The Life of Bon: What happens when I babysit

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What happens when I babysit

This weekend I baby-sat my sister's kids for a couple of hours.

My niece shortly after her birth.
During that time I.... fed five kids dinner, cleaned up dinner from five kids, attempted to put a 2 year old in time out, unsuccessfully arbitrated in several arguments between a ten year old and twelve year old boy, tried to convince a baby that she could change her own dirty diaper, reluctantly changed a dirty diaper, hid the wii in the tupperware drawer, poured hot oil in a giant plastic jug and ruined the jug, demanded to know why there wasn't any coke in the house, tried to teach a 4 year old how to play Settlers of Cataan, and explained why Whitney Houston's death was important enough to interrupt a particularly hilarious episode of America's Funniest Home Videos.

During that time I... discovered that I am nowhere close to ready to have my own kids.

I am now trying to convince Hubs that I need to postpone having babies for several more years in order to be the favorite aunt.  Think it'll work?

(Also currently trying to convince Hubs that I need to go back to the short, blonde look that you see in this picture.  Any tips to convince a boy that a short haired blonde is hotter than a long haired brunette?)


  1. haha! this post is so funny! don't worry, babysitting is nothing like having kids of your own. And your not likely to pop out 5 all at once anyway :) your hair is so cute blond and short, but you look cute with every color/style!

  2. How about blonde and long?

    Yeah, don't worry, God (usually) only gives you one baby at a time. Thank goodness.

  3. Agree with Akasha- other people's children aren't the same as your own (whether your own be step-children, adopted etc).

    As for the hair, my first thought when I saw that photo was 'WOW'! Just leave copies of that photo around the house- job done! Rx

  4. They interrupted TV with Whitney's death?? Wow...I mean not that its not a big deal that she died but she's not like the president or anything. I was at the hockey game and as soon as they blew the whistle they played one of her songs and they never play her there.

    Good luck with the hair debate. Its cute on you but my husband is the same way. He likes longer hair and told me that I shouldn't cut it too short ever, ha!

  5. sounds like the sequal to adventures in babsitting

  6. Normally I'm also partial to brunettes, but I've got to admit that blonde looks pretty dang good on you - just show him the photo and he should be easily convinced ;)

    5 children - WOW! That's a lot to handle, enough to make anyone doubt whether they're ready for kids!


  7. Love the short blonde hair, super cute and would be perfect for spring/summer!

  8. i LOVE your hair here!

  9. Reading your posts is always fun