The Life of Bon: Can you be so stressed you are literally sick? Yes. Greg says yes.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Can you be so stressed you are literally sick? Yes. Greg says yes.

I will admit that I have felt a bit off on this blog lately.

There is something kind of big happening in our lives, and I guess that when that happens it makes sense to kind of quiet up on the internet.  I can't write about it yet, (don't you hate those ultra vague posts like this one?) but in the meantime it is occupying a lot of my thoughts and time and energy so when I come to this blog to write, well, I don't have anything to write.  I can't write what I want to write and what I want to write refuses to let any other thoughts in my brain.  So I write about celebrity crushes and my love for scentsy.  You'll forgive me, right?  Greg has always teased me that I hide my emotions about as well as a three year old, and I guess that carries over to my blog, as well.  The more removed or distant I seem from this space, you can be certain, something is up!

In the meantime, life marches arm with alarming swiftness.  Les Miserables, Greg's musical, opens a week from Thursday.  He has managed to literally stress himself sick over it.  Stress sickness is a real thing!  Last week his tooth started shooting searing amounts of pain through his gums.  He went to the dentist.  Nothing was "wrong" with his mouth- it was a total dental mystery!  Well, I'll solve the mystery for you, babe.  The stress is literally eating away at your mouth!  Then, Sunday evening he said he wasn't feeling too well, and lo and behold, by Monday he was running from his classroom to throw up in the high school toilet. He spent Monday night and all of Tuesday in bed and today he seems to be kind of on the mend. Enough to go to work, anyway.  If he can survive directing his first musical then June and I will, by default, also survive, and it will be a Christmas miracle indeed!  Oh, and I forgot to mention that on Saturday Greg starts rehearsals for a show he will be performing in January.  So for one lovely week he will be directing/opening Les Mis and starting rehearsals for his new show.  Please beer us strength!

In other news, our school team got knocked out of the football playoffs on Friday.  I think the final score was 56-14 or something equally embarrassing.  It's a good thing there are more important things in life than football, right?

June bug is rocking my world right now.  I know it's so cliche for parents to be totally gaga over their kids, but sheesh, my kid is really really cool.  She'll just sit there on the couch, cool as a cucumber, and watch Greg and I battle it out in Dr. Mario.  Other times she'll stare at herself in the mirror for literally an hour.  Just sticking her tongue out at the mirror.  And she laughs after she farts, which means that she already has quite the advanced sense of humor, don't you think?  I never knew I could be this mesmerized by such a little person.  She is our everything.

Also, last night Greg and I watched Jumangi and tonight we watched Hook.  We decided watching old classics would be a good way for Greg to forget the stress that eats away at him 14 hours of the day.  It was the first time I have watched any Robin Williams films since his death, and it was weirdly emotional for me.  His opening scene in Jumangi has him running all over his house looking for his dad whom he hasn't seen in 26 years. It is just such a fun movie and Robin Williams is just so fiercely alive
in the film.  There is so much about life I wish I understood better.

And lastly, I really really like Taylor Swift's new musical video.  I mean, come on, those clothes...

+ I loved these 10 tips on capturing every day moments with your camera.  Alexa is a genuis behind the lens!  It makes me want to be better about snapping more every day pics.
+ This Venn diagram on whether or not to join Instagram had my inner nerd totally geeking out.  I'll be honest, there are many days I wish I never joined old Insta.  It's just I waste so much time thinking my life is not as cool as everyone else's!
+ I am absolutely trying out this easy pumpkin roll this month.  I haven't done any pumpkin themed baking yet, so this bad boy is definitely a must.
+ This nursery has got me all sorts of motivated to finish June's nursery.  I'm mostly so impressed how she does so much with such little space!
+  I have a former English professor from college who shares the most fascinating links on facebook.  Her most recently shared post, an article from the New York Times, had me thinking- is this the end of tv viewing for millennials?

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