The Life of Bon: I cannot stop touching...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I cannot stop touching... hair!  My hair!  My hair!

Touch touch touch, all I want to do is touch my hair my hair hair hair.

It's short, it's light, it's low maintenance- everything I require from a good haircut.

I'm pretty much obsessed with it.

I just can't do long hair.  I can't.  Please don't make me ever try that again  Long hair is for people who don't wake up at 5:55.  Long hair is for people who have thick, beautiful tresses that holds a curl.  Long hair is for people with patience.

Short hair is for people who only give themselves four minutes to get ready every morning.  Short hair is for people who like to shake their strands around and whip it to and fro like a rocker.  Short hair is for ME!

Something weird about cutting your hair when you teach high school is that you have to stand there while 240 pimply pent up pubescents slowly realize that something looks different about you today.  Some of my favorite responses the past two days:

"I thought you were a substitute!"

"Why'd you go and do a thing like that?"

"Oh my gosh, I didn't even recognize you."

(said in muddled whispers to another student) "Wow.  She looks way edgy."

"You look a lot older.  You won't be able to pass for a student anymore."

"Did your husband say you could do that?"

"You look a lot younger."

Male Student:  "I like your new do."  Me:  "Thank you."  Student:  "I got a new do too."  Me: "I like it.  It looks good."  Student:  "I like yours too."  Me:  "Thank you."  Student:  "I got a new do too."

"I dig it."

"Teacher, is that you?"

"Whoa.  Has your hair always been that color?"

Student:  "Oh wow, Chase is going to freak out when he sees it."  Me:  "Why."  Student:  "Because he's a freak!"

Yes, all pictures were taken by myself while sitting at my desk at school.  Not weird at all.  Yes, I am procrastinating grading essays, thanks for always calling me out.

P.S. Sorry about the plethora of pictures of just me lately.  I promise I will stop being so narcissistic as soon as my new haircut is no longer a novelty.  When that will happen, I cannot say.
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  1. SUPER cute. :) you totally pull it off.

  2. Love the pictures. Why are you holding your hair in the back though?

  3. Haha, I so know that feeling. My worst is if I'm run down and have a big spot which the kids try their best NOT to stare at while I talk to them!

    My hair is your length and I love it, easy to wear half up, hairbands, slides etc without the hastle of long hair. Perhaps the next step for you is a fringe (or bangs as you lot say), it knocks years off! I'm waiting to get mine trimmed at the mo so always worn in a clip but it knocks years off!Rx

  4. It looks great so why not show it off? I'm one of those long haired people, and I totally understand where you're coming from- it's a right pain in the ass.. Time for a new do maybe?

  5. It looks great so why not show it off? I'm one of those long haired people, and I totally understand where you're coming from- it's a right pain in the ass.. Time for a new do maybe?

  6. I said this yesterday, but I love your haircut! It looks so good on you and totally allows you to perfect the rock star head shake!

    I've been dying to go short for forever, but always chicken out since I've never done it before and am not sure if I can pull it. Maybe next time :)


  7. You get two thumbs up from me...SO CUTE!!!

  8. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Hee hee! You ARE way edgy! I used to love flipping my short hair around. I decided to grow it out again because I missed being able to braid it.

  9. It's a really cute hair cut. You are frisky!

  10. You made me laugh out loud in the first two posts I read on your blog and I never do that!! Why have i never found your log before? Shame on me. Thanks for your comment btw, let's be friends;)

  11. IRONIC how I was reading up on past entries when I scrolled up to this post just as I was trying to pull up my hair into a ponytail.

    I just can't stop touching...