The Life of Bon: Happy

Friday, May 03, 2013


It's so easy for me to start focusing on stresses and have-nots and future fears.  I'm trying hard to live in the moment and put these happy tips to work.  I especially love #8.  This weekend is all about increasing my flow, baby.

For your weekend reading:
I read this post today to try to help me remember to be present and enjoy the "good old days".
This is another post that helps me remember how totally awesome life is.
+ It's the time of the year where my feet catch on fire.  Luckily I've got a pretty amazing cure.
+ I have absolutely loved the comments and discussion on this post.  So grateful for those with open hearts and minds.
+ And lastly, I laughed out loud when I read Whitney's post on lifestyle blogger cliches.  Ah, it's a weird bloggy world we got going on, isn't it?!?


  1. This is a great post, Bon. I'm gathering much-needed strength from it right now. Thank you!

  2. Read the first two links and can't do anymore today. I cant cry at work. ;)
    You're so sweet!

  3. a terminally happy person, myself, I agree with most of those (but there's such a variance....). Primarily, the way I remain happy in the face of stress and fear is to be grateful (to the Universe) and present (take time to stop and enjoy the flowers, the weather, the people-watching, my love, my blessings, etc as tangibly as I can). In my experience, the default comes down to if you make a habit of being happy and relaxed/calm, you'll have less of that life-halting stress.

  4. This is so perfect! thank you for the reminder :)

  5. I love marcandangel blog. They make me so happy!

  6. Sensible list, I'm great at some but defo think some of the others (8, 9 and 10) need some special attention. Rx

  7. Anonymous8:42 AM

    I'm one of those Positive Polly people who generally is quite (sometimes annoyingly so) happy.

    I'm fairly good at a lot on the list other than #8. Instead, when things get really bad I remind myself that it'll pass and I'll come out alive. Another of the things I do is choose to be happy. I get to decide if something is going to ruin my day or not and more often than not, just deciding not let it ruin my day is enough.

    Happy is so much better than the alternative!

  8. Posted a link to this article on my Facebook. It's so inspiring and I really want to try and apply this to me and how I look at my life.

    Love that you posted this here!

  9. I just read this as well as your Happiness Project post. Lord knows I NEED this. My in laws are driving me out of my ever-loving minnnnnnnnnnnnnnd. Them, and my own mama's shenanigans. And the "I'm so sorry to hear you lost your baby. Are you pregnant again yet? Are y'all trying still? How many days a month do you have sex?" thing. Ughhhhhhhh.