The Life of Bon: Tuesday is a Special Day...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tuesday is a Special Day...

Well, well, well, look who got a new look around here!

ME!  It was me!  I got a new look!

Linsey from Life with Linz is an absolute doll and did my whole design for me!  Let's be honest with ourselves here, I never could figure out the gadgets, the fonts, and the colors by myself.  But aren't I happy that there are people in the world who host blog design giveaways, and that I am one of the winners of said giveaway?  YES!  Yes I am happy.  So, please, weigh in on the new look (and when I saw weigh in I mean  say something nice! We don't do well with negative criticism around here, do we Linsey?!?!)

A word of caution: we are still working out the kinks.  For example, messed up right side bar.  No biggy, like anyone cares about that anyway, RIGHT?  Also,  I am having trouble figuring out what to say on each of the pages at the top.  For a good example of this, please see my About Me page.  It's about as awkward as an About Me page as the blogging world gets!  Go ahead, read it, get a kick out of my awkwardness, and thank me for the laugh later.

Now... for a special celebration.  You all know that this Tuesday is a special day, don't you?


Nope... it's not what you think.

Tuesday is not special because it is Valentine's Day.  Nope, Tuesday is special because it is...

My Blog's birthday!!!!


Six years ago I posted my first blog entry.  Longing to become a famous writer, I was inspired to start blogging by a boyfriend when I was 19 years old. Actually, by this point, he was an ex-boyfriend, but I was desperately trying to win him back via daily email correspondence.  (Let's just say 19 year olds don't always have the best tactics for getting old boyfriends to fall back in love with them.)  Out of my failed attempts at rekindled love, something even better was born:  a blog.

Now, as a special blog birthday/ Valentine treat, I am going to allow you to indulge in actual excerpts from the email correspondence that induced the birth of my blog. Aren't I nice, allowing perfect strangers to read my personal emails?

February 9, 2006
Dear Fred (of course that wasn't his name, but I feel weird posting his real name) I want to be a writer. I guess I have always known this, deep down in my body somewhere. Today I consciously came to the decision that I want to write. It came after I talked with my women's studies teacher. She said I write clear, concise, and with voice. I have never been so flattered by a compliment. Now that I have come to this definite decision, I don't know what step to take next. It would be cool to write for some kind of paper, but unless you are a communications or journalism major you can't write for the Daily Universe. I guess I could continue writing lame letters to the editor. Maybe I'll write a short story and try to send it to a magazine or something? It's how a lot of authors got their start. I thought you would have some good ideas of how to jump start this new focus of mine. You seem pretty smart with stuff like that.

Dear Bonnie: (I kept my name the same!) As always, I have life advice for you and everyone else who asks my opinion. Get a blog. Blogs are liberating. No one edits them and most of the time no one reads them, but it is exciting to think that potentially millions of people will read what you put on the internet. If you want a blog go to and for free you can participate in discussion on the world wide web. You should have no trouble finding a topic for your blog. It could be about you, or a weekly short story, or musings on BYU. It'll be great and I hope I get to see it. Make your friends read the blog and respond to what you write.

And thus, my first baby was born.  My blog baby. Eight days later, on February 14, a lonely and miserable Valentine's Day, I posted my first entry about my desire to stick it to the man.  (Let's just say I haven't grown up as much in the past six years as one would hope.) I hoped and prayed no one would read it. 

No one did.

The blog was inactive and inconsistent for the next five years, with occasional posts only when I felt wildly inspired.  My life was crazy with other important goals that pushed my writing goal right out the window: travel, mission, study abroad, teaching, moving, marriage, etc.  Now, with many of my "young" goals accomplished, I am turning back to my "older" goal, what has always been a passion and a desire of mine: to become a writer.
So wish a happy birthday to the blog, if you please!  Considering the complete secrecy of this guy's actual birth, he'd probably appreciate a little birthday attention for once in his life.  


  1. love the new look! looks great!


  2. Your blog looks amazing! And Happy Birthday to the blog!!! Just for the record, I have loved your blog ever since the day I found out about it.. which was years and years ago :) I'm glad it's out in the public now and you're writing more often!!

  3. Aw, thanks for giving me a shout out! Happy birthday to your blog! I seriously love your posts - so funny and well written.

  4. Wow, six years of blog that is amazing! I'm so glad you've decided to become more consistent with your posts, because I really and truly look forward to reading them everyday :)

    I LOVE the blog design - it looks SO good!


  5. I'm proud to say I've been reading your blog for 6 years now, and it just keeps getting better!

    Here's a bit of an email you sent me on Feb 16th, 2006:

    "I started a blog. I really want to be a writer and one of my friends said I should get a blog because it is very liberating and it is a great way to start writing. So I did. Do you want to read it? It is It's really short, don't worry. There are only two entries. I haven't told anyone about it yet. You are the first. You should have a blog too and then we can be blog buddies."

    I was your FIRST reader! How awesome is that? And now tons of people know what an amazing writer you are. And I'm sure that number will keep growing. I'm super proud of you.

  6. Happy blog birthday!

  7. Happy Blogging Birthday! I'm a newbie to both the blogging world and your particular blog but so far I love seeing your updates- always guaranteed to make me smile. My fav so far? It has to be the underwear pinching. Rx

  8. Six years is quite an accomplishment...HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY and VALENTINE'S DAY!

  9. Happy Day to you and your blog!

  10. happy happy birthday to your blog.

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  12. I understand I am extremely late in the game on reading this post (promise not to deduct points for late reading?!), but I want to let you know that I've stuck through your blog since the post with Sticking It To The Man.

    This blog is more pleasurable to read than most books and its a good thing to start with the beginning rather in the middle, right? Have to know where the story goes or I'll be like "wahhh?"