The Life of Bon: A Day in the Life: Home Edition

Monday, November 03, 2014

A Day in the Life: Home Edition

Yesterday a reader asked me how I balance blog, school, mom, wife, friend, etc, etc, etc.  So I decided to show you!  Here's what a day looks like for me at home.  Tomorrow you'll get to see what a day looks like for me at school.

6:45 am.  Greg kisses me goodbye.  I continue sleeping.  Winning!

8:30- 9:00 am June starts to stir.  June's wake up times vary greatly.  Sometimes she wakes up about 6:00 and wants to eat but then she falls right back to sleep.  In that case she wakes up "for the day" about 9:00 or 9:30.  Sometimes, like today, she wakes up for the day at 8:30.  Those days are perfect.  As soon as she wakes up she wants to nurse.  I lie in bed while she nurses and check social media and emails.  I am trying to get into the habit of using this first nursing period to read scriptures and have a little bit of time for reflection, but my mind is always going a million miles an hour in the morning thinking about everything I have to do so it is a struggle.

9:30 am  I shower, get ready, and clean up the house a bit while June plays in her swing.

9:30 am

10:00 am June goes down for nap #1.  I get to work on my blog.  My priorities are as follows:

1- Write blog post for the next day.
2- Promote any sponsors/ campaigns I am working on.
3- Return emails.
4- Respond to comments.
5- Apply for new campaigns.

Depending on how busy the day is and how much time I have I can get any variation of those done.  I always at least get #1 done.  On an ideal day I get to all five of them.

10:00 am

12:00 pm June wakes up and nurses.  Again, I usually fart around on social media while she nurses, but I am trying to be better at using that time to read.

12:30 pm  In the afternoon during June's awake period is usually when I get out of the house.  I try to leave the house no matter what because otherwise I go stir crazy.  About once a week I usually meet up with a friend or my mom to do something.  Otherwise I just do errands by myself.  99% of the time I go to Swig for a dirty Dr. Pepper (Dr. Pepper with coconut.  I'm addicted in a bad way.)

Possible "outings" I may do:
- Go to the library
- Return something (I have serious buyer's remorse.  Always.)
- Meet up with a friend for lunch
- Stop by my mom's to say hi
- Go grocery shopping
- Hit up Swig
- Go to Carter's
- In-n-out for a hamburger.

Today my "outing" looked like this:
1- Go to Wal-mart to reprint pictures and ask for money back
2- Pick up stuff for dinner at Wal-mart
3- Swig for dirty Dr. Pepper
4- Check out Carter's for long sleeved/ warm clothes for June

June will often fall asleep while running errands if we are not home within an hour or so, which we usually aren't.  If she is asleep when we get home I just put her car seat in her room and let her finish her nap in there.  If she hasn't fallen asleep yet, I swaddle her and put her down.  She usually falls asleep for her afternoon nap about 2:00.

2:00 pm

3:00 pm  I get home and finish up blog stuff that I didn't get done in the morning.  I am trying to write a book so if I have extra time in the afternoon that's when I try to work on that as well.

4:00 pm June wakes up and nurses and plays.  I usually use her late afternoon feeding to totally relax and watch trashy reality television.  My latest guilty pleasure is 16 and Pregnant.  Today, though, I am really into the book I am reading, Breaking Night, so I read that instead.

4:00 pm

4:30 pm  Late afternoon is when June and I will usually take Maverick for a walk.  It helps June to get out of the house and get some fresh air, too.  She will often fall asleep on this walk for 30 min to an hour.

5:00 pm

5:00-5:30 pm I start getting dinner ready.

6:00 pm Greg gets home and we eat.  (Yes, he has LONG days at the school.)  Today I didn't make dinner- instead we met Greg's parents for dinnersto celebrate Greg's mom's birthday.

6:00 pm

6:30 pm  Bath time for June bug.  She doesn't really need a bath every night, but she loves baths and this is her cranky time.  It's about the only thing that sees us through until 7:00.

7:00 pm

7:00 pm  June nurses and goes to bed. She is at the point where we can just lay her down and most nights she will fall asleep within ten or twenty minutes.  Boom baby!

7:30 pm  7:30-9:30 is my favorite part of the day.  It is the time when Greg is home and we get to relax for a couple of hours without any other worries or demands on us.  We usually watch a show or two- we watch Shark Tank, New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Breaking Bad, Modern Family, and The Following. Sometimes we will watch a movie.  Lately we've been playing a lot of games on the Wii- we just downloaded the old school version of Dr. Mario and have spent probably a little bit too much time battling it out with each other on that.

Of course there are variations to our nights.  About once a week we go out to eat.  Sometimes we will have friends over to play cards or meet up with Greg's parents for dinner. (Like tonight!)  Every other Wednesday night I have a writing group and sometimes I go to blogging get togethers.

9:30 pm  Greg takes Maverick out for one last potty break while I pump so that June has milk for the next day at daycare.

10:00 pm Prayers and bed time!  Sometimes Greg and I will watch an episode on the iPad before bed.  A lot of times we will both just read until we fall asleep, which usually doesn't take long.

That's a typical "home day" for me.  School days are much different- I'll show you what that looks like tomorrow.  Oh, I bet you can hardly contain your excitement!

+ I am absolutely fascinated by this mama's routine and "me time".  She stays up until 1 am to get her personal time.  Any other night owls out there?
+ In yesterday's post I asked for some new recipes.  All of your recipes sound so good and I can't wait to get started.  This cream cheese chicken chili is first on my list!
+ Are you a TV geek?  Check out Lindsay's important lessons she learned from watching tv.  She nails it!
+ I am absolutely dying over this baby in a pumpkin.  I didn't know such cuteness existed.  Looks like June's got plans next Halloween! (Also, I love this blog design.  One of my favorites!)
+ I laughed out loud at this "Five Reasons Why Halloween is a Teacher's Least Favorite Holiday." (And parents, too, maybe?)  "My ears cannot take any more loudness."  Amen, sister!

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