The Life of Bon: A pregnancy post! Of sorts!

Monday, February 24, 2014

A pregnancy post! Of sorts!

This weekend we went to prom.

Greg works with people with special needs and every year they get to go to the prom.  These poor folks don't get to escape the agonies of prom after only three or four years, they are forced to do it year after year after year.  Luckily, they love it.  All of Greg's clients have been stoked about prom for weeks.  They all found themselves some hot dates and got all jazzed up and my, were they looking nice. It was one of the most adorable things to see them all parade in with their flowers and dresses and suits. Greg asked me if I would be his date, and I replied yes of course because I always wondered what it would be like to be knocked up at prom.  Now I know!

I wore my high school prom dress.  I haven't worn this bad boy for ten years.  I wore it to a girl ask boy dance with a boy who I had a big fat crush when I was 17 years old.  I thought he was the moon and the stars, and I liked him so much that I hardly dared to talk to him through out the entire date (I was so socially awkward in high school.  I still am, but I seem to have grown in to my awkwardness.  At 17, I didn't know what in the world to do with it.)  I remember hoping so bad at the end of the night that he would kiss me.  He didn't.  Now, I think of all those boys I used to love in high school and all the boys I dated in college, and all I know is I married the best crush I ever had and that's a fact.

18 weeks.

Also I kind of feel like I am lying when I post pictures like the above one with my belly sticking out to the side.  It makes it look a lot bigger than it really is- to be honest and fair, my belly rarely looks that pronounced.  It mostly just looks like extra cushion all around my sides.  At night or after meals the bump is more pronounced and it actually kind of looks like I'm pregnant, but most of the time it just looks like I've eaten one too many cupcakes.  Also the other day when I was leaving the ice cream place a teenage boy hollered at me, "Hey girl!" and I felt like saying back "Well, sheesh, kid you kind of just made my day! Now sit down and let me teach you how to write a thesis statement."

Being pregnant is kind of crazy.  Half of the time I forget I'm growing a body and the other half of the time it's all I can think about.  These past few weeks I have felt more out of control with my emotions than I ever have.  I read online that your emotions are supposed to be all wonky the first trimester and then in the second trimester everything normalizes until you go crazy again in the third trimester.  Well, if these are supposed to be "normal" emotions then I am royally screwed.  Third trimester is going to be a triiiiiip.

(Tangent:  I only believe half- if even that much- of anything I read on the internet about pregnancy.  I'm convinced these pregnancy sites are run by a gaggle of fifteen year old boys who entertain themselves by coming up with their idea of hilarious things to say to freak out pregnant women.)
"You will be constipated!"  Evil laugh!
"You will have to go to the dentist twice as often!"  Evil laugh! 
"You will have to pee all day every day!" Evil laugh!
"You will want more sex!" Evil laugh!
"You will cry all the time like a little baby sissy pants!" Evil laugh! 
"You will fart more!"  Evil evil EVIL LAUGH!  
I rest my case- pregnancy sites are written by teenage boys.)

Moving on, the past few weeks have been rough emotionally, and the worst part is that I don't even realize it until it's past the point of no return.  All of a sudden I am crying my eyes out because of:  a nice thing said by a student/ an episode of Wife Swap/ a cute puppy dog/ not being able to play tennis/ burning dinner/ getting cut off in traffic/ airplane ticket prices going up/ the fact that Greg surprised me by cleaning the whole apartment/ not getting to watch the olympics/ watching too much olympics/ INSERT ANY OTHER THING IN THE WORLD HERE AND I PROMISE I HAVE CRIED OVER IT.

For the most part, I feel like I can keep it together.  Until I get home.  As soon as I walk in the door I'm like a ticking bomb just waiting for Greg to say something so I can explode my pregnancy hormone tears all over him.  Then when he says I am exhausted and need to go to sleep because I'm acting crazy I retort, "And don't call me crazy!" and then collapse on the bed for the next eight hours.  It all makes perfect logical sense, I promise.  The poor dude gets all the vulnerability/ excitement/ fears/ anticipation/ exhaustion/ crazy train at once without any of the normalcy.  My students get the normalcy, and they're not even grateful!  Brats! 

I can't be sure, but I don't think it's easy to be married to a pregnant woman.  Maybe I should ask those 15 year olds who run the pregnancy sites...  they'd probably know.

Other stuff you might want to know about my pregnancy but probably couldn't care less about:

Cravings:  Cake batter frozen yogurt errry day, yo.  Seriously.  I've stopped the past four days in a row and I am so pleased with my life.  I'm also craving diet coke again which is SO welcome since I couldn't stand it my first trimester.  A lot of people said when I didn't drink dc for two months, "Oh now is the perfect itme for you to go off of it," and I thought, "Are you crazy people, why would I ever want to go off of diet coke?  That stuff is nectar from the gods!"  And lucky for me, my body is once again welcoming it.  Thanks, body!

Aversions: Hamburgers, KFC, basically any fast food or anything fried.

Looking forward to:  Ultrasound appointment on March 17 to find out gender.  Also, feeling the baby kick.  I've heard the baby first kicks sometime around now, and I am seriously stoked.  Oh!  And I have Friday off of work.  That has nothing to do with having a baby, but boo yah for me!

Weight gain:  None so far.  I lost 4-5 pounds the first trimester because I was able to eat so little, and I am now back to my pre pregnancy weight.

Baby purchases:  Ummm... no.  I'm much too much of a procrastinator for that.  It doesn't mean I'm not excited, just haven't gotten into purchasing mode yet.  I hate spending money. And there's no room in our apartment to put stuff.

Baby size:  The size of a green pepper.  And in related news, the internet told me my uterus is now the size of a cantaloupe.  If that's not terrifying, I don't know what is.  Curse those 15 year old boys who run those sites!

Maternity clothes:  No.  I did look and so far I can say with surety that the maternity sections in both H&M and Gap totally suck.  (Sorry, Kristen, I know those were your suggestions.  I still love you.)  Any other suggestions?  Help me people!

Pregnancy goals:  Exercise/ do something active for at least 30 minutes a day.  This is mostly a life goal as I get depressed and crazy if I don't get out and be active.  Greg and I enjoyed our first tennis session of the year today (almost 60 degrees in Utah in February, Let's get a woot woot for global warming!) and it felt great!  I'm hoping to still be able to run and play for much of my pregnancy.  And when I say run I don't mean real run.  I mean like little kid run.  If you catch my drift.


  1. I was most emotional and moody 2nd trimester. 3rd trimester I just felt like crap all the time, but that's easier to deal with than wanting to scream and cry all the time. You look great! I felt my little guy at 19 weeks! It's the coolest thing ever!

  2. I am so impressed you still fit in your prom dress. I just graduated from high school four years ago and I tried mine on a few weeks ago and there was not way it was going to zip.

  3. I also suggested and just going up a size. I'm sorry gap and h&m were a bust. Good luck. You'll need it. Maternity shopping is the worst!

  4. Haha, I love that you got to wear your old prom dress - super cute! And all the pregnancy stuff sounds so interesting...I guess "everyone's different" but it's still weird to hear how each woman goes through it. And darn those 15 year old boys!

  5. I am SO impressed that you got to wear your old prom dress again, there's no way I'd fit into anything I wore when I was 18, and I'm not even pregnant... thanks, now I'm depressed (joking)! You and Greg look so cute! All the moods will be worth it when your bundle of joy arrives :) x

  6. You guys look like SUCH a hot couple!!! And can't believe you can still fit into your high school dress... that would be a total fail for me and I'm only three years out of high school, ha!

  7. I love reading pregnancy posts and you look GREAT! The crying at everything was my biggest side effect of being pregnant. Seriously everything made me tear up and it lasted pretty much throughout my entire pregnancy. haha. Also, so impressed that you fit into your high school prom dress! My parents brought my old prom dresses last time they visited and of course I just had to try them on and sadly I couldn't zip up either of them. Oh well!

  8. I didn't have any temptation to buy anything for my baby before I found out the gender because what if I bought for the wrong gender and I didn't want to buy unisex stuff. Now that I know it's a boy, I want to start buying things, but there is literally no room in our current apartment, which is smaller than my CLASSROOM!! (or about the same size). As for maternity clothes, I'm starting to not fit into my pants anymore, but skirts still fit and I'm all for buying more cute maxi skirts/dresses.

  9. I cried over everything too (and still do!)! Try Target for Maternity- I found they were the best for basics. I lived in maxi dresses- I had a handful that I just rotated. Old Navy/Gap online is great for maxi's. Motherhood Maternity is a hit or miss. Asos has cute stuff too! Pea in the Pod has nice stuff but it is sooooooo expensive (I just admired from afar).

  10. Anonymous7:38 AM

    So let's get this straight: you were able to wear your high school prom dress 10 years later WHILE PREGNANT?!?!

    You're my hero.

  11. Old Navy online! It's fairly inexpensive, you can find coupons on the site typically and much of the stuff you don't need to size up and you could wear it after you have the baby. I bought all my maternity stuff there especially dresses. :) And - buy a bump nest like right now! Perhaps you can get one for free if you contact them and do a review like many other bloggers. It's seriously a life saver in your second and third trimester! You look so cute, btw.

  12. I went to Motherhood, and when they found out it was my first baby, they gave me $400 worth of coupons and free stuff. I thought that was pretty nifty. I shopped from the clearance rack in the back, and I get compliments on my cute dresses and outfits all the time. Maybe you could try them.

    If you don't want to go there, then I can give you some of the promo codes that they hand out to first time moms. They're good for belly button bands (which are spectacular), nursing covers, car seat covers, nursing pillows, baby leggings- they're free except for shipping.

    Congratulations, by the way. :) Being pregnant is the most miserable thing, but I hear that babies are very cute and help make up for that fact. I've been posting about my pregnancy and it kind of helps me to deal with it all. They have funny pictures, if you want to look at them and laugh. Those Weird Heims is the name of our blog.

  13. My favorite maternity clothing store has been Pink Blush Maternity (online store) and Old Navy. I just had a BLAST there yesterday getting some shirts and shorts for spring. The online store has WAY more than the actual store, but both are good! The short sleeve shirts I got were $8 a piece! Who can beat that? Also, try Destination Maternity. It's a store and online. I have ordered alot from there. They have sales all the time! Thank goodness you haven't need maternity clothes yet. I've been in them since week 7 :( Baby is sitting SO low that my I grew out of everything extremely fast!

  14. You crack me up, I am exactly as pregnant as you and keep getting kinda sad that I'm "not showing". I loved your post from Vegas with the incredible appearing/disappearing bump - that is SOO me!! I also just bought a pair of maternity jeans (ummm, elastic waistbands!) from Old Navy for SO CHEAP! ($19 I think?) Anyway, I am glad you are documenting all of this very true stuff about the online forums, excessive gas, crying about everything, whatever, whatever since I am far too lazy ;)

  15. Lol oh my goodness you are sooo right, they are 15 year old boys! Most of that stuff hardly ever applied to me so it must just be a great big joke. You look beautiful!

  16. I hate spending money as well, so I bought some maternity staples at Old Navy when they were having big sales. I think I bought a couple of pairs of maternity jeans online from Gap (again, when they were having a big sale). I wish I would have gone to motherhood maternity and got a couple of items.

    By the time I was 18 weeks, I had gained 18 lbs, so I will try to not hate you. :)

    And while I was pregnant, I cried at the ending to Con Air. CON AIR!! There is NOTHING sad about that movie except for maybe the acting. Pregnancy does crazy things to you.

  17. You look so cute in your bump picture. In the other picture with your arm up though it looks like you are pulling that girls hair! haha

  18. So I can't recommend places to shop for maternity clothes because I haven't had to actually buy any but I can say this - I have, on more than one occasion, accidentally wandered into the maternity section of Target and picked up a few cute items, only to realize in the dressing room that I was not the ideal demographic for those clothes. So maybe Target might work where H&M and Gap failed you?

    Loved reading the update!

  19. Old Navy maternity. And see if you can find a small boutique-y shop in your town, to get a few 'classic', good quality pieces that you'll wear a lot. And do your kegels - they help afterwards, so you don't pee every time you sneeze...or something like that!

  20. I love reading your posts about pregnancy, we are due around the same time- I'm due July 25. I had pretty good luck at Motherhood, I got some shirts and a pair of jeans that were sooo comfy but I ended up returning them b/c I wanted dark wash ones. I went to Gap and I think I ended up with the dark skinnies and a few tanks that were so comfy and seemed like they'd stretch pretty well as I grew. A tip about Gap- if you get a bunch of stuff in one trip, get a card, you get 15% off and their card has some great deals (10% of Tuesdays) I got some unisex baby stuff too :) I did also get a plain white tshirt in Target's Maternity section but the fabric doesnt seem as quality or stretchy as Gaps.

    Good luck! I was dreading getting maternity clothes because everyone complains about it, but I LOVE them, so so comfy.

  21. Oh my gosh, you still fit in your high school prom dress...and while pregnant??!! I officially hate you. Just kidding of course, but wow! I bet I couldn't even get my right leg in my prom dress!

  22. How far along are you?? I've been following your blog for a long time now & couldn't be happier for you & Greg! I'm 16 weeks pregnant today and think it's so neat that you're preggo too :)

  23. Love love your analogies of the 15 year old boys! So so true. And good on you for taking everything online with a grain of salt! On maternity: Target is great, and has really good clearance usually. Old Navy is great too, but I'm not as stoked at their prices. I did get a pair of skinny maternity jeans from Old Navy and wore them every single day. But mostly I'd suggest consignment, because you'll get a great selection and great prices. Kids consignment places usually have maternity sections. (Motherhood is one expensive joke). But PLEASE wear maternity clothes when you need them. Women sometimes feel like it's bragging rights to say at 9 months pregnant that they've never worn a maternity item. And let me tell you, those women think they look much better than they actually do, hate to say it. It has nothing to do with being "skinny" or "fat" (AT ALL), pregnant bodies are just totally weird and they all need some tailored clothes, that's for sure.

  24. Don't buy maternity clothing! With my second i was 180lb at 9 months and the only maternity thing that I owned were a few pairs of pants. Now that tights are in, I would wear tights with long enough shirts or tunics that would cover your butt, bell and most of your legs. I bought stretchy and long tank tops and wore those under everything that didnt cover me properly. I was bigger in the spring so this gave me a lot of clothing options. I wore sundressed with tights underneath too. Best part, after pregnany i was able to wear those clothes again!

  25. Oh how I love you. :) And hehehee I remember those pregnancy hormones! My husband would pat me on my back, as I cried and say "its ok honey, I think it is just your hormones." In which I would look up at him and reply "BUT I STILL FEEEEEEEEEELLLL ITTTTT!!!" haha Oh the days. :) LOVE IT! You are the cutest ever.

  26. Wearing your prom dress after 10 years? That's truly memorable, being able to wear that same dress after years and now that you are pregnant. A story worth telling your children-to-be. You still have a long way to go, and I know you’ll experience more of the "craziness" you mentioned. Just do whatever your doctor advices you to do. They know what’s best for you. Congrats on your pregnancy! :)

    Adam Heller

  27. I didn't wear a ton of maternity clothes - since you'll be pregnant for the warmer months, I suggest lots of empire waist maxi dresses - you can wear them before and after your pregnancy. Old Navy sometimes has some great outfits (and sometimes some HORRIBLE ones). Target has some cute stuff every so often, you have to search it out, as well as certain Wal-mart stores (but I rarely had patience to look there lol). I bought a lot of stuff at Motherhood and Thyme maternity. Also online check out - they always have deals on some sort of maternity wear.
    And good for you for fitting into your prom dress - that's amazing. There's no way I could even zip mine up (granted, I had mono three weeks before my grad and lost a whole bunch of weight lol).

  28. I've never been pregnant, but I work at a Target and they seem to have some nice maternity clothes, and I always see them on sale! There's not a whole lot of options, but for basics (t-shirts, tanks, jeans) they have you covered :) Good luck!


  29. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Love this post! :) And you should try Target. I know many women who have bought cute clothes from there!