The Life of Bon: Lessons Learned from Blogging

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lessons Learned from Blogging

It has been a few months now that I’ve been serious with blogging.  Before I just dated him occasionally, saw him when there was absolutely nothing more exciting going on my life, and always ALWAYS put him at the bottom of my priority list.  In fact, for years I didn’t even tell a soul about my affair with blogging.   I kept the relationship secret and our rendezvouses inconsistent and infrequent.

I had an epiphany several months ago that led me to embrace my relationship with blogging.  One day I will share said epiphany.  That day is not today.  In any case, I decided it was high time to not hide my blogging love anymore.  I made a goal to not be ashamed of my pointless ramblings, nor embarrassed at who might read the blog and discover that I am, in fact, a retard.  As I have tried to pursue blogging more seriously, I have discovered some interesting things along the way.  Because I am the kind of girl who doesn’t horde knowledge and keep it all to herself (hey, I’m a teacher afterall!) I have decided to share with you some of my most important blogging lessons learned in the first few months.  May it guide you in your quest to…to … um… I don’t know where I was going with that.

LESSON NUMERO UNO:  If you don’t have a picture with your blog, people aren’t going to give a jack crap what you have to say.  Posting an entry without a post is like the cardinal sin of blogging.  Aren’t you glad you didn’t learn that the hard way?  PICTURES!  PICTURES!  PICTURES!

LESSON NUMERO DOS:  If you can dress cute, it’ll help.  If you don’t know anything about dressing cute or don’t have any cute clothes, post cute pictures you find on pinterest and trick the audience into thinking those are your clothes!  Works like a charm.  (I have a love/hate (but mostly hate) relationship with Pinterest)

LESSON NUMERO TRES:  You get what you put in.  Seriously.  The more time and dedication you put into the blog, the more it’ll grow.  Pretty simple concept.  I have been shocked to see the weeks that I put in a lot of time on the blog how the results are visible immediately.  More traffic, more followers, more comments.  The week I ignore the blog, well, he ignores me.

LESSON NUMERO CUATRO:  (If nothing else from this post you will learn your numbers in Spanish.) Some people are going to be really nice and try to help you out a lot.  When you tell them you’re a newb and you need all the help you can get, people like Mamarazzi, Erin, Janine, and Linsey are going to lend you that hand and make you feel like a million big ones.

LESSON NUMERO CINCO:  Some people are not going to be really nice and not try to help you out.  Some people are going to not return emails, ignore comments or questions, or think that you are too small to pay any attention to.  These people need not be named.

LESSON NUMERO SEIS: If you miss posting a day, you are going to be okay and it's not really the end of the world. Here's something crazy... most people won't even notice (gasp!)

LESSON NUMERO SIETE:  If you start getting depressed after looking at a million other people’s blogs, time to move away from the computer, scoop up a bowl of chocolate ice cream, and get your snuggles on on the couch. Blogging is supposed to make you happy, not sad, so the minute you feel insecure, depressed or not good enough… walk away.  Everyone needs little breaks from their relationships, and yes, that includes your relationship with blogging.


  1. Amen sista. This is great advice.

  2. Great tips, so true! Blogging is so addicting...
    Modern Modest Beauty

  3. Nice personification ;) I have been blogging a year or so, and I still feel that I have SO much to learn! I think that's what keeps it exciting. Great tips!

  4. aww thanks for the shout out you are a real peach!! i love making new blog friends. the blogsphere is a HUGE place and there is room for everyone. thanks for being you and sharing it with your readers.

  5. All amazing tips! It used to bother me so much when I would write someone a thoughtful email responding to a comment and then get nothing in return, but now I just let it slide and brush it off as maybe they were really busy or something.

    And I have REALLY come to appreciate the positive blogging relationships I've formed with amazing people like you :)

    Thanks for posting this and happy Monday!


  6. i agree with all your lessons learned. from my experience, i would add one more...don't let the blog take over your life. i think it's too easy to get consumed by the whole thing so it's important to remember life is still happening outside of the blogging world. i'm glad we're friends. you are definitely my type of blogger.

  7. Good advice!

    In 2012, I've decided to get a bit more serious with my blog, but I still keep our relationship a secret to most people I know. Maybe one day soon I'll be ready to tell people, but for now, I like our illicit-seeming affair ;)

  8. I notice when you skip a day.

  9. I found your blog through a friends. Hope you don't mind me reading it. You are witty and super hilarious. Always a pick me up.

  10. Wonderful tips! I say, "Bravo!"

  11. Wise words that are helpful for a newbie. I can't wait until I have a few years of blogging so I can look back and see Ben grow/ mock my silly clothes/shoes/ comments etc. Rx

  12. You are a funny girl! I love your sense of humor :) Great blogging tips and they all made me chuckle (and I never use the word chuckle!)

  13. Just moseyed over to say hello and feel super encouraged by this post as a new blogger. Amen sister.