The Life of Bon: Announcement: We are quitting on the pacifier

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Announcement: We are quitting on the pacifier

Am I okay to just give up on the pacifier?

I tried.  I really did.  Every single part of me wanted June to take a pacifier.

June had other plans, though.  As a newborn she would kind- of- sort- of- if- I'm- in- the- exact- right- mood take it.  Sometimes I could force it in there when she was extra tired and she'd give a few sucks.

At three and a half months all she does now is spit, spit, spit, it out. She doesn't even pretend to give a single suck.  I have tried different kinds.  She hates them all.  Instead she throws her fists into her mouth and gnaws away.  She'll suck on just about anything but a pacifier.  It's like she knows.

The other day I brought a new pacifier to daycare for June to try out.  The daycare lady looked at June then the pacifier then back at June.

"Oh, pacifiers make her mad!"  She told me.

"Ha, yah, I know, we're working on it..." I replied.

"No.  She hates it!  She screams.  She really doesn't like those!"

So at what point can I just call it a loss?  There are things I need June to do and things I would like June to do.  Take a bottle falls into the need category.  Take a pacifier goes into the "would like" category.  Any suggestions out there or are some babies just not destined for a bink and am I best to use my energy on other things?

(Also, while we're on the topic, my best friend calls a pacifier a "nookie".  No further comment necessary.)

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  1. That's because best friends are awesome. (I know nothing about babies, but I think I'd just call it a loss.)