The Life of Bon: A day in the life: School Edition

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

A day in the life: School Edition

Alright, folks.  As promised, here is a "day in the life" on the days I go to school.  These days are wild, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

5:40  School mornings start early!  I go get June out of her crib and pull her into bed with me so she can nurse.  I usually fall back asleep during most of this.

6:15  Greg and I both get up and get ready while June falls back asleep on the bed.  We both get ready and then Greg changes June's diaper and gets her dressed and loaded in the car seat while I take Maverick out to go potty, get our instant breakfasts ready and pack our lunch.

6:45  On our way to school.  For right now we drive separately because Greg has musical rehearsals after school.

7:00  I drop June off at daycare downstairs and then make my way upstairs to start the day.  From 7- 7:45 is teacher prep time.  I check my email, write objectives and homework on the board, pick up copies from the library, get books I need, etc during this time.

7:50  First period starts.  Juniors baby!  I'm going to do another "What we did in class" blog post soon, but right now we are working on rhetoric.  Today I assigned three different scenarios to groups of students and they had to identify what ethos, logos, and pathos would be used to use that argument.  Then they had to choose two students to act it out and as a class we all tried to find the ethos, pathos, logos.  My favorite was the "wife trying to convince a husband that it's time to start a family."

9:19  Bells rings and I sneak downstairs to try to pump while second period files in.  I finally just told second period that I was going to be a couple of minutes late because I had to pump.  I think some boys were like, "Say whhaaaa?"  but after a few days of "Hey guys, sorry I'm late again!" it was just getting weird.

9:25  Second period starts and we do the same thing as first period.  My second period group is my favorite- they are just a killer group of kids.

10:49  Bell rings for lunch.  Greg usually drops into my room at the end of second (it's his prep) and we walk to the faculty room together.  I really love lunch.  It is such a great break from the students and I love chilling with the other teachers.  We have a great lunch group that is loud and passionate and makes me laugh every day.

11:25  Third period starts.  This is my prep so I go to my room first to pump and then I take all pumped milk down to daycare where Junebug is ready to eat.  I get to hold her and feed her and usually will put her down before I leave.

12:15  I head back up to my room to salvage what is left of my prep period.  I grade essays, put scores in the computer, and plan my lesson for the next day.

1:00  Fourth period, baby!  I have all juniors this year which makes it SO easy because I only have to do one prep.  I have an ideal schedule.

2:25  The bell rings and school is over!  My after school time is when I end up getting the majority of school work since my prep period isn't super productive with going down to visit June.  I make sure everything is ready for the next day, send copies I need, put in grades, etc.

3:30-4:00  I pick up June from daycare and we leave school.

4:00  June usually eats as soon as we get home and I veg out on reality tv or stare mindlessly at my cell phone.

4:30  Take Maverick for a walk.  At this point everybody needs a little fresh air and exercise.

5:30  Start getting dinner ready

6:00 Greg gets home and we eat.

6:30  Bath time and one last feeding for June.  She goes down by seven.

7:00-10:00  The hardest part about my school days is that by this point I haven't done an ounce of blog stuff.  Usually I try to at least crank out a blog post, but I don't often get to emails and comments because I'm just too exhausted.  Some days, like yesterday, I can't even manage to write a blog post and then I just decide to go to bed and do it first thing in the morning.  Greg and I watch TV or I catch up on blogs while Greg plays a video game.  These days where we have both worked we are usually pretty wiped out by 7:00!

And that's a wrap!  Thank goodness that the next day I get to sleep in a little bit and catch up on the stuff at home.

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