The Life of Bon: Why I will never make it as a fashion blogger.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Why I will never make it as a fashion blogger.

It's a hard thing to have to admit to yourself, but I've got to do it.
I am never going to be a fashion blogger.
Recently, out on the town with Hubs, he said to me, "You look cute tonight.  I like that outfit."  And I said, "By golly!  You're right!  This is a cute outfit!  We must take pictures of it so that I can post it on my blog and people will think I'm cute!"
So I threw the camera at Hubs and demanded he take a picture.  He took one, then looked at it, and said to me, "You're just posing really weird."
I looked at the picture, and I was, indeed, posing weird.
What, eyes closed, hands back and twisted in a freaky double jointed way doesn't make me your fashion idol?
And those are yellow tights.  NOT jaundiced legs as has been confused by some.
So I said, "Hubs!  Take one more!  I'll act normal I promise!"
He took it and then said as he handed over the camera, "I don't know, Bon.  Now it just looks like you're saluting our country."

And that's when I just stop trying and let someone else take over for me.  I've clearly still got a thing or two to figure out in this whole blogging world, so while I'm off educating myself, enjoy a little article about why Australians are weird.  Yes, that is what the following post is about and yes, you may thank me later for it because this girl is hilarious.  Next time I go to Australia I've got my tour guide/travel buddy/bff  all picked out!

Hello lovely Life of Bon readers, it's Samara from The Secret Life of Samara and I'm joining you from all the way over in cold, cold Australia. I'll type really loud so you can hear me from America. (I considered taking this joke out because it was so lame, but then decided against it. I will live to regret this decision, I just know it.)

I'm going to start off today's post with a slight confession- I get super excited when I guest post on blogs in America. Really excited. But not for reasons you may imagine. I get excited because it means I can post a status on Facebook telling all my friends that I have posted on a blog over in America and then they think I'm some hot shot blogger (even if the reality is that I write the majority of my posts in my pyjamas and get stupidly excited when my followers go up by just one). Australians really don't understand the blogging community at all. Gosh, it even took me an embarrassing amount of time to figure out what link up parties were and what GFC stood for, it was like a foreign language. I really can't understand why it hasn't taken off as much as it has in America. But to be honest, there are many things I don't understand about Australians. So many things that I made a list. Because I like lists and I like sharing my lists with goes.

Things I don't understand about Australians.

1. Where our accent came from.
We were settled by the British yet sound like we've been put in slow motion when we speak. Such a long draaaawl. Do we speak slower because the heat has sapped all of our energy? Or because we really are that relaxed?

2. Why we are so short
I wrote this blog post about the amount of comments my husband and I get whenever out in public about his height. You see, he is 6"8. It would seem like no one has ever seen anyone of that height in Australia as we end up having so many gawkers and people making comments all the time. After writing this post I had a whole heap of Americans say that people don't tend to notice height in America- is this really true??

3. Our obsession with big things (including my giant husband)
I have been to the Big Lobster, the Big Orange, the Big Rocking Horse and the Big Koala. All around Australia there are big every things- pineapples, bananas, sheep- you name it, we've got it. We love anything giant sized. I don't understand it really but some how find myself sucked into the trap of wanting to visit them. Next on my list is the Big Pineapple in Queensland.

4. Why we go overseas but then just end up in the Aussie Pub
Guilty as charged. Do Americans do this? Go overseas just to find yourself hanging out at Maccas? (do you call it Maccas? Or is it McDonalds?)

5. Why we shorten every word
My name is Samara but I constantly have people calling me Sam. I don't mind too much however sometimes I feel like I am being a kill joy by making someone say my whole name. We also shorten other things too- sandwich is a 'sanger', sausage is a 'snag' and Australians are "Aussies". I think this is just our laziness coming out!

Is there anything about Australians that baffle you?

 Come on over to my blog and see what life is like in the Land of Oz. Or to see pictures of my rabbit Nibbles. She's adorable and well worth the visit.


Hey, Bonnie here.  Samara, since you said we could ask questions, I'm going to ask one.  Why are all Australians so good looking?  Hugh Jackman and Heath Ledger and Chris Hemsworth?!?  All from the same blessed country?  How do you guys do it down there?!?  Hubba Hubba!

Now go say hi to Samara!


  1. You are hilarious. Thanks for sharing the story of you and hubs taking photos for your blog. Have a good upcoming week.. :)

  2. On the contrary Bonnie, you looked adorable today at church! I love you with your blonde hair too! Adorable!! :)

  3. oh my gosh you crack me up. literally laughing out loud behind my lap top!

  4. I don't know what I laughed more about - your fashion pictures or Samara's Aussie humor!

  5. Oh you are just so adorable! love the yellow leggings!

  6. This cracks me up! I will never be a fashion blogger either. We can start our own cool club:)

  7. I am the worst when it comes to posing for pictures. ha ha. Cute dress by the way!

  8. Bonnie- I like to consider myself a "fashion blogger" but I take goofy pose pictures on purpose. It fits my personality better. And you ARE wearing a cute outfit!

  9. oh bonnie, you make me smile. :) I feel the same way with fashion pics... that's why I take a million of them and then ONE is bound to turn out, right?

  10. Hold on now, don't sell yourself short. I am loving those fashion poses! Your blog is hilarious!

  11. I hate posing too but hey ho! Maybe you could just make crazy poses your 'thing' like on the man repeller blog? PS- think your outfit was worth sharing- lovely.Rx

  12. haha I agree with you on that whole I suck with fashion blogging. I also tried my first fashion blog last week. Posing just made me feel dumb to be honest haha!

  13. That was hilarious. Thanks for introducing us to Samara too. I've wondered the same thing about how pretty and gorgeous Aussies are.

  14. Anonymous7:59 AM

    hahaha.. I think you'd make an awesome fashion blogger!

    Love that outfit, btw.

  15. I'll join your "never going to be a fashion blogger" group. I also have the hubby who would comment the same as yours :)

  16. You are so hilarious and honest. I love it! I am so glad I am following you! You just made my Monday morning!

    Understated Classics

  17. the exact same thing happened to me in my last post!!! mr hubs just kept laughing and saying i wasnt acting normal. and so we got some awkard photos. you look cute though!

  18. So funny! My husband would never even take a picture of me! Haha!

  19. reading that, it did just remind me of heath ledger, hubba hubba! :) <3 X

  20. I loved this post! You would make such a cute fashion blogger! :)
    And being from New Zealand I had a real laugh at Samara's post about Aussies! When I lived there it took me so long to get the hang of their shortened words!


  21. We went to Australia last year. My big question, have you guys never heard of serving ketchup with your fries? Seriously, we kept having to order ketchup and got a lot of confused looks as they handed over the packets!

  22. Love the outfit, but the poses made it even better LOL

  23. Thanks for having me on your blog Bonnie :) While there are many attractive Australians, there are also many who are less than desirable. We have a screening process which only allows good looking Australians to be splashed all over your movie screens and magazines. It's a sneaky ploy to encourage everyone over to Australia thinking they're going to find their own spunk muffin over here! ha ha

    As for ketchup- I assume you mean tomato sauce? I am 100% with you- I should not have to pay extra for my sauce, to only be given a teeny tiny packet that does not allow sufficient drowning of my chips. We get vinegar for free however, so I just take what I can get!

  24. that opening story of this post - too cute and freaking hilarious. i love you already.

  25. I like the poses! It is a nice refreshing take as opposed to the typical pose you see on every single blog out there! It has spunk ;)

  26. Story of my life right here. Non-fashion bloggers unite!