The Life of Bon: I am not good at selling things.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I am not good at selling things.

Question:  Is it possible to be a “salesperson” and not annoy everyone you meet?
Answer:  I don’t know.  But I’m going to try.

If you hate everything about salespeople, it’s okay.  I still like you and I still like that you read my blog.  You have my permission to exit out now, skip this post, and come back tomorrow for lots of gory details for what it’s like to have a c-section! Fun!  

If, however, you don’t mind salespeople/ need some ideas for Christmas/ love it when your house and car and laundry smells good, stick around!

Last week I made a kind of weird and very spontaneous decision to start selling Scentsy products.  Just for the record, I might be the worst person at selling stuff ever.  My sophomore year of college I desperately wanted to go on a study abroad to London.  My dad, never the give-your-kids-what-they-ask-for type said he wouldn’t shell out the $7,000 for it.  So I said I'd earn it all myself. Only I didn’t have a car so that made getting a job kind of rough. 

My solution, naturally, was to start selling Mary Kay products.  I sold one tube of mascara to myself, walked around in the snow a lot trying to get previous roommates to buy some lipstick, and gave up.  I hated it.  I hated people feeling pressured when they were around me, I hated feeling like I was annoying them, I hated them thinking I was talking to them because I wanted them to buy something. 
And the carting a bag of makeup around in the snow certainly didn’t make it any easier.

So I quit.  After one month.  I quit and vowed to never do sales again.  I also didn't get accepted to the study abroad program, so you know, a lot of failure all the way around.

And here I am, today.  Nine years later, totally emotionally healed from that bad experience and a bonafide scentsy rep!  This decision was made on Halloween day after I spent a bunch of money on yummy new wax melts for winter.  I looked at how much money I had just spent and thought, “Freak, if I’m going to be constantly buying scentsy products I should just be a rep.  Then my friends and family and blog buddies can buy through me too.”  Plus, it was Halloween, and that day always lends itself to rash and sometimes bad decisions, AmIRight?

Soooooooooo here we are! (I don't exactly know why I think my Scentsy experience will be any different than my Mary Kay experience but the thing is I really really love scentsy.  I am obsessed with the product in a way I never was about the makeup.  Also I have a car now.)  If you want to buy some scentsy stuff for Christmas or for yourself, then I’m your gal.  I buy scentsy over the generic wax in grocery stores because scentsy 1) smells better 2) lasts longer and 3) doesn’t make me feel nauseous when it’s been burning all day.  I know you can buy wax at Wal-mart for $2, but this stuff is seriously so much better.  Trust me.  (Says every salesperson ever.  But I really mean it!)

If you don’t have a warmer, then obviously that is your place to start.  

(Very quick fyi- Scentsy is basically a way to have candles that last forever.  You burn the wax in your burner, it lasts much longer, and doesn’t get smoke everywhere. You pay $20-40 for the warmer and then $5 per scent instead of $20 per candle.  Scents last so much longer than candles.  If you are the type of person who likes your house to smell good, scentsys are an investment you need to make!  You will save so much money in the long run.) 

I love that they have so many cute designs for warmers.  They can match any room in your house.  My favorites are this one and this one and this one.

As for wax smells, there are seriously a million amazing scents.  I am sorta blowing my retirement on wax, if you want to know the truth.  (Not really.) (But kind of really.)  My favorite smells for winter are: (Click on the link for a description of what each smell is like.)

Peppermint Dreams (If you like peppermint, you will LOVE this one.)
Iced Pine (Piney buy with a hint of peppermint so it’s not overbearing)
Frosted Gingerbread cookie (This one really has a gingery smell to it.  If you like ginger you’ll love it!)

Overall awesome smells for any occasion are:
Newborn Nursery (this one is a must for a nursery!  I have it in a little nighlight warmer in June’s room and it makes the whole room smell so yummy and baby and warm and clean.  Just like a baby should be!)

If you have questions about any of the scents ask me and I can help you figure out the best ones!
Of course, scentsy has way more products than that.  I kind of love these dryer disks you put in your dryer and it makes your clothes smell SO good.  Or there's lots of different stuff to make your car smell good.  And bath tablets!

Obviously I’m biased, but long before I started selling this stuff, scentsy was my go-to for tough Christmas gifts.  A warmer and a couple of scents is the perfect gift for those hard to shop for people on your list.  Mother in laws, co-workers, neighbor who babysits your kid, etc.!  (Also I love the plug-in warmers.  They’re perfect for bedrooms and less expensive!)

A couple of things about ordering:  if you are ordering a lot of products, check the left sidebar and click on the "specials" link and then the "combine and save".  This will save you money when buying multiple things.  For example if you buy three scents, you get them from $14 and if you buy five scents you get one free.  But you have to click the button that says to get the deal- the site won't give it to you automatically.  There are deals with a warmer and a certain amount of scents, etc, etc.  And if you order $150, shipping is free!

AND... if you live in the Utah Valley area, you are welcome to come to my house Tuesday night, (November 18) at 7:00 for a scentsy par-tay!  We’ll be smelling all the scents and eating cookies and listening to Christmas music, ah yah!  And you’ll save on shipping which is the best part.  If you’re interested in coming, leave your email in the comments and I’ll email you the address and such.  If you can't make it that night but live locally you can still place your order through me to save on shipping.  

And lastly, if you ever thought about selling scentsy you can totally sell with me.  It's great to do if you have a blog or a fairly large social media presence.  Just ask me for details.  Happy shopping!  May you obsess over yummy smelling wax every bit as much as I do!

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