The Life of Bon: I am Malala Book Club Questions

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I am Malala Book Club Questions

Hi folks. I'm just wrapping up four hours of parent teacher conferences so the book club discussion on I am Malala will go up first thing in the morning.  For tonight, though, I wanted to make sure to post some discussion questions to get all of our brains in gear for the discussion tomorrow.  I am so excited to read your thoughts and see what you all have to say on the book.  I have been so inspired by Malala's story.

+What was the most inspiring or interesting thing about the reading to you?

+ Why do you think the Taliban is so threatened by the education of women? Why do they put up such a protest?

+ Malala's dad encourages Malala to speak up against the Taliban in spite of dangers while the mother wishes Malala were less involved, especially after Malala's life is threatened.  If you were Malala's parent would you encourage her to be a voice for such an important cause in spite of dangers or would you encourage her to protect herself?

+ Why doesn't the dad move the family from Swat valley even when it is dangerous? Do you agree with this?

+Why does Malala have such a love and passion for education? How can we instill this appreciation and desire in our students and children now?

+ What was something new you learned from the reading that was interesting to you?

+Any parts of the book that were slow or difficult for you? Why was this?

Alright ladies... Can't wait to read your comments tomorrow.  This book was tough for me at first, but then toward the end I LOVED it.

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  1. You should have a bons book club special where we could buy all the books at once on amazon specifically for your club. But that's just me not wanting to make the time to click them all.