The Life of Bon: Oh-La-Lashes

Thursday, February 02, 2012


I'm coming out. 

Out of the eyelash closet.

Oh gosh here it goes.  Deep breath.  And go. 

Ihavebeenasecret fake-eyelash-erforoverayear.  That's right.  They're fake fake fake fake fake.

I have been hiding my eyelash addictions.  Oh, I told a few people here and there, but only if they asked me directly, and only if I felt they would see right through me if I lied.  If at all possible, I hid stealthily behind those beautiful, thick lashes and didn't tell a soul.

Until today.

Inspired by a post by Nat the Fat Rat, I decided it is once and for all time to own my eyelash addiction.

I am an eyelash addict.

There you have it, folks.

Today I got my eyelashes re-done, meaning they are looking extra luscious.  The day that I get my eyelashes done is like the day that my body and soul is rejuvenated.  "Get eyelashes done, what you talking about crazy girl?" I can hear you saying from here.  Oh, my addiction isn't just about slapping a falsie eyelash strip on to my eyelid and calling it good.  No, my addiction goes much deeper than that.  I am addicted to... extensions.

Falsies:  A strip of eyelashes glued onto your eyelid.  They must be applied and reapplied every day.
Extensions: Individual fake eyelashes glued one by one to your real eyelashes, at the base, so that they really appear to be your real eyelashes.  These last 3-4 weeks.

Mmmkay, we all caught up now?  Everyone clear?  Good.

I blame the lash addiction on my wedding, really.  I had wanted eyelash extensions my whole life, and so naturally my wedding day was the one day I could really justify such a splurge.

Let's just say I've been a splurging ever since.  Every four weeks.  A new set of drop dead gorgeous eyelashes.

Hey, you'd be addicted too if it meant no make up and feeling great all day. When I wake up, when I play volleyball, when I get out of the shower, when I am stressed all day, these lashes stay firmly and beautifully in place.  And afterall, who can put a price on feeling gorgeous ALL THE TIME?

That's what I thought.

(P.S.  The girl that does my lashes is ridiculously inexpensive and super nice.  Let me know if you want to try her out, I know she'll hook you up big time.  Just don't blame me a year later when you discover you've got an unbreakable lash addiction.)


  1. Wow, those are beautiful - I love them!! I could really get into doing those. :)

    Haha, thanks...I feel SO stupid when I do vlogs, it's kinda stressful!

  2. They look amazing, and I would have never guessed they were fakes!

    Around how much is it? I may just want to try it out one time :)


  3. Wow, I had no idea about lash extensions! They look great - totally natural and lovely!


  4. "Get eyelashes done, what you talking about crazy girl?"

    That was exactly how I was feeling at the exact moment that you said that. Thank you for answering the question!

    Plus, they look gorgeous so I say splurge away!


  5. I had no clue about lash extensions...interesting!

  6. how cute not sure i'd be brave enough i don't like things near my eyes

  7. omg :) your comment made me smile really big .... it's really nice when
    i find people that have things in
    common on the blog world ♥

    i am from Buenos Aires and i been
    in California since i was 11 :)

    i go back and forth because as you
    seen .. my boyfriend lives there :(

    :) how did you end up in there?
    i would love to hear about it ♥

    MELINA ♥

  8. Holy crap. I have never heard of that! Those eyelashes are amazing!
    And to answer your question, we will be here until July I think!

  9. you are too funny girl. i always wanted to wear fake eye lashes and finally on my wedding day i could wear them. they are oh so perfect!!
    xo TJ

  10. I love your blog! Visiting from Mamarazzi and I feel like we are long lost best friends because you too are an English teacher (the best/worst job in the world) and you take cell phones away. Love it!


  11. I read Nat the Fat Rat too, and her eyelash post, like all her posts, got me laughing. I wore fake eyelashes for my wedding, and I may or may not have worn them during my honeymoon too because I was so addicted haha. Anyway, I'm one of the co-hosts of the BYU blogger meet-up, so I wanted to say hi before the meet-up!

    Love, your newest follower,


  12. lovely =)

  13. Thanks for the comment! My sister in law just got her eyelashes done and I want to sooo bad! I just don't know if I want to spend the money every month to get them filled. Anyway, I am a new follower and would love if you would follow back :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

  14. Oh my goodness... I would lurve my eyelashes to look like that every day...

  15. We wore fake eyelashes for a dance group in college and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Then I lost them. Now I think I need to go and get some more. :)

  16. oh, i've done this for foreva'!!! love them! lemme tell ya, people always say, "oh my, your eyes are gorgeous"! i always answer by saying, "oh, it's not my eyes you think are pretty, it's my fake lashes"! my bestie thinks i shouldn't say anything about them being fake and just say thank you but uh, im a sharer. i even post every time it's lash day- oh, yes, a super enlightening post for sure right?! haha. i love your lashes- glad you're out! ;)