The Life of Bon: Who volunteers to follow me around with a camera?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Who volunteers to follow me around with a camera?

Oh Memorial Day
How I Love Thee
Let Me Count the Ways...

Saturday morning Hubs and I headed down to Moab, the red rock city of Utah, where he was performing at the Moab Arts Festival.  Now, before you look at all these pictures, I think it might be about time in my blogging journey to give a little disclaimer.

My pictures suck compared to other bloggers' pictures. 

There you have it.  I've said it and I'm not ashamed of it.  There's a couple of reasons why my pics are no good, and since I know you're all at your desks wondering why, I will tell you.  But you owe me for this, YOU OWE ME.

#1: I straight up don't enjoy taking pictures.  At all.  I hate when I'm having such a great time, a picture perfect moment if you will, and I think "Oh, I have to take a picture of this."  Why can't I just enjoy the moment?  I hate getting other people to look at the camera, I hate asking strangers to take pictures for us, I hate organizing and uploading and editing pictures.
#2: The flash on my camera is broken.  My camera is also somewhat cheap.  The pics don't look that great.  You have to do a lot of fiddling and a lot of adjusting to get a picture to look somewhat decent on my camera.

#3:  Because of reason #2 and also because I have no picture taking skills in the world, my pictures rarely never look that good and then I'm just bugged.  Have you seen some bloggers' pictures?  They have the most beautiful pictures of them doing EVERYTHING... playing with their kids, pushing strollers, eating dinner.  A few weeks ago I read a post from a well known blogger who had bought fruit from a sidewalk stand.  On the post were several pictures of her examining the fruit, buying the fruit, carrying the fruit.  BUYING FRUIT FOR PETE'S SAKE!  All of the pictures were extremely well taken, with beautiful lighting, and vivid clarity.  What I want to know is this:  WHO THE HELL IS FOLLOWING HER AROUND TAKING PICTURES OF HER?  AND HOW DO I GET ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE?
(Sorry for the cuss word mom!  That's two days in a row I've cussed in my post.  I'll cut it out, I promise.)

And now, without further ado, a few crappily taken pictures of my weekend:

 I don't know about you, but I think he's about the gosh darn cutest girl there ever was. Just look at those flirty eyes!

I was sitting close to this red shirted man during Hubs' performance in Midsummer Night's Dream.  He was making this face throughout the entirety of the show.  Just absolutely delighted and pleased.  You can't ask for better audience members than that, can you?

It was Hubs' and my first camping trip together.  EVER!  This is the morning after... you can't beat a baseball cap when you know you look like crap. 

Hubs refused to be in the picture in the morning.  Some people don't have the confidence to show off their dirty faces and nasty clothes after 24 hours of being outdoors.  Lucky for me, I do.

This campsite took us over an hour to find.  When ten people try to find a campsite at 11pm on Saturday night on Memorial day weekend in the most popular camping town in Utah... well, they ain't gonna have a lot of luck.  I was about ready to kill someone, and we almost had to make the 3.5 hour trip to Provo right then and there, but then miracle of miracles, we found a spot.

Wondering why there's a ladder in the middle of our campsite? 
Aren't we all, aren't we all.

Other highlights of the weekend include a campfire that went late into the night with witty jokes and clever games, a quiet visit to my dad's grave with Hubs, barbeques with both sides of the family where we obliterated my nephew in a game of tetherball, watched a dog terrorize a baby, watched three kids terrorize a dog, and ate a lot of really yummy food. 

But, of course, there are no pictures of those things.  Because I was enjoying the moment too much, too lost in enjoyment and satisfaction to worry about snapping a picture of it all.  Because I didn't feel like getting up and looking for my camera, instead I felt like sitting back and feeling the sun on my cheeks.



  1. I, too, am a terrible blog photographer. I tend to take about 524 pictures of my dog a week, but when it comes to things that i really SHOULD be capturing, it doesn't happen.

    Side note: that might be the smallest tent for two people to sleep in that I've ever seen. Although my fiance also has to bring a whole garage full of junk on our camping trips, so I guess that looks to be about the right size for normal campers...

  2. Keep on enjoying the moment. You do it so well!!! :)

  3. You have a good point about not taking pictures so you can live in the moment! As a photographer of five years, however, I have a different view on it. I take pictures to remember - and more importantly, *capture* - those moments. :)

  4. Before our daughter was born, my husband made us buy the most bulky camera you've ever seen. It looks all profesh, but its not. Its good, but too big to take places on a regular basis.

    And you asked one of my life long questions, who is taking pictures of people buying fruit????

  5. Blogger sins: I do not even own a camera! I totally agree with you, I'm usually to wrapped up to think about taking photos.

  6. You crack me up. I have a hard time remembering to take pictures too, and my husband is even worse. I hate having to ask to be photographed, cause sick, so I'm almost never in pictures unless I took it of myself, which is also, sick. ;) but we do it anyway :)

  7. I take alot of pictures, but how many freaking pictures do you need of yourself buying fruit? Sometimes there is a thing as too many pictures.

    As much as I like to take pictures, some days I'm just not feeling it. There is plenty to be said for living in the moment.

  8. keep doing what your doing

  9. I know exactly what you mean about those photos out there that look like everyday is a professional photo shoot. Sigh. I'm in your boat with the photos!!

    The Blue Hour

  10. Couldn't agree more. And your pictures don't suck- at least they're the same size. My pics most definitely suck, from all aspects. Whatevs. It's a blog eat blog world.

  11. I have always wanted to go to Moab. Looks like you had a great weekend!

  12. I always wonder who is taking those pictures too. Is is their hubby, friend, or a stranger?! WHO?! I wish I had a photographer following me around & capturing awesome candids of me. Or maybe if I just had a stalker. That could work.

  13. Actually these are pretty decent pictures so don't feel too bad. I know a lot about photography and even I don't feel like carrying my camera around to document my life like some bloggers do! Lol.

    For the record, the built-in flash usually washes out a photo and is generally a sign of an "amateur" photographer, so one tip for having better photos is to learn to not depend on the flash. I've been meaning to write a "Camera 101" post on my blog so hopefully I'll get to that w/in the next week or two. That should help you with learning how to properly expose a photo w/o needing the flash. ;)

  14. hahaaaa! i love how you are embracing the awesome person you are. . . even if you don't have lots of pictures to show it. :) i also am a bit awed by how some bloggers have profesh photos for everything. :)


  15. Anonymous10:58 PM

    I only wish that the hubs would pick up the camera! I am the queen of one armed shots because of it!!