The Life of Bon: You can just call my sickie

Monday, February 20, 2012

You can just call my sickie

I have spent this holiday weekend holed up in my apartment with kleenexes, absurd amounts of medicine, and Season 2 of Teen Mom.

Let's just say at this point I am ready to get out of the house  I don't care what it is.  Just get me out.  My sickness has me practically running back into the arms of 200+ obnoxious seventeen year olds. 

Thursday I started feeling sick, Friday I barely survived school, and Saturday I literally could not get off the couch.  I attempted a run to the grocery store and came home twenty minutes later ready to pass out.  Sunday was much of the same.  I tried to make it to church, but after less than an hour, I was about ready to keel over with a fever, headache, cough, and runny nose.

IT WASN'T PRETTY, PEOPLE.  To quotes Hubs, "I am at least cute when I'm sick, you're just really gross."  Yes, he is rude, but it's the truth.  I'm not cute when I'm sick.

On the way home from church yesterday, Hubs, who has been strangely baby hungry the past three months, said hopefully, "Do you think you might be pregnant?"
"Nope." I replied
"Are you sure?"
"But what if you are?"
"I'm not."
"You have all the symptoms."
"A cough?  A cough is not a symptom of pregnancy.  I have the flu and I caught it from you, thank you very much, but I can assure you I am not pregnant."
"But we can never be 100 percent sure you're not pregnant...I'm just saying... you've got all the signs."
"Greg!  What exactly do you think are the signs of pregnancy?"
"Sickness!"  He insisted adamantly.
I could tell this was going to take a lot of explaining.  "But it's not at all the same kind of sick, pregnant sick is when you have cramps in your stomach and youre nauseated and throwing up flu sick is when you can't stop coughing and- "

I looked over to Hubs, who had a huge smile spread across his face.  And then I decided, heck, poor boy wants a baby, who am I to dash his hopes?

"Okay, babe, you're right.  I might be pregnant because I'm sick.  You better take extra good care of me today just in case."

Hubs smiled.  "I will."

Don't look at me like that.  I mean, hey, when you see an opportunity, you gotta take advantage of it, don't you?    You know you would have done the same.

The day was a dream with Hubs giving me a back massage, making dinner, and even watching an episode of Teen Mom with me.

Makes me think when I do get pregnant, it might not be half bad, huh?

Hubs doing the dishes for me on Sunday.  Um... he's a little sensitive to smells.


  1. I love this. I even read it aloud to my hubs and he agreed this is so funny!!!

    Hope you feel better soon Bonnie!! Xo


  2. hmmm...what the heck is going around? we've had it off and on for two weeks. i have the worst cold sore on my nose to prove it. i am not attractive. i hope you feel better soon.

  3. Ha ha ha, so cute! :D I hope you feel better soon, Bonnie!

  4. This made me laugh out loud! Sorry you've been sick - hope you feel better asap.

  5. My hubby got sick this weekend even having to cancel his hockey trip to Chicago. It wasn't a pretty sight however he's never that sweet to me when I'm sick!! Its more of a, "are you sure you're sick because I need dinner" type of mood.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  6. You have a red microwave! I love it.

    {I promise I picked up more from the post than just the red microwave from the picture!}


  7. Teen Mom seriously rocks, whenever I unexpectedly discover that a marathon of the show is playing on tv, my entire weekend plans are pushed to the wayside haha!

    Ok, and it is kind of adorable that your husband is so amped on a little one. Normally it's the other way around. Heck yes, you should take advantage of that situation!


  8. So sorry to hear you've had the "crud"...that's never any fun! Your poor hubby...if he has that much trouble with smells, what will he be like when he has to change a dirty diaper? ;)

  9. This was so funny...Unbroken is super good. Hope you feel better!

  10. Poor poorly you! Steve said I give off a 'special level of stink' when I'm ill- worse than my normal level of stink! He has such a way with words.Rx

  11. how cute hope you feel better soon

  12. Hope your feeling better.. that pic of your hubby is hilarious!

  13. LOL I love it {the pic}! I hope your feeling better! I had all the just last week, it's awful!

  14. So, what happens when HE is sick? Does that mean he's pregnant too? :)

    Feel better!