The Life of Bon: Out of my comfort zone

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Out of my comfort zone

 photo march2014fashion132_zpscc8b8dc6.jpg

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 photo march2014fashion143_zps9993a6da.jpg
21 weeks.
Photo cred: Aubrey

Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: Wal-mart (My favorite thing I've ever found at Wal-mart.  $12 and SO comfortable.  They are leggings but look like pants.)
Shoes: Gap, sold out.  Similar here
Headband: American Eagle, sold out. Similar here.
Hoodie: H & M
Sunglasses: H & M

My stomach continues to do whatever it wants.  Sometimes it pops out, sometimes it doesn't.  Some days it couldn't be more obvious that I am pregnant and some days I just look bloated.  These were taken right after lunch and on a particularly awesome bumpin day.

I have been trying hard to expand my skills with my blog a little bit.  For two years I have done the exact same thing- written long posts that express all the feelings and yearnings of my heart.  Here and there I have spent my posts just poking fun of things- this weird blogging world, myself, my ginger husband, my students who don't know if Harvard is a real school or not.

This year I have been trying a bit to expand my blogging horizons.  That means that I am trying to be better about going to blogging get togethers and meeting other bloggers.  This has also meant that I have gotten out of my comfort zone with pictures on my blog.  I purchased a fancy pants camera and am trying to take more pictures and at a higher quality level.  I am trying to take more pictures of the clothes I wear and trying to even incorporate a recipe here or there or a diy project here or there.  Mostly I have failed on the recipes and diys because that really just ain't my thang, but I do enjoy getting dressed in the morning.  So boom!  One success!  I have tried to make a more concentrated effort since the beginning of the year to highlight the clothes I am wearing and to tell you all where the clothes have come from.  I guess they call that fashion blogging?  We took these pictures on a crowded street with lots of people driving and walking by.  Some people hollered out their windows.  I felt awkward, but tried to remind myself that getting out of your little comfort bubble is a good thing.  The primary purpose of my blog will always be to share stories and experiences and connect with other readers.  BUT.  I have enjoyed trying to improve the quality of my blog with some higher quality pictures.

These pictures were taken by my blogging buddy turned real friend buddy, Aubrey.  We went to meet a few other bloggers for lunch a week ago and on our way out the purple wall beckoned.  We weren't planning on snapping pictures, but who could resist>  A bright purple wall!  And so it was done!

And now, some other things in which you might have a dire interest.

+  Since the ripe old age of seven I have been trying to stop biting my nails.  I was frustrated at dinner tonight when I noticed myself once again biting my nails off.  Will I ever rid myself of this habit?  I want pretty finger nails! But I swear, it's impossible!
+ I don't have school tomorrow.  End of the quarter was Friday so I get a day off.  Holler!  It works out perfectly because Mondays are Greg's usual day off of work.  That means that tonight Greg and I are going to stay up late and play Mario and eat popcorn like little kids.  Maybe we'll build a fort. Life is good.
+ Tomorrow we are playing tennis.  Life is extra good.
+ The weather! The weather! The weather!  It's spring at last!
+ Maverick is in a biting cords stage.  It's weird.  He doesn't bite anything else in the whole house.  Leaves my shoes completely alone.  But he will tear into our internet chord like it's his job.  He's an odd dog.
+ I ordered this book and this book from Amazon this week.  My strategy when dealing with anything unknown is to read the crap out of it.  Thus I shall do with the upcoming baby.  One book, Baby wise, is on teaching baby to sleep and the other book, Bringing up Bebe is about just chilling the freak out during pregnancy.  I'm guessing I will need both of these.
+ Speaking of reading, are you all getting ready to discuss Divergent on Thursday?  I can't wait to tell you all why I hated it.  Just kidding.  Kinda.
+  Today, I've teamed up with these beautiful ladies to bring you a great giveaway, it will be a lovely gift to all moms and moms to be ! One lucky winner will get $100 EggBaby gift card!  To enter to win, complete the entries using the widget below. The Giveaway is open to all U.S. residents and will run for 1 week. Good luck and happy shopping!!!


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  1. "Nice girls have nice nails." I tell myself that every time I am chewing at my cuticles and it never works. I've had gross nails my entire life and think I always will.

  2. I can't stop biting my nails either... I even bite them if I put pn acrylics! Yea I know, gross! We read and implemented the Baby wise technique and it worked wonders - daughter started sleeping though the night at 9 wks old (10-12 hrs a night) and still at 16 months she doesn't ever wake up unless she's sick. Plus the book emphasizes on taking time as adults not just as parents. I highly reccomend it!

  3. You look so adorable! And I am just LOVING that bright lip color on you!

  4. I used to get solar gel on my nails and finally bought a UV lamp and do my own shellac manicures. Having a gel coating on my nails is the only way I won't chew them, plus I only have to do them every 10 days or so and they never chip. The nails and a full set of polish paid itself off within two manicures.

  5. Have you noticed your nails getting longer, faster, though? My husband bought me a protein clear polish to help mine stay strong. I've never had long nails either because they always break, and now that the pregnancy hormones are causing them to grow faster, I put that polish on and then paint them to strengthen them.

  6. My family like to play mario when we have a day off too. You're adorable. I can't wait for you to be a cute little mommy. Those pictures are going to be so cute.

  7. Always used to bite my nails and so I just started painting them all the time, and I hated chipped nail polish more than I liked biting my nails, so I ended up chucking the habit, even tho I don't paint my nails as often...and still occasionally bite my nails.

  8. Please Please Please do not use the advice in Babt Wise!! There are so many articles on the dangers of that book!! If anything, read the negative reviews on the book on Amazon. Trust me, you can't "train" a baby!!

    "A Tough Plan for Raising Children Draws Fire: Babywise Books Worry Pediatricians and Others" - Washington Post, February 27, 1999

  9. And yet…you still look ADORABLE.

  10. I wish i could find colorful walls in my little southern town! .... i know what i will be doing on my next rebellious night ;)

  11. When I first saw these pictures I thought, "oh, she obviously took these before she was pregnant". And then you turned to the side!!! Needless to say, you look great. I like it when you go out of your comfort zone. That was not supposed to be weird. You get spring!! There is still snow on the ground here in DC. Blech. I cannot wait for sunshine!