The Life of Bon: By the numbers

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

By the numbers


Please notice my freakily large hands. 

3:33 pm The time right this minute.  
  Times I thought about what it's going to be like when I have my very own little people to take care of.  It seems taking care of my siblings' kids and my bestie having a baby this week have got me temporarily insanely baby hungry.  Temporarily, my friends.
26  Times I heard the f word today.  I always hear the f word all day long becuase, hello, I work at a high school.  Today it was especially high, especially since I had a couple of students cussing each other out during class.  
87 Senior resumes graded.  And no.  You can't list your girlfriend as a reference.  Or your mom.
12 Ounces of diet coke I drank at lunch.  I'm cutting back!
9:56 am Time my mid morning hunger pain hit.  I always get hungry somewhere between 9:45 and 10:30 am.  The effects of waking up at 6 am.
2 Red arrows ran on the way to work.  I've stopped running red lights, but red arrows are my greatest weakness.  They shouldn't even exist.
60 Minutes I am going to play tennis with my little sister later.  We are about as evenly matched as you get and naturally that upsets me.  I must be the best!
11:00 pm What time I get to see Greg.  He has three shows in one day.  Holy that's a lot of lines.
3 Jobs I applied for in California.  I am doing my best to live by Rubin's advice in The Happiness Project:  "Make a list, do a little bit each day, and stay calm."
118 Pages I have read in The Happiness Project. There is not enough time in my day for reading. Must make more time to do nothing!
67 Degrees outside during lunch.  I ran off with my lunch and book and ate outside on the lawn all by myself.  It was beyond awesome.
2  Students that have severely tested my patience today and I have not snapped at them.  Two points for Bonnie!
4  Spoons in my desk drawer.  Don't ask.
5:47 am The time my alarm said when the first alarm went off
6:02  Time I got out of bed.  Thank the heavens for the snooze button.
6  Stacks of essays I had when this school day started.
3  Stacks of essays I have now.  BOO-YAH!
15  Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes for The Great Gatsby. 
9  Negative reviews on Rotten Tomatoes for The Great Gatsby.  I'm trying not to sulk.  Just when I got it approved from the principal to take my students to see the film, the negative reviews come up.  If they butcher my favorite book, so help me.
1  Great Gatsby review that made me laugh out loud:  "Well, you did it Baz Luhrmann. Even with an enormous budget and a camera that can fly around and do just about anything, you still made watching 'The Great Gatsby' just as boring as sitting through 8th period English."   -Jordan Hoffman
Number of times I tried to explain the difference between affect and effect to no avail.  I'm giving up!
45 minutes I'm about to soak in the tub. As soon as I finish this post!
1 free pizza I got from Papa Murphy's today for Teacher Appreciation Week
0 Cool stuff I got from my school for Teacher Appreciation week.  Seriously, Copper Hills.  Step up!  Even Papa Murphy's is putting you to shame.
14 seconds left of writing this post.

And I'm out.



  1. You are not alone dear Bon with the baby hunger. It seems to be a constant ache when I hold infants that my eyes tear up and I look at my husband with the crazy lady get me pregnant soon so I can have my own sweet child other people become baby hungry over.

    I am also right with you on job applications. They pretty much suck. I hate interviews, I hate reviewing my resume and the fear of rejection. I have 3 planned resume drop offs tomorrow since us lucky girls in the dental field are almost always expected to show up in person and snazzy business attire for 2 minutes of talking and a drop off all while sweating through our tights and high heels.

    The joys.

  2. Happy appreciation day and enjoy the tub!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. Something about babies make your hands look freakishly large. Happens every time I try and take a picture of my Axel Boy and my hand ends up in the shot.

  4. Listen, that last 75 minutes between the morning hungers and lunch is KILLER. It's my grumpiest time of day. Whyyyy does breakfast come so early??

  5. This is how I help my students remember the differences between affect and effect since telling them "affect" is a verb (or "effect" is a noun) means nothing. ; )

    You can only put determiners (that is, articles) in front of nouns. Now, you will have to ignore a/an, but imagine that you want to say, "The ____s on me were huge." You know "effect" is the noun because it beings with "e" and "the" ends in "e," so when you put "the effects" together, you have "two e's" and "two f's" after another. Now if you try "the affects" you don't have that alphabetical order! I know that is silly, but when it comes to easily confused words, I have to resort to this madness. Don't get me started on capitol/capital!

    1. That should be "begins," not "beings." :)

  6. I am sooo nervous to see Gatsby!!!! and i get hungry around 10:30ish too...I also have to pee around that time too

  7. That's a lot of numbers for one day! You have me tired! ;)
    But I love babies too! But other peoples babies!

  8. Coupla things. I would say you're probably not going to like the Great Gatsby if you didn't like Moulin Rouge. I was in the minority and loooove Moulin Rouge (although I stop it after Satine sings her last song bc I bawl like a freakin' baby when she dies). Go in with low expectations and you won't be disappointed (also, that's my motto for life).

    Also, what's this red arrow you speak of? We don't have such nonsense here. "They" put a yellow arrow up one time and everyone in my town freaked out. Seriously, it was insane.

    One more also, love your blog, you make me laugh and I think you kick ass.

  9. I'm just hiding from all reviews of The Great Gatsby until I see it. (HOPEFULLY ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!) I don't want anything ruined for me or influencing my opinion. I might read some after I've seen it, but generally I just STAY AWAY.

  10. Yeah, I totally loved getting the free Papa Murpy's pizza yesterday (and the free Chick-Fil-A entree). And our school didn't do anything for us either--we didn't even get a generic note in our mailboxes. (Of course, the secretaries all got treated to lunch the other week on the Secretary Appreciation Day...)

    Oh well. Less than a month to go til the end, so I can hardly complain about life :)

  11. Oh no! I love the Great Gatsby and was waiting with holded breath until I could get to see it. Usually I don't agree with all the reviews, so fingers crossed :)

  12. I've gots the baby fever too. I also have large hands and they are scary.
    I'm sloooowly reading the Happiness Project. A lot of things I can't relate to, but I still like it.
    So nice that you got to eat lunch outside in nice weather!

  13. THAT BABY IS DARLING. I want her. AUCH, Have you ever tried RAVEN? You probably have. It's just that I learned that when I was a sophomore in high school and never forgot it. (Remember, Affect is a VERB and Effect is a NOUN)

  14. One way to remember the difference between effect and affect is that e comes after a in the alphabet so the effct is the result of something being affected.

  15. How do you teach the affect/effect difference? I stick to using transform (has an a-affect)consequence (has only e's--effect)..whichever makes sense in the sentence. Students seem to remember that easier than nouns and verbs because, lets be honest, they never really learn that.