The Life of Bon: I say YES TO...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I say YES TO...

I promised myself I could eat the Krispy Kreme donut that Greg brought home for me as soon as I finished this post.  Sometimes you gotta give yourself a little bit of motivation, you know?  So here's to working toward a donut!

Sometimes I say no.

But mostly I like to say yes.  Sometimes no is powerful, but whenever possible, I'm all about yes.

Things I say (or said) YES to...

Getting a dog.

Starting a blog.

Teaching high schoolers.

Big families.

Cafe Rio.

Serving an LDS mission.

Saturday morning cuddles in bed.

(Also I feel like I need to fess up that I just said yes to my donut before I finished my post.  I couldn't handle the temptation any longer.)

Reading by the pool.

Marrying Greg.

All of the best things in my life have come as a result of saying yes.

My most recent yes has been to a new skin care routine.  Not coincidentally, the YESTO skin care line... (See what I did there?  Pretty brilliant, right?)

YES TO carrots has created a new fragrance free line for those with more sensitive skin.  According to the company, the brand is perfect for "sensitive skin types out there who are looking for very moisturizing formulas that won't irritate their skin.  Many of the fragrance free formulas on the market are super light and gentle, and we wanted to create something that (of course!) is gentle, but also very nourishing to the skin."

I so graciously told them I would try out their new product and let you all know what I think about it.  Gosh, I'm a saint, ain't I?

The truth is I pretty much treat my skin like crap and I have been meaning to work on this for a long time, but it just always gets put on the back burner.  I moisturize my face in the morning, but other than that I don't do a darn thing to it.  I do not even wash my face at night.  Gasp.

I was sent the fragrance free daily cleanser, daily moisturizer, exfoliating cleanser, night hydration cream, and cleansing wipes to try out. (All products can be found here).  First and foremost I have to say that I absolutely love that the products are fragrance free.  Since I have been preggers I have been SO sensitive to smells and I have had to put away soaps and shampoos for the time being because sheesh, what is going on with those strong smells?  I feel like you can't go wrong with a fragrance free product.

I really loved all the products but the one product I would say you absolutely shouldn't go without is the intense night hydration cream- especially if you live in a dry climate like I do.  I feel like my skin is thirsty for hydration and when I put this night cream on, my skin just drinks it in.  It is a thick cream, but not greasy or oily at all, it just leaves the skin feeling totally moisturized.  Also sometimes moisturizes make my skin itchy, but this one does not at all.  I've been using it for almost a week and haven't had any itchiness at all.  ALSO the best thing is it is totally affordable.  I feel like nice skin care products like this usually cost $30 or $40 buckaroos and that's why I never want to shell out for it, but the night hydration cream is only $12 on sale right now.  Find it here and you can thank me later, ladies!

This picture is kind of confusing because I'm holding a cleanser, not the hydration cream.  You get the idea, though.  Also, will someone please join me in lecturing Greg about the proper way to hang his towel?  Sheesh!

P.S. Yes to Carrots is giving away 500 packs of facial cleansers on facebook right now!  Make sure to hop on over and join the giveaway.  I'd say with 500 prizes, odds for winning are good!

This post is sponsored by YES TO carrots.  Thanks so much for supporting the companies that support my blog and the ridiculous amounts of time I dedicate to writing on this bad boy.  Happy Friday!


  1. Greg and my husband must know each other.....either that or all men hang their towel abominably! Lecture him away (and if it works let me know so I can try it on my hubs).

  2. That was a smooth transition into the product review! I almost (almost) didn't see it coming. :)

  3. Great product review post :) I think I may have to do one about what I say "yes to" without the review.

    p.s. Love Greg's personalized towel - ha!!

  4. Honestly, one of my favorite movies is 'Yes Man' with Jim Carey. Aside from the fact that he is hilarious, I find it so true that only good things come from someone saying yes :) Glad you had a nice treat after writing your post. What a smart way to motivate haha!

  5. I've never used this brand before but I might try it. I've always seen it in stores before but never really had the desire or push to buy it. Hmm, maybe I will try it. By the way great way to lead into that product review!

  6. I was just about to put an SOS signal out for a good daily moisturizer for sensitive skin. I'm going to try this one out!!

  7. I really like this brand, from what I've used! And this is such a fun way to introduce the brand, as well :)

  8. Great post! I've heard of the brand before but never tried it, next time i need a new moisturiser or cleanser I'll check them out. :)

  9. Anonymous12:57 PM

    I think I've heard of this brand before, but since I"m getting married in like 6 months, I might want to start taking better care of my skin, right? I might have to try this!

  10. I actually have been curious about this brand lately because like you - I treat my face and skin terribly. I need a facial routine!

  11. I love Yesto! I work at Ulta (just down the street from you at Jordan!!) and adore all of their products Yesto cucumbers is my favorite but I haven't tried carrots yet. On my list!

    PS You are the best blogger around at doing product promotion posts. I mean, seriously.

  12. So glad to know I'm not the only one who doesn't wash my face at night. :)

  13. Ok, I normally hate product reviews, but your transition was so smooth, I actually kept reading. Go you!

  14. L O L I give you props, I would have eaten the donut before writing. Brain food ;)

  15. I've been using the YesTo products for a couple years now. I love the YesToCucumber moisturizer and the YesToGrapefruit cleanser. Makes my skin feel so soft!!