The Life of Bon: Ugly babies

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ugly babies

The truth is I'm very scared of having ugly babies.  I see ugly babies all the time and I just know that the mom doesn't think they're ugly but everyone else thinks they are.  What if I have an ugly baby?  Will I even know that it's ugly?  Or will I be so in love that I think it's cute?  These are serious questions!

There is a very good possibility that Greg and I will have a baby that looks like this.  Greg is a redhead, you know.

Moving onward, I asked ya'll in this post what your secrets to life are and gosh!  I learned a lot!  With my secrets and your secrets combined I think we should have this whole life thing figured out.

Some of my favorites:

1.  Swim suit bottoms are perfectly acceptable as underwear if you have no quarters to do laundry... from Jen

2.  Nothing is truly achieved without an awkward conversation. So say it, bask in the weirdness, then celebrate the results later. Plus, having THAT talk always makes you feel better than avoiding it... from Amber

3.  Everyone has their confident undies--the undies that make them feel and look the best! So wear those on big days, or days you're nervous for, and things normally turn out a-ok... from Cai

4.  Trim, shape, tweeze, and fill in your eyebrows. If you don't know how to shape them, pay someone else to.  I never miss an opportunity to share this advice. People freakin' underestimate their eyebrows and it makes me a little bit crazy... from Jennie

5.  The more you talk the stupider you sound... Casie (I think I seriously need to learn this one.  I can't shut up!)

6.  The less time you spend in your house, the less you have to clean it. So get outside and play!... from Kimberly

Oh, you women are so wise!

Now... I'm so excited to have Catherine tearing up my blog today.  She might be the smartest blogger out there.  Homegirl's a lawyer.  And her husband's a dentist.  And her sister is Miss Alabama.  WOWZERS!  The girl is sweet as can be and beyond gorgeous.  None of that makeup and fake tan stuff- just pure, natural beauty.  I'm not jealous at all. Now make sure you show her some love!

Hi!! I'm Catherine and I blog at Bailey Dailies.

   photo 04BD4F96-18C8-4AAB-A538-7EBCA2BF70AD-263-000001A2A3043E8F_zps9aade387.jpg 
Hey Y'all!! 

 My blog is just like me--busy! I have a hard time saying "no" so I always feel like I'm juggling 1000 things at once, which keeps me on my toes! Bailey Dailies is mainly a life style blog that I started to chronicle my life with my husband after we were married (way back in 09-wow!).

Leaving our fantastic wedding reception. I didn't want the night to end!

At Bailey Dailies, you will find posts about the fun things were are up to, recipes, maybe an outfit or design post here or there, and lots of pictures of our pets--2 cats and 2 dogs!

 photo 598DF18D-2485-4B52-88F9-A749AC8E33EB-3211-00000214DB3D19D8_zps8c20cf5d.jpg 

Brownie Elizabeth and Stella Man (oops--he is a boy), my sweet kitties. They were born in my back yard during law school, and I just couldn't abandon them, even when they gave us all ring worm. Boo. They have clearly established the guest bedroom as "theirs". If you want to stay with me, I'm going to need some notice!!

   photo paws3_zps14792014.jpg

My sweet little rescue Diva, Ruffles. She loves her momma and is great at snuggling! We say that she "Be-Ruffs" people because when she sits with you, you almost always fall asleep!

   photo 901B1377-DDC4-47DA-98A6-5310DA183201-7601-00000452968D2C48.jpg 

My sweet boy Sonny. He is a man's dog, in that he loves to run and swim and play and get dirty! He was actually a Christmas present to me from my husband for our first Christmas. He, like all of our other fur babies, is a rescue. Here he is enjoying the snow received earlier this year. See that amount of snow? It shut down our Southern city for the entire day! 

 In the fall, you will find lots of football game posts--we are HUGE Alabama football fans and we travel to all of the home games and several of the away games each year. Last year, we crossed "attending and watching the team WIN a National Championship game" off of our bucket list, as we spent my birthday weekend in Key West and Miami for the game.

   photo SAM_7183_zps12eab2fe.jpg 

Can you tell I was up all night with the stomach virus in this picture? No? That's cause you do what you have to do when it is game day!!! 

 We really love to travel and try to as often as our schedules allow. We try to do one big trip each year, if possible! 

 photo DSC_0551_zpsd7858873.jpg 

Last year we took a Mediterranean Cruise, which I HIGHLY recommend! Here we are in Eze, France. 
Don't you love the classy "Group 2" stickers we are wearing?

I am an attorney and I practice in a small firm with my father and my uncle. I am the 4th generation in our family to practice, and I am the first woman attorney in the family. I love my job because every day is different--sometimes I'm doing paper work, or in the office meeting with clients, or other times I'm in trial or working things out at the courthouse. I really feel honored that people hire me to help me during very difficult times in their lives and I do not take that responsibility lightly.

Here I am with my dad (blue suit, yellow tie next to me) and some other lawyers after we won a huge case last fall. 
I also co-host a Legally Blogging series--if you are a blogger and an attorney and you want to be part of the series, please email me! (

 photo LegallyBlogging_zpsa801846d.png

 I  am married to Forrest, my high school sweet heart. Adorable, right? What is even more adorable is that he surprised me while I was studying abroad one summer and proposed. He literally came out of nowhere in Greece and while I was standing there like an idiot asking him over and over why he was there, he asked me to marry him! Such a doll! I'm a very lucky girl--he is a wonderful husband!

Thoughts from seeing this picture again: 
1). My husband still has that shirt--I always pick it out when he asks me what to wear. I guess this is why.
2). I need to be that tan again, like, now

Forrest is a dentist and he just opened his practice last week! We are SO excited--I could not be prouder of him if I tried! This is his dream come true and I am so happy to have been able to watch him achieve his goals. The practice opening has truly been a blessing this year.

   photo sbd4_zps89cd7033.jpg
Waiting room at Smith and Bailey dental. LOVE!! 

We actually are having a year full of blessings in our family that will make their way onto the blog. Forrest's brother got engaged and will be getting married soon, so I will have a new sister in law! My brother also graduated with his 3rd degree and works as an engineer--I really can't tell you what he does because that involves math and I avoid understanding math at all costs! Also, my sister was crowned Miss Alabama USA 2013 this year! Let me tell you, that has been one fun ride to follow! I can't wait to see her compete in the Miss USA pageant this June! You will watch and cheer for her, won't you?

   photo IMG_03171.jpg 
Me and my sis after she won Miss Alabama. Miss USA, here we come!! 

 See! I told you we were blessed this year!!

I am so excited to be posting over here at Bonnie's blog! She has really helped me grow as a blogger this year and has given me so many good tips and pointers on blogging in general. One of my favorite things about blogging is the community. I have met so many sweet bloggers that are all helpful and encouraging. It's funny to say that I have "blogger friends" but it's true! My biggest piece of advice to any blogger out there is to reach out to other bloggers and pick their brains. See what has worked for them and take notes. When you have a blog, you get to do it YOUR way, but it is a great idea to take advice from those that have more experience. Reach out to other bloggers has really helped me grow my blog this year and I hope you will all grow along with me! You can follow me on GFC or Bloglovin, and also Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Thanks, Bonnie, for letting me hang out!! 


  1. awww, the baby's hair is precious! you will not have an ugly baby. and you are right, you will think it is the cutest thing in the world once you have one. there will be features you just love and others will too! loved your guest blogger too. will have to follow!

  2. Oh my word I am terrified of having ugly babies too. It sounds so horrible but it's true!

  3. aw im glad you liked my advice hahaha

  4. Anonymous7:40 PM

    This made me laugh!!! I know it sounds bad, but I'm scared of having "ugly" babies too lol

  5. My first response when I had my oldest son was, "Is he ugly?" I took my chances and three times out if three I've had some pretty cute kids. Love this post. Also go Catherine and your blog Baily Dailies! You definitely have your hands full but looks like all is going very well! So amazing!

  6. Ugh. I about slapped a woman in Kohl's over Mother's Day weekend who wanted to talk alllllllllllllllll day and night about her grandchild - who was sort of troll-looking. Pissed me off enough to blog about it.

  7. when your baby is ugly you don't know it. You are blind to it and will think they are cute even when everyone else doesn't. That's my theory.

    Your guest blogger and her family are mighty talented!!

  8. I hope the mother of that child never sees your blog intimating her baby is ugly. There are better stages of life than others :)

  9. Im super scared of having ugly babies too. I'll prob end up adopting. But yea!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Ah! Sorry I had to delete the first comment--I misspelled something! Thank you so much, Bonnie, for having me on your blog! It is such a huge honor! And I agree with you-I hope my babies are cute! I mean, I want them to be healthy and safe and smart, but cute too, if possible!

  11. First, I know you don't need me to make you feel better, but I totally had this same fear about ugly babies. With my first, my first question after he was born was 'is he cute?'... I was a little drugged so the doctors will have to excuse that oddness. Everyone tells me both babies are adorable (and of course, I think so), but who honestly tells a mom her baby is ugly? So, the world will never know.
    Also, Catherine - your fur babies are adorable. :-)

  12. I love this post! Hahaha that first photo is seriously disturbing. I must admit, I think we share the same fears. Perhaps we can tell each other the truth if we have ugly babies one day - you can just leave a comment on my blog to let me know. Because I think you're right, we'd probably be blinded by love and wouldn't realize otherwise :)

    Lauren xx

  13. The person who is not scared of having a ugly baby is just weird!

  14. Haha I have the same worry - about having an ugly baby! Terrifying.. And you're right - Catherine is soo super gorgeous! Jelousss !

    Anna xo

  15. As a ginger, I'm terrified of having an ugly ginger baby. You just never know what you are going to get with a ginger, some of us are just adorable and then some of them....yikes!

  16. That baby is so damn cute!!!!!

  17. i (not so) secretly have the same fear - like what if the kid gets a weird combination of each of our worst features. yikes. also i love bailey and her blog - she is such a sweetheart and totally a beauty inside and out! loved reading this to learn even more about her!
    -- please vote! shoe styling contest

  18. You used mine!!! I am so flattered. :)

    I also don't know if my kids are cute or not. Sometimes I think they're looking rough so I'd like to think I'm being objective, but who knows.

  19. First of all, all newborns are ugly. There. I said it. The majority have weird shaped heads. I should know, I have one. She's three and just saw her newborn pictures. I asked her "weren't you a cute baby?" Her answer, "no momma!" She got really cute around nine months. From then on, it's up to you to make them cute. doesn't matter. You're so in love and amazed that you made this thing and that God trusted you with it's life that they could be born with a third eye and they would still be the most breath taking thing you've ever seen.

  20. I knew I wasn't alone on the ugly babies thing. I hear all the time that all babies are beautiful. No. They aren't. Some are ugly. Of course, mine was not. We were very blessed with a beauty. :)

  21. Thankfully there are no ugly babies in my family but there are some that are not as beatiful as

  22. I'm totally scared of having ugly babies too! My best friend though is Mexican and she married a pale red-head too, so I don't think you'll be the worst off haha, can you picture a mexican red-head!?

  23. Hey now, some of gingers were super cute babies. ;-)

  24. You may well have a red haired child as you have a red tint to your own you want to think yourself lucky if you gave any child , I dream of a red haired little girl of which I will never ever have