The Life of Bon: Stolen cookie dough and a cute girl from L.A.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Stolen cookie dough and a cute girl from L.A.

Guys.  I have Bad News.

TWO Bad News, actually. 

Bad News #1:  I lost my phone last night.  There are two options of where it could now be:  A) Buried in the seat of a car or B) In the possession of a young hoodlum who stole it from me at the tennis court.  Whichever the answer, I don't have it.  To be honest with you, I'm much more bothered by my reaction to not having my phone than I am by actually not having my phone. (Still with me, folks?  Try to keep up.)  I reach for it subconsciously every ten minutes, I  feel completely disconnected to the world, as if I it were my only tool for communication.  It's like I lost my right arm.  And I don't like it.  Don't like how much I rely on it.  Since when did I become so dependent on a little black box?!?

In any case, Hubs vowed he will find it today while I am off filling young brains with knowledge.  Wish him luck! (Also, have I mentioned that Hubs is now the new Master Painter in town?  More on that later!)

#2:  I got in trouble for stealing cookie dough yesterday.  I was swimming at an old apartment complex of mine, and I happen to know that they keep little balls of delicious cookie dough in the freezer of the lounge.  Naturally, I went into the little kitchen to kife a few.  I grabbed one, turned around, and was boldly accosted by a little woman with an upturned nose. 
"Can I help you?" 
I was so caught off guard that I could think of absolutely nothing to say but the truth.  "Uh... I'm just grabbing cookie dough." 
"That isn't for you." 
"You need to leave." 
Needless to say, I felt like a complete idiot.

Due to Bad News #1 and Bad News #2, I am in no condition to sit on this blog and entertain you with wit, whimsy, and wisdom.  Lucky for me, I got Jessica to do the trick for me.  A newcomer in the blogging world, she's an absolute doll and her blog will leave you feeling good all over.  So go pay her a visit and make all of our days a little better, will you?

Hello readers of Bonnie’s darling blog! I’m Jessica from “Living the LA Life.”
I’m a recently engaged gal (leap year to be exact) who likes blogging about her coming wedding, juicy sale rack finds, scouting out new places, and eating out in Los Angeles. I believe that by documenting my life, I've been able to capture the faces, places, and moments that make life worth living. I am extremely thankful for my many blessings and having this space to write my story. In the two past months I decided to expand my blog beyond just family and friends and have created remarkable relationships with people! The experience has been wholly rewarding and look forward to the future!

Here are a few little facts about me:
I'm ambidextrous and have recently moved past just writing with two hands and onto painting. I probably look like a crazed octopus but I find it fun and challenging.
I'm very traditional but would like to one day be remarried in Las Vegas by chubby Elvis. Packages start at $60 with titles like "Concert with The King" and "Can't Help Falling in Love"
Maybe in two or three years? :)
I sadly have never been able to successfully snap, whistle, or do a cartwheel.
I guess I'm doomed to a lifetime of clapping and somersaults.
I met my fiance at a college party, our first date was at Disneyland, we share a lovely cat daughter, and can't wait to tie the knot.
I'm just a normal girl with a love for life. I invite you to stop my little piece of cyberspace and say hello!

Told you she was cute.  I know my stuff, people.


  1. Hello Jessica! *waves*

    And also, hopefully the phone is found soon.

  2. You got caught stealing cookie dough... amazing.

  3. Sorry about your phone lady! And the cookie dough. I can't tell which is a bigger bummer! xo

  4. hello Jessica "waves excitedly" nice to meet you how's the weather your way?

  5. I totally forgot about apartment cookie dough!! Mine did that too, along with sodas and bags of chips that I guess were used for parties before and left behind. I just remember that you could always find something! :)

  6. Love the blog. Thanks for the kind words. Following back atchya!
    Xoxo janean

  7. Phones have legs and walk off on their own. Only to be found later in between the crack of your car by your seatbelt.

  8. Hahaha, busted!!

    I gave up my smartphone and I L-O-V-E it. No more "ohmigoshlookatthatspidertimeforFacebook!!" It was really becoming a problem...