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Friday, November 07, 2014

When I want to feel pretty

I am a recovering eyelash extension addict.

I first got eyelash extensions for my wedding pictures.  Then I never stopped.  For four years.

The first three years I traded eyelashes for piano lessons.  But then with my pregnancy and every other insane thing that was going on last year I couldn't keep up with the piano lessons.  But I still wanted the lashes!

So I forked over the $40 every month for eyelashes.  (And my girl is seriously soooooo inexpensive compared to others around.  Most places you can't find a set for under $80.)  I hated to see that money go every month on something as vain as eyelashes but 1) my eyelashes were totally shot after four years of extensions and 2) I love feeling pretttttttyyyy.

Enter Younique mascara.  It is essentially eyelash extensions in bottle form.  The difference is you have to put it on every day, like mascara.  A set costs $30 and lasts you three to four months- so that puts you at $10 a month for fabulous lashes.  Win win!

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

No mascara....

Regular mascara...

Younique fiberlash mascara...

Here's how it works.  It really is like you are putting on extensions.  You put a "gel" on first that is basically like regular mascara.  Then you put the fibers on.  These are what are like the extensions.  They are very soft and stick right on the gel.  Here's what the fiber wand looks like:

It's just a bunch of dry fibers that stick to your lashes.  After you put the fibers on, you seal it with the gel.  Presto!  Fabulous looking eyelashes!

This mascara is seriously a game changer for me.  If you have weak or short eyelashes at all, it is everything.  My good friend Amanda can answer any questions you have about the mascara at or you can order from her here.  I know Amanda will take good care of you and do you right- we spent many nights together serving steaks to the senior citizens of Sizzler (Wow!  Alliteration!) so we've basically been to hell and back together.  I mean, we even dated the same guy who also worked at Sizzler!  Talk about been through it all!

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