The Life of Bon: My mother's daughter

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My mother's daughter

My mom, my older sister, Mindy, and me.  
Why, no, we don't act alike at all- why do you ask?!?


There is no doubt about it, I am my mother's daughter.  I came to the startling realization about a year ago that my mom and I are the exact same personality type.  Which explains why we can sometimes butt heads- it's hard to get along with yourself, you know!  Every time you try to trick yourself or get something you want from yourself, yourself knows exactly what you're up to!  Imagine the agony!

The truth is, I like being my mother's daughter.  I've picked up a lot of great things from her and I really like my personality type so turns out I'm grateful to my mom for passing it along to me!

+  A major sweet tooth.  My mom can't get enough candy.  She carries it in her car, in her purse, and stocks her cupboards with it.  I can't help but do the same.
+ An embarrassing driving record.  You want to know where I got my lead from?  Look to my madre.  She also taught me how to put make up on while driving.  It's a skill most people don't like me whipping out.
+ A need to party!  My mom loves crowds, she loves cooking for lots of people, and she loves hosting.  She's basically all about a party.  A couple of months ago we were hosting friends and I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to clean up, bake brownies, and make sure all supplies were ready. It dawned on me- I am my mom.
+ The belief that Purse= Carry the world with you.  Books,  sunblock, dayplanner, make up, floss, is there anything you can't fit into your purse?  Thanks to my mom I've learned to carry the world on my shoulder.  Oh, and of course the purse must always be loaded with snacks.  You never know when hunger strikes!
+ A desire to please.  My mom likes to make people happy.  And she likes to make people feel comfortable around her and in her home.  She wants people to like her.  I get all this from her.
+ A competitive edge.  I think I was in college when I realized how fiercely competitve my mom is.  I guess when I was a kid she had to be nice to us and let us win, but now that we're adults, she shows no mercy.  I was laughing pretty hard when a bunch of cousins were playing basketball at her home the other week.  "Oh come on!  You call that a shot?!?" She heckled from the sidelines.  That's my mom!
+ A Major shopping addiction.  Also returning addiction.  My mom is a fabulous shopper.  I am following in her footsteps, learning how to find great joy in buying things.  I am also learning the beauty of returns.  Buy something, get the spending rush, return a week later, feel like you made money.  I think my mom has probably spent more time returning merchandise in her life that most people have shopping.  (It was a year ago when I realized I had started doing this exact thing.)
+ The night owl syndrome. Nowadays I have to go to bed pretty early since my job starts so early, but still I don't go to bed nearly as early as I should.  This is thanks to my mom.  She'll stay up until 2 am working on projects, getting stuff done, etc.  She never wants to go to bed and somehow I do the exact same thing.

+Fabulous cooking.  I have no idea how my mom became a good cook since her own mom was notorious for mayonnaise and corn flake casseroles.  Somehow she figured it out, though.  As I become a wise, old woman I would like to be a better cook and use food as a way to make people feel welcome and comfortable in my home.
+ Natural ability with children.  My mom takes care of kids like its nobody's business.  Of course, she had eight of her own so she should know a thing or two about the drill.  But still, I am always amazed at how effortlessly she feeds, disciplines, entertains, etc. to the little ones.  She's got about 15 grandchildren by now and she is the totally dotes on them.
+ Selflessness.  I can say without hesitation that my mom is the most selfless person I know.  She volunteers to help missionaries learn to read, she does a weekly temple shift and serves all the women in the neighborhood like it's nothing.  She listens to everyone's problems, she makes huge pots of soup and takes them over to sick ladies in the neighborhood, moms who just had babies, anyone!  With all those grandchildren around my mom is constantly on babysitting duty and she manages it all without sweating a drop.  She takes care of every single person she can and always puts others before herself.  I hope to someday be half as selfless as she is.

Love you mom!

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  1. Moms are just the best, aren't they? Happy Mother's Day to your momma!

  2. This is so great! What a fabulous mom.

  3. I love this post! :)
    Hope you had a great mothers day!

  4. We love your mom too!

    Good luck on your test this week. Don't know if you heard, but Kevin and his wife are moving to CA this week. North of LA. If that's close to where you guys are going maybe you can meet up?

  5. Anonymous12:55 PM

    that picture! you guys are triplets. haha i love it!!

  6. Oh my goodness Mindy looks a lot like Becky too.

  7. Such a good Mom's Day post. I loved it. I inherited a shopping addiction from my mom too. What a rough life ;)

  8. Anonymous6:29 PM

    Gosh! I think I might love your mom too! That was the sweetest mom post!
    I'm just here visiting from another blog and I couldn't stop reading.

    She sounds like a ton of fun & so do you!