The Life of Bon: Turning into Mom

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Turning into Mom

It's happened.
I suspected it was happening when I wouldn't go to Las Vegas until the house was totally clean.
I suspected it was happening when I started carrying snacks in my purse at all times.
I certainly suspected it was happening when Hubs started repeatedly telling me that I talk too loud into the phone.

I have tried to ignore it for years, but tonight the sign was so strong and clear, that it is officially time to embrace what I have long known to be true.

I'm turning into my mom.

The final acceptance of this knowledge came tonight while perusing the aisles of Target. I have read many blogs recently with pretty girls posting ridiculously cute pictures of themselves in expensive looking outfits.  Without fail, there is a caption underneath the picture that states at least part of the ensemble was purchased at Target.  Hmmmm... I started thinking. Target? For clothes? For cute clothes? This would surely take some investigation.

And so, I buckled up and cruised on over to Target tonight, hoping to find myself immersed in a blissful world of colored skinny jeans and leopard print flats. Alas, it was not so.  The Target in my neck of the woods was picked over, unorganized, and smelled like moldy couches.  After 20 minutes I decided that I was officially not going to try to buy clothes at Target ever again.

On my way to the register to purchase the one item I had picked up, (a bag of starbursts, naturally) my eye stopped on some V-necks for men.

Ohhh, la, la, were these things looking good!  So many colors, so many patterns, so many sizes, and all for $10 a pop? My oh my, it looked like I had finally entered the celestial Target kingdom that others have long raved about.  Hubs would certainly look oh so dashing in these sharp v-necks.

Lets see... color... red?  No, black...? Nah... White?  How about the stripes.... would Hubs like yellow?  Too many choices!  My heart, ever the wily devil, convinced me that Hubs needed ALL the shirts.  In ALL the sizes.  Then my brain kicked into gear and reminded my heart that I don't have all the money in the world to buy Hubs V-necks at Target, even if it is the celestial kingdom.  AND THEN... out of left field, a voice came to me saying, "Buy them all, take them back to Hubs, let him pick two, and then return the rest."

"You're a genius!" I said to the voice, and carefully started selecting sizes and colors. Who am I trying to kid? There was no careful about it- I grabbed everything in sight with the ever-present thought in mind that I would bring most of these back.

"You having a shirt party?" The cheeky girl at the register asked me as I rang up the shirts.  I tell you, cashiers these days sure can be sassy.  Just ask me about Carlos.  Or Joel
"No... I'm just going to take them home to my husband and let him pick two he likes, and then I'll return the rest so that he gets the ones he wants."
"Wow. Sounds like way too much work to me.  If you just pick out two yourself, he'll never even know about the other options. Where'd you ever get that idea to take them all home?"
I was pretty much over this cashier by this time, so I shrugged off her question, grabbed my bag and toloodled on out of Target.

Naturally, on the way home, I thought about it. Where had I learned such a seemingly inefficient way of choosing shirts for my husband? 

And then it dawned on me.

I had learned it from my mom.

Countless occurrences where my mom went to the mall and came home with four different styles of the same dress flooded my memory.  Three different sizes of shoes, or six different colors of the same shirt laid out on the kitchen table.  "Pick two, Bonnie, and I'll take the rest back," or  "choose the dress style you like the most- but you can't have them all!"

I had always secretly wondered at my mom's way of shopping and thought numerous times to myself, "But how can she stand to always have to be returning stuff? Surely she can't really enjoy shopping in this way."

And, now, here I was, without even realizing it, starting my own legacy of buying in bulk and returning the superfluous merchandise.

Yes, I suppose now it is official.

I am my mom.

Have YOU turned into YOUR mom yet?


  1. This DEFINITELY made me smile!! I love the picture of you and your mom! Very cute story, I see my mom in myself sometimes and I love it.

  2. You have been missing out Bonnie! I love target, they Have such cute clothes and its always so cheap. Don't give up just yet, I'm sure you will have a better experience next time!

  3. Awe you and your mom are beautiful!

    I haven't turned into my mom, but I have noticed that I am quickly turning into my dad. lol

  4. That is my mother to a T! She won't try ANYTHING on in a store. She buys it all, takes it home, tries it on, and then takes it back.
    Definitely not the most efficient use of her time, haha.

  5. I'm going to have to remember this shopping trick from now on! My mom never did that she would just have piles of clothes for me to try on still till this day!

  6. Oh yes, in high school I vowed that I would never turn into my mom, but alas it was to no avail. The other day Jurgen and I were talking about how we wanted to raise our children one day and I actually scared myself in how much I sounded like my mom!

    It's unfortunately inevitable my dear.


  7. Oh yes...I have had plenty of those moments, and now that I am a mom- it seems to happen more often. Your post is hysterical by the way. Thanks for the laugh this morning.

  8. i think that's a pretty great shopping idea!

  9. heart touching blog. bless u

  10. hahahahah
    i am so the same way.
    I feel like so many of us just turn in to our mothers but normally that is ok because they are pretty cool.

    So fun to meet you are the blogger meet up!

  11. Oh Bonnie! I love you and your mom! I am totally turning into my mom in some ways and into my dad in other ways. That one is a little more scary.

    And that sucks that your Target is lousy. I love shopping at Target.

  12. hahaha. Yeah I see it every day. It's pretty scary.

  13. oh, bonnie! this is perfect. i am totally turning into my momma more every day!! i tell the hubs its a good thing he likes my momma bc that'll be me one day ;)

  14. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Thankfully, the Target in my neighborhood has a better clothing selection than yours. Or maybe that isn't a good thing because I tend to spend a lot of money there. I love see pictures from your wedding. You and your mom look so pretty.

  15. You are so funny and cute!! LOVED reading this post, it reminded me of even though my mom and are different, we have a lot the same behaviors! Pretty pic of you and your mom! Thanks for being my 102nd follower, YOU ROCK! love your blog! New follower here : )

  16. First off, beautiful picture of you and your mother! Second, Target is where it's at... alot of cute clothes there. People comment on them thinking they are from the fancy stores in the mall. Such a fun secret to know I spent less than 20 bucks on the item

  17. OMGondola I have been becoming my mother over the years lol it is awesome!! Mostly cause my mother is a calmer, more rational, loving version of myself that I have always kinda strived to be lol… One area I failed in when it comes to mom - I suck at cleaning :( sad but true! P.S. you and your mother are adorable!!