The Life of Bon: To Potty Train a Dog

Monday, February 24, 2014

To Potty Train a Dog

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No one ever told me when I got a dog that I would have to potty train the poor boy.  I mean, I guess I should have figured, but there were a few little hiccups along the way.

One of the things that surprised me most about potty training Maverick (if you don't like talking about dog poo you might want to skip ahead to the next paragraph) was the little potty remnants that would get stuck to his bum.  It was especially hard because it's been winter and freezing cold and snowy outside- Mav certainly doesn't want to wipe his little bum on the snow.  If I wasn't careful he would come in and try to wipe his bum on the carpet.  So, for the first few weeks I would have to stick his rear end in the sink and clean him off with a washcloth and warm soapy water.

Well, that was just way too much work.  Enter- Cottonelle flushable cleansing cloths.  I have long been jealous of my friends with kids because they get to use baby wipes!  The genius contraption that does everything.  It didn't occur to me that you don't have to have a baby to use cleansing wipes.  I discovered that Cottonelle has cleansing cloths that work for personal hygiene for anyone- not just a baby.  They are perfect to do a quick, easy wipe of Maverick's bum when he comes in from outside.

(The main focus of this post is the wet Cottonelle cleansing cloths, but I also love the Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper for all of our family's dry toilet paper needs.  The paper is extra thick which means it's soft and absorbent.  Only the best for our butts!)

Since buying the cleansing cloths I have found a myriad of ways to use them to keep clean.  I always have a pack in my purse and in the bathroom and anywhere at hand.  There are so many ways to keep clean with the product!


1.  I have found that they are perfect for removing makeup.  They are sensitive and clean smelling and my face doesn't complain a bit.  My little sister swears by using baby oil to remove makeup and for awhile I tried that, but I hated how greasy it left my face feeling.  None of that here!
2.  My best friend cuts and dyes hair, and last time she dyed my hair we got a bit of dye on the nape of my neck.  She told me to just use cleansing cloths and it would come right up.  I had some handy in my purse, and what do you know, the it removed the hair dye second!
3.  I try to take Maverick for a walk every afternoon and lately, as the snow has been melting, his paws have been an absolute mess.  He has come back wet and dirty.  I have had to put him in the sink and clean his paws off before letting him on our carpet.  Now, I just use the wipes to clean his puppy paws up right quick.
4.  I carry the cloths in my purse and use them to clean off my hands any time I have been in a gross bathroom, sneezed on my hands, had to shake hands with a bunch of people, or just been anywhere that I felt like was ridden with germs.  Perfect, easy way to feel clean.
5.  Lately I have been using the cloths after I workout.  I don't sweat nearly hard enough to feel like I need to take a shower, but I do sweat a little bit and like to feel clean.  The cloths are perfect- a quick wipe down (especially under my arms) and I rid myself of any post gym grossness.

P.S.  Throughout February you can get a $5 credit for Vudu (movie rental company similar to redbox) when you buy the Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper and the flushable Cleansing Cloths at Wal-mart.  Just text or email a picture of your receipt showing both of the purchases to and you will receive a response with a $5 movie code.  Go to for more info.


  1. My husband and I use them for our dogs' paws and potty parts when they come in from the backyard. We also use them in the bathroom. I've gotten all 3 of the guys I've lived with over the years hooked on them, haha.

  2. Your dog is adorable!! I want one!

  3. I use these in the bathroom as well but have never tried to use them to remove my makeup

  4. Aren't they to blame, though, for clogging up sewers? I've read several articles on this. Sample:

  5. Your dog is so presh! So I adopted an older girl, and she is potty trained, but I have to take her out every like 10 seconds or her little bladder can't handle it! Who knew taking care of a dog would mean shivering in the cold while she waited to find a good spot to pee/poop?

  6. Good idea to use those to wipe my dogs butt. We don't really have/use wash cloths at our house and paper towels kinda suck at it. I'll have to try this

  7. Ugh, we have to use baby wipes on my dogs bum. At least he's preparing us for a real kid lol

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