The Life of Bon: On babies and ugliness

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

On babies and ugliness

The day after vacation is the worst, ain't it?  We're out of money, but I'm also clear out of motivation so how in the world am I supposed to manage dinner?  Pizza it is!  Sidenote- I've been craving nonstop pregnancy the past four days.  I ate it every single day in Las Vegas and now they only thing I want for dinner tonight is PIZZA.

Also, baby horror stories at lunch today.  One teacher told us her kid basically didn't stop crying for four months.  If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go crawl in a corner now.

But that's beside the point!

Before we move on, I wanted to say just a little something about my ugly babies post last week.  I was going to not saying anything, but I felt like I wanted to clarify just a few things.  So here we go, let's reopen a big fat can of worms!

1.  I should not have taken pictures of ugly babies from the internet and put them on the post.  I regret that and I'm sorry.
2.  I thought about taking the pictures down, but at the same time I kind of feel like taking it down is me saying, "Hey!  I never did that!"  Like a cop out.  I did do that and I shouldn't have, but I kind of feel like I have to just own up to it.
3.  For the record, I think ALL babies are born pretty ugly and in most cases they grow into normal looking people.  I also don't think it's the worst thing in the world for a baby to be ugly.  As I replied in some of the comments, the post was meant to be satirical in nature.  Obviously there are much worse things in the world than being ugly.  I should know- my brothers are all ugly and they still have pretty decent lives. (Kidding, Reed!)
4.  I have a bit of a darker sense of humor so stuff like ugly redheaded babies is funny to me.  It was not coming from a mean place in my heart. If I had a baby that looked like that and someone put it on their blog, I would not be offended by it, I would think it was funny.  I didn't post it to be mean. I understand if it is not funny to you, and I understand that some may find this offensive.  I apologize.
5.  No matter how inappropriate or offensive some may have found the post to be, I certainly don't think it gives anyone the right to turn around and insult my standing with God, my ability to teach in a public school, my potential to be a good mother or anything else that was mentioned in the comments.  It wasn't right of me to post the pictures but I did it without malice and without intention to hurt.  Wish I could say the same for all the commenters.  That is all.

And now, pizza time.  I've got eight great bloggers here who would absolutely love it if you gave their blog a visit today.  I have highlighted what makes their blogs unique and why I like each blog for its different reason.  I also tried to find some of their best posts for you so you can go right to the gold!  I hope you'll find some new blog friends and daily reads.  I can't say enough good things about these girls.  

Natasha is an Aussie blogger who aims to give readers a "bit of a giggle" with her posts.  She writes about dating fiascos and chronicles her weight loss journey.  She has lost 80 pounds in the past 6 months, so following her blog is a great idea if you need some fitness motivation. One of my favorite posts of hers on weight loss is here- truly inspiring!  And don't forget to check out her etsy shop!
I discovered Kym's blog about three months ago and haven't been able to stop reading since.  She has a knack for keeping it real and for making you feel like you are her best friend.  Her husband is a pro hockey player so she writes about hockey life and their constant moves and travels, but she doesn't allow the blog to ever be superficial.  My favorite post this month was about how she doesn't let hockey define her.  I also loved her posts about miscarriage, and this post about being four months hysterically pregnant.  Everything she writes is awesome, so if you can't decide just hit up her best of page!

Emmy is a long time blog friend of mine- I feel a special kinship with her because she is a fellow book lover.  She always has great suggestions for books and often reviews what she has read recently.  If you love books as much as we do make sure to check out her favorite book project.  I was totally hooked with her last post about how to show support to other bloggers  (except for I'm opposite of Emmy- I get uncomfortable when someone I know IRL checks out my blog.)  Other great posts you might relate to are I want to do everything and My Tattoo Story.
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Jordyn is obsessed with Taylor Swift and claims she should rename her blog, "Like a Taylor Swift song, but less catchy." (Hey, Jordyn looks just like Taylor- why not!)  Her blog's got lots of sass and spunk.  For a great slice of Jordyn try "You don't know about me, but I bet you'll want to" or this post about staying true to yourself in the blogging world.  My  personal favorite, though, is this post about lessons learned from being a "serial monogamist."  Some amazing advice there, Taylor... errr Jordyn!

Nicole's blog is witty, fresh, and funny.  According to her, one of her blogging strengths is "not too many grammatical errors," so she's got that going for her too!  I laughed so hard at this spin on ways to get people to read your blog- I promise it's not what you think.  Also, this post on the four people you need if you're going to hack it in blog land is dead on.  Everything she writes is hilarious so do yourself a favor and check out her best of page- I'll see you in three hours!

If you are looking to meet a lot of bloggy friends then look no further than Laura's blog!  Laura hosts a weekly Wake up Wednesday link up with a giveaway where at least 100 bloggers always link up.  A great place for networking and frienshipping and not to mention the frequent, easy to enter giveaways.  Some of my favorite posts of hers are this one on overprotective parenting and this hilarious bit about traveling with dogs.  If you have pups you can certainly relate!

Katherine's blog is truly unique in that her posts are VERY short VERY succinct and you can never read just one.  Everytime I visit Katherine's blog I end up reading twelve blog posts before I even realize what has happened to me.  She is passionate and opinionated and always incites comments, which I love.  According to her, she writes about  "the human experience, the Mormon experience, and the woman experience in a way that is uniquely Katherine."  Some great posts to get you started are this one on how breaking bad encourages meth use, Is it Any Wonder? and Some Mansions.

Kelly's blog has got a little bit of everything.  She has been on a mission to lose 100 pounds (WOW!) and her motivation is seriously inspiring.  Her little brother is serving an LDS mission in Rwanda and her Missionary Monday posts she does about him are so fascinating.  I also greatly enjoyed this post- "Zero is not a size." (Although I still can't decide if I agree...)  Oh- and I can't forget this post poking fun of all the pregnant bloggers- yes, there are SO MANY of us right now, I agree!  I tried to tell all the other bloggers that only I could be pregnant right now, but they didn't listen.  Rude!


  1. I just went back and read some of the comments on that last post.... lighten up, people! I found it all quite funny.
    On an encouraging note, I have a little ginger baby and I think she's pretty dang cute. Plus she has a super fun personality, which I'm sure is all because of her red hair.

    p.s. Can I just say that I loved you correcting the mean commenters' grammar? Hilarious.

  2. i mean, you did say you got the pics from people who had posted 'ugly baby pics' so I have to assume their parents put it on the web for all to see ... my mom tells me all the time i was an ugly baby AND when i show her pics of me as a child her exact words are "wow you really were freaking looking weren't you?" ... and i just have to laugh.

    it would be different if you scanned facebook for pictures of your friends' kids and then posted them but anyone who commented about your ability as a teacher or a mom or your faith in God is going to far.

  3. Some people just don't get satire, and then they just take everything so literally. I think your response in this post was awesome and so well said, as per usual!

  4. uhm i can't believe people freaked out over that post..I thought it was super funny and light hearted. People are annoying. The end.

  5. Oh geez. No need for people to get their panties in a bunch.Silly.

  6. that was a picture of MY baby!

    Just kidding I don't have a baby, and you are right, most babies look weird for few months. too bad they can't eat pizza and just be happy.

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  8. Haters gonna hate. I meanwhile was loling from when pregnancy brain made you write "Sidenote- I've been craving nonstop pregnancy the past four days." I think you're craving pizza, not pregnancy ;) I currently have preggo brain as well.

  9. I guess I'm one of the lame no sense of humor commenters from your original post. I get what you were trying to do with your post and I agree that those kids were unfortunate looking and that most babies look like little old men. My point was that if I opened up your blog and saw a picture of one of my babies under the title of "ugly" I would have been extremely pissed. I know you just grabbed images from Google but perpetuating it doesn't make it ok either. I'm glad that you have acknowledged that it was a bad idea. I swear to everyone reading this right now that I do have a great sense of humor but I don't see anything funny about making fun of little kids. however is a different story! What is up with those people?!
    BTW, I am almost 17wks pregnant so our babies are due pretty much at the same time. Except this is my third :) I hope you're enjoying everything so far. I really like being pregnant.

  10. OMGoodness, ppl have too much time on their hands that they can hate on bloggers that they don't know, nor will ever know. And I laughed at that post, just as I laughed that you craved nonstop pregnancy, I think (hope) you meant Pizza xx

  11. Wow Bon, I disappear from Blogland due to pesky real life and I miss your BIG announcement.

    I'm sure you've heard all this but you will be a great Mum, it's all about love.

    Don't worry about ugly ginger babies, your post made me laugh. I'm blonde, hubs is ginger and I got a blonde and brunette and both are surprisingly good looking.
    Plus no matter how beautiful or scrunched your child is it'll be the most perfect thing in your eyes ;-)

    Best advice I got while expecting....

    Breastfeeding is hard and hurts till you and baby get the hang of it. I'd never have hung in without this info. After the first few days it got easy, no sterilising bottles and always on tap no matter where you are.
    Discuss what kind of parents you want to be now. Yes now! you'll be too exhausted later.
    If you hammer it out now then you are prepared when the issues arrive.
    ie leaving baby to cry it out or not and punishment, it will be a while but if you have a game plan you can be proactive rather than reactive and things like smacking - yes or no need to be agreed. (we are no but each to their own)
    You have to act as one. Remember things will change as needed but it's a starting place.

    Looking forward to seeing your new journey
    hugs Sandra

  12. You're all good, Bon. I think most of us has read your blog long enough to know that you have good intentions and a good heart, and perhaps your sense of humor doesn't align with some people's (I personally find it hysterical), but that's okay! All's well that end's well.

  13. My youngest was such an ugly infant. We tell her that too. When she was born she was red and puffy and had scratches all over her face. Here sister didn't look anything like that. But I also tell her that once her little body got use to breathing air she turned absolutely beautiful. It took about 3 days. She laughs especially when she sees baby pics of herself. Her older sister was a pretty infant but got horrible baby acne at day 5 and looked like an alien for a week. We laugh about that too. Truth is. Some babies are ugly that doesn't mean they will always be ugly, it just means birth is traumatic and its funny to laugh about.

  14. I agree with your number 1 and number 5, and I'm glad you said it. I wasn't super offended by it as some apparently were, but good on you for stepping up and saying that.

  15. I thought it was funny. Then again, I don't have kids and have absolutely no plans for them in my future. Not that I don't like kids but it's just not for me.
    I didn't read the comments but insults...Seriously? That's just childish and RUDE! If they don't like your blog they should just go away.
    And now you have Me thinking about Pizza!!!

  16. I am a ginger. I was an ugly baby. Ugly ginger babies are one of my biggest fears. I thought your post was hilarious. But here's a pro-ginger list!:

  17. I hardly comment on blogs, and I read yours every day... why? Because you make me laugh and I get your sense of humor, you should be allowed to be you and make the jokes you want to make. I remember when you posted this... my husband was trying to talk to me and I wasn't listening or paying attention because I was too busy laughing. It was funny and you didn't mean to offend anyone, you're okay by my book!

  18. Coming from the wife of a flaming ginger husband, I thought your post was HILARIOUS! I totally get it.

    And I craved (and ate) pizza just about every single day for the first trimester of pregnancy. It was the only thing that sounded good!

  19. For the record, I thought the post was hilarious. I'm shocked that people still don't get your dying affection for red heads and the obvious humor your were writing. You'll be a great mom, even if your baby is a red head! =)

  20. Some people just need to lighten up, it's the internet after all. My mom thinks my newborn looks like an Ewok (that thing from Return of the Jedi) and I totally blogged about it.

  21. what was wrong with the pictures???!? they were hilarious...and ugly. totally perfect for the post :)

  22. A few thoughts from me:

    1. I have a friend who is honest and real and who is assigned the task of telling me, straight up, if my baby is ugly. He agreed to be that person for me with my first [fortunately, he confirmed she was, in fact, normal new-born-weird-looking, but actually quite beautiful], and he is scheduled to appear at the hospital to make his announcement of ugliness for my second soon. You should consider lining up such a friend [cause you're the mom, so you may be biased…]

    2. I've been reading Anne of Green Gables because I never have and figured I should. I'm actually kind of enjoying it. And it's funny because Anne talks ALL THE TIME about how she is so ugly and pale and red headed. I feel like you would enjoy the discourse.

    3. Read "Loving the LIttle Years" over a weekend before you have the babe, or while you're home with the babe this summer, or sometime.

  23. I'm praying for you.

  24. Girl, I loved your post about ugly babies. I totally get your sense of humor and thought it was hilarious!

    And thanks for the blog love and letting me sponsor you again! You're so fantastic. :)

  25. Amen to #5. And all the others. I wasn't offended by it and got that it was humorous, but I think you said it all very well for those who were. :)

  26. All I have to say about the negative comments is "Hatas gonna hate."

    Let's face it, most babies are not very cute at the beginning. Some grow out of it, some don't. You can't control if people are going to freak out over a little humor. Although I do think it's pretty lame that some saw the post as an opportunity to attack unrelated things about you. That's what happens when you have the protection of a glowing computer screen, I guess.

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  28. I am going to make some guacamole now.

    ps you can invite me over for guac and soda and even pizza anytime you want.

  29. I think i posted this on the wrong post. Obviously you know what's on my mind all the time..... food!

  30. Wow people got all on your case about that? I thought, that's funny! And moved on...