The Life of Bon: My six weird celebrity crushes

Monday, November 10, 2014

My six weird celebrity crushes

I think we all have the normal celebrity crushes, right?  Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth.  Yada yada yada.  Puh-lease!  Those guys are boring!  Here are six celebrities I totally have small itty bitty weensy teeny crushes on.


He's a meth head, yes.  But he's my favorite meth head!  I mean, I know he's supposed to be the "bad guy" in the series, but you know every single person is rooting for Jesse the whole way along.  My heart just breaks when I see how much he loves kids and what a good guy he is at the heart of it all. SPOILER ALERT AHEAD:  Sometimes when I am trying to fall asleep at night I think about the Breaking Bad finale and how every single genius, every professional, ends up dead: Gus, Mike, Walt.  And the one who outlives them all is Pinkman.  Jesse freaking Pinkman, screaming at the top of his lungs.  ALL HAIL PINKMAN!


I know you might think this is the same as #1, but it's not!  I'm in love with Jesse Pinkman and Aaron Paul!  Two separate people!  The actor who plays Pinkman is just as loveable as Pinkman himself.  Aaron Paul dresses up like Walter White for Halloween, says hi to the people who tour around Hollywood, and even went beserk for almost winning the Price is Right!  "TWELVE HUNDRED BUCKS!"

I'm not saying I would leave Greg for this guy, but if I had the chance... well, I'd have to think about it!  Also, Paul is crazy about his wife, Lauryn.  They are such a great example of a healthy relationship.  She runs the kindness campaign- an anti bullying program.  I follow them on instagram because I'm so nerdy like that and I just love how much they love each other and how much good they try to put into the world.  Successful Hollywood couples ftw!


I don't know what it is about Romney, but I totally fangirl over him.  When I watched him do the ALS Ice bucket challenge IN A SUIT I almost died of happiness.  Oh, Mitt, of course you did it in a suit you classy son of a gun.  And can I call you Mitt?


I had to include Orlando Bloom in here because I was obsessed with him from the ages of 11-18.  I had a giant poster of him in my room lying on a big bed of all white sheets. (That picture above.  Life sized.  On my wall!)  I have no idea why my parents were cool with that, now that I think about it.  I also named my journal Legolas.  I don't obsess over him anymore, (please I am way too mature for celebrity crushes!) and I actually think he is kind of grungy and gross, but a sliver of the crush must remain somewhere in my heart because I am always extra interested when I hear any news about him.  Out of respect for teenage Bonnie, maybe?


I have a thing for lanky funny red heads, I suppose, what can I say?!  I see Conan and I see my husband in 25 years... a  stand up comedian flipping his wild, red hair!  I love Conan's weird monologues and dances and the way he just owns the out of control hair.  I mean, who can resist a fifty year old ginger?


He played the greatest wizard of all time, what do you expect from me?  I know he's got the horrific eyebrows and he's lanky and looks like a little boy, but I just dig it.  Plus he's Harry freaking Potter!  I like that he's confident and funny and hasn't dropped off the edge of the planet now that HP is over.  I'm pretty sure we all saw him rapping his little heart out on Jimmy Fallon, right?  Oh, and the British accent...

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