The Life of Bon: A Saturday Conversation

Saturday, February 04, 2012

A Saturday Conversation

“Babe, do you think you could fix the curtain today?” I asked sweetly and lovingly, just like I always do when I need a favor from Hubs.

Hubs looked over at our bent curtain rod, the heavy black fabric that now lay messily on the floor and replied shortly, “Bonnie!  I’ll do it!  Stop nagging.” (Just for the record.  I do not nag.  I ask consistently until it is done.)

“But babe… you always say that.  The screws are too loose and it keeps falling out and it just needs to be fixed once and for all and I don’t know how to do it.  Please.”

“Do you know what this is?” Hubs replied.  “This is going to be like the movies where the couple fights over a household chore, and the wife just keeps nagging and nagging, (Just for the record.  I do not nag.  I ask consistently until it is done) and then they get a divorce over it.  But he never did do the chore and so he feels guilty, like he needs to come back and do it for her because he really does still love her.  So he comes back when she’s not home and does the chore for her and doesn’t say anything; he just leaves.  When she comes home with another man, she sees that it is done, and she knows that it was the husband, and she feels bad for nagging (Just for the record.  I do not nag.  I ask consistently until it is done) and realizes that she still loves him so much, and the chore is the thing that actually ends up getting them back together.”

I looked at Hubs blankly.

“You know… the movies...” He trailed off.

“I’ve never seen a movie like that.”

“Oh, they’re out there… I promise you…” and he started absently into space.  At this point I knew his mind was miles away from the curtain lying on the floor.  I will have to nag ask him consistently tomorrow.

This is what happens when you marry a theatre major/ movie lover/ man who has a very active imagination.

Do you notice anything wrong with this picture?


  1. Haha I wonder if this blog post will work. The whole public shame factor. Nice tactic, bonbon.

  2. that is really funny. my husband does the same thing when he is really not interested in doing what i ask him. hope it gets done soon.

  3. Brilliant! This really tickled me because I'm afraid I live in the same vacant/ movie-loving world as your husband.

    As for jobs around the house, don't you feel it's just a constant 'to-do' list with other things sneakily adding themselves to the bottom as soon as they're done? Rx

  4. thank you so much for the comment you left for me yesterday. ;) it truly made my night....hope you have a great Lord's day!


  5. Bahhahahahahaha!!!
    You know... those movies....
    No, I don't! Enlighten me which ones they are once your husband figures that out! :)

  6. Haha fabulous!

    xo katrina