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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

From the mouth of teens

Well I'll be!

I done near forgot about our giveaway last week!  Remember darling Elissa with these prints? 

I never announced the winner for that adorable giveaway!  The plan was to get a winner by Saturday... but Saturday was smack in the middle of Memorial Day weekend and I wasn't thinking about no giveaway.  Then the week started and it was extra credit and grades and attendance and cleaning out cupboards and last day of school and graduation and I'm about to lose my freaking mind!

So there was no winner.

But now there is a winner.

Because I rememered.  And it's better late than never my friends!

The winner of the print is Kara who said" I really like the "love is all you need" print or the "you are my forever favorite" print!"  Well, Kara, darling, you are in LUCK my lady friend because that print is now yours!  Shoot me an email at with your address and your pick of prints and we'll get that sweet bippy on it's way to you.


For a matter of the UTMOST importance.

It's that time of year... SURVEY time!  The last few days of school I give my students surveys asking them to evaluate the class- telling me what things they liked about the class and what things they thought I could improve on.  Last year's responses were pure gold and this year's were not far off.  


From The Mouth of Babes Teens
unfiltered, unedited, unscripted
(and with an occasional commentary by yours truly)

Who would think these harmless boys could be such critics?!?

List the things you like about this teacher.  What things have gone well?

- She was funny-ish. (ISH?!?!  COME ON, PEOPLE!)

- I don't think I ever payed attention but Teacher is good at teaching us. (And yet you never paid attention?...)

- This teacher is funny and cracks a couple of jokes.  (A couple?!?  Come on!  I crack em every single day!)

-she doesn't yell all the time. 

-happy (most of the time ;))

-She tries to get to know the students insteaed of just teach and get over it.

-she's a young teacher and she's still fun.. like, she even has a twitter.  That just makes her a Bad A teacher!

-She's really nice and doesn't make me want to hurl myself off a cliff.

-Room is cozy

- My grades until 4th quarter

What could the teacher do differently to help students have a more positive experience?

-"five-ten minutes free time at the end of class. remember humans are like dogs you let them off the leash every now and then, then they'll do as you ask"  (I couldn't get over the elaborateness of this one.  If nothing else I taught them the power of figurative language, right?!?)

-No More ESSAYS!! they suck....

- less reading (Ummm... you do realize this is a reading and writing class, right?)

- stay on topic but getting off topic a little bit is what makes her great (totally contradicting itself)

- Nothing just keep bein' chill.  But maybe when kids are fixing their hair by using their'd be cool if you didn't take it away! ha.. (Want to know the full story?  Go here.)

-more movies

- elemenate animal farm. (Can't help but be ashamed of the spelling)

- The tests felt overly specific.  For example the Great Gatsby test had a question about how much a pearl bracelet cost.  WTF?!?!  Why would I care about the price of a pearl necklace?!?!

- More food!!!!

- do not Read Animal farm!!!!

Aren't you glad that you don't have seventeen year old critics?


  1. HAHAHA oh my goodness this is so funny. Love the pearl comment.

  2. What the heckola? Animal Farm is a great book!!

  3. bahahaha. Teenagers can be so funny! I bet you LOVE those surveys!

  4. You are lots stronger than me friend!! TOO funny tho! XOXO

  5. This is making me wish I could go back and see what I wrote for some teachers in HS.

  6. hahaha oh boy.... you have all my respect. i don't think i could deal with teenagers.

  7. Animal Farm is awesome. Seriously, what's their deal?

  8. haha i absolutely adore this post and your blog! i am a substitute teacher and these comments are pure gold.

  9. Room is cozy? bahahaha