself a pretty educated, knowledgeable person.  Take this question for example:

The more differences there are between an English learner's primary language and English:
A.  The easier it will be for the student to learn English.
B.  The more positive transfer will inhibit learning.
C.  The less negative transfer will support learning.
D.  The more negative transfer will inhibit learning.

I had to read the answer choices b-d about four times to even figure out what the heck they were talking about.  I am totally getting the vibe that they want you to fail.  And anyone who wants you to fail has no business being in education if you want to know my opinion.

Oh, and there's something else pretty jacked up.

I bought this book online that was downloadable immediately.  It seemed a little gimmicky for my taste with all these crazy guarantees that you would pass the test and all that stuff.  Its main allure was that it was downloadable and accessible right that day, unlike my other book which won't be here until Wednesday or Thursday.  So I bought it.  But I'm starting to really doubt its validity.  This is the advice they give in the book:

If a sensation of panic begins, work with the fear and imagine the very worst!  Work through the entire scenario of not passing the test, failing the entire course, and dropping out of school, followed by not getting a job, and pushing a shopping cart through the dark alley where you'll live.  This will place things into perspective!

Is that not the worst idea you've ever heard?  And terribly, wildly depressing?  One thing for sure is the people who wrote this book need to get paid less.  And probably never have anything to do with education ever again.

Anyhoo, while I'm trying to study for the stupidest test ever (Yes!  I said it!  The whole thing is just a giant hoop that has no effect on someone's ability to be a good teacher.) Hollie is going to be telling you all about what it's like to live in California.  Maybe she's trying to warn me?  Make sure to check out Hollie's most recent post about minimalist living and being true to yourself as a writer and blogger.  I totally agree with what she says and I'm excited to see the direction her blog takes.  Go Holly!

Hi there! I'm Hollie from Hello Indigo. I'm a San Diegan lifestyle blogger who has been repeatedly been told I have a "weird sense of humor" and who might be approaching their late twenties while still watching ABC Family. Shout out to my newest Netflix addiction The Lying Game!  I promise to keep things completely random so don't be surprised if you see a recipe post followed by a post about my strange resemblance to the Hanson brothers.

Anyways, I thought it'd be fun to show you all just exactly what it means to live in lovely Southern California. Because who doesn't love to make fun of those California folk?

We dress like this when it's 55 degrees outside:

Actually it may have been 61 degrees outside.

We sit through this most days:

At some point we ALL will say the words:


We treasure this:

(Yes, this is food! It's called "Mexican." My heaven.)

We can't get away with being this pale:

 My feet may be sparkling they're so pale. I promise I'm not a vampire.

We complain on Facebook when it rains:

In all seriousness though, we don't all act like the celebrities and reality stars you see on television that live in Hollywood. (Some of us actually call it Hollyweird.) San Diego is one of the most beautiful and laid back places this side of the Mississippi. Where else can you drive to the snow, the beach, the city, and the desert within two hours?  If you ever need any advice on where to stay, where to eat, or what to do I'm your gal!


Make sure to stop by and say hello to Hollie!  She's so totally fab!  (Am I speaking like a Californian yet, Hollie?)


  1. You are so right - taking that test has no correlation with your ability to be an incredible teacher! I suffered through the 15-credit TESOL program at BYU, and it was horrible. Such a waste of everyone's time and money. I feel for you! Good luck!

    1. Hi Ashley!! I know everyone has their own opinion, but I'm in the TESOL program right now at BYU and I love it!! It think it's really useful and the teaching methods I learned help me become a better teacher overall. I'm sorry you hated it :(

  2. I love living in Southern California as well! And that's exactly how my brother and I acted when it rained last Monday!

    xx Denysia Yu

  3. I miss California! You can't find good carne asada fries here, and now I'm craving them something fierce.

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  5. What is the answer to the multiple choice question? I pick "D."

  6. I taught English as a second language, to French students, and I have no idea what the answer to that question is.

  7. Just remember, I'm sure its like the Praxis where every answer is right but you have to pick the BEST answer...and if all else fails, pick C! :)

  8. That scenario about imagining yourself basically homeless after not passing the test is so bizarre! I can't believe they put that in a book. I can attest to the fact that California is awesome! I love it and I totally complain about the rain and 50 degree weather on Facebook.

  9. i love your first photo. I'm a volleyball and soccer player...volleyball varsity in high school and soccer for 13+ years. I'm typically the only girl playing too! I love it!

  10. Girl that test sounds absolutely horrendous. Those answer choices are absurd and that "advice" the practice books gives? So depressing and not the least bit motivating!

    Sending good vibes your way while you study, you'll do great!

  11. Bonnie, this was a great post!! Lol :)

  12. Anonymous5:05 PM

    k that practice book is sooo weird.... I thought that quote was a joke at first and you were just making it up.
    I'm so sorry- that sounds awful!

  13. A test doesn't always show who is the best teacher there is more to teaching then just knowledge

  14. I actually use that method of "worst case scenario" thinking" whenever i'm stressed or having a panic attack and it actually works! It works, for me anyway, because I always come to the realization that, no matter what happens I'll be fine...unless I'm dead, and then I'm dead so I don't have to worry! Usually I realize that even if something awful happens, I'll have someone around to help me and everything will work out fine in the end.

  15. What was the answer- b or d? California has a huge population of EL learner s. I know it seems like a waste of time but trust me when I say that in the end it is helpful. If you end up teaching a SDAIE class the strategies will help- theory is just theory but at least you will have a reason for why you are doing something when it comes to eval time?