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Monday, November 03, 2014

Stuff! Stuff! Stuff!

Stuff #1:  I loved Halloween!  It was awesome!  But I am strangely relieved that it is over.  Now it is socially acceptable for me to wear sweats all day and hibernate in my home for the next five months, riiiiiiiiiiiight?  Right!  Also I love Halloween costumes so much all throughout October!  And then on November 1, I never want to see another Halloween costume again.  It's the weirdest.

Stuff #2: Winner of the Halloween $150 giveaway- Amanda Bode.  Yippee!

Stuff #3:  Winner of the ShoeMint giveaway- Andrea Darst.  Wahoo!

Stuff #4:  I did something very weird this weekend and signed up to sell scentsy.  I'm very aware that I might totally regret it in the immediate future.  But for now I'm excited.  It's just I'm kind of obsessed with scented wax, so I figured why not sell it to other people?  Click here if you are interested in buying some wax to melt.  Way cheaper than candles!  And last longer!  And safer!  I'll explain more later, but for now just know that the yummiest flavors for winter are iced pine, silver bells, eskimo kiss, and peppermint dreams.  The best all around scents are satin sheets, french lavendar, and luna.  I told you I'm obsessed.  (P.S. Anyone else out love scentsy as much as I do?  Tell me your favorite scents so I can try them all!)

Stuff #5:  The first day of January I set some goals for 2014.  Resolutions, if you will.  I thought I was real smart because instead of setting a bunch of goals that would overwhelm me, I set one goal per month.  Certainly it can't be too hard to only work on ONE GOAL at a time, right?

This system worked amazingly for me the first four months or so.  By about May it got trickier to keep with my goals.  For example, May's goal was to save money and life landed us in a place where we were in a position to buy a house.  So instead of saving money we spent every cent we ever earned.  Fun!  And not at all stressful!

From there on it was pretty much impossible to keep any of my monthly goals because life went a million different ways I never saw it going when I set the goals in January.  The baby came earlier than we thought throwing and of July's goals out the window, August was a total blur and in September I couldn't have cared less about "taking care of my body" like I thought I would.  All I wanted to do was relax and get moved in to my new home and try to regain some kind of routine.  In October the goal was to become a better photographer.  I took an amazing photography class from Alexa in August so I kind of felt like that one was covered so I ignored October's goal completely.

Which brings me to today- NOVEMBER.  I am recommitting myself to my monthly goals because this month's goal is one I still really want to try to work on- COOK!  My sub goals are to try two new recipes a month and to invite another couple/family to eat with us once a week.  I don't know if the inviting someone else over to eat is going to happen because Greg's life is going to get absolutely insane this month as he is teaching full time, directing Les Mis, and starting rehearsals for a show he will be acting in this winter.  I don't know if I'll even eat dinner with him, much less another family.  BUT.  I still really want to learn some new yummy recipes, so I am going to give it a go.  I think I finally finally have my motivation and some semblance of a routine back.  (Having a baby just rocks you for a few months, doesn't it?)

Now is the time where you tell me your favorite family recipe.  You know, the one you make over and over and everyone loves?  My two favorite recipes are both soups-Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana and Italian Sausage Zucchini.  Both are amazing and fairly easy to make- and perfect for the winter months coming up!  Now tell me your favorites!  I need to try two new recipes every week!

Stuff #6:  Let's do another giveaway!  Nordstrom's half yearly sale is coming up so I've teamed up with these hottie ladies to give one lucky reader a $300 gift card!  Enter below!

It's almost that time again.......the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale is rapidly approaching, and these fashionistas have teamed up to give one lucky reader a $300 Nordstrom Gift Card. The Half-Yearly Sale is the perfect chance to stock up on wardrobe staples plus fun extras and no one does fun extras like these ladies.....looking for some style inspiration? Stop by each of their blogs.....and enter away!

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