The Life of Bon: Come on Down! You are a winner!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Come on Down! You are a winner!

Well, well, well, it's about high time that I announce the winners of our Baby Bonnie giveaway.

And the winners are...

EVERYBODY!  Everybody who entered the giveaway gets a pair of earrings from Crazy A!!!!
Aren't you all so stoked?!??!


I know I'm awful, I just couldn't resist.

There are only two winners.  Please.  Like Amy could afford to give EVERYONE a pair of earrings.  I mean, she probably could.  Who knows?  I just don't think she would.  That's 64 pairs of earrings, people.

And sorry about the mean April Fools joke.  I just had to.  You see, April Fools and I have a long relationship that goes back years and years.  Don't worry, you'll get to hear all about my juicy April Fools tales in just a few hours.

And now... the REAL winners...............

Paige @ The Last Doughnut who commented: I love the Jet Black Vintage Rhinestone earrings. Beautiful!


Clare who commented : I just told everyone that your BFF is naming her baby after you... JK. But I did tweet about your giveaway, tell people that I like birds, and share the fact that I think you are hilarious. I can prove it:

Congratulations chicas!  The first girl to contact me will get to choose the earrings... you're choosing between the sparrows and the owls.  Email me at with your address and your choice of earrings and we will get those sweet little earrings on their way to you.  (If it makes a different, the sparrows dangle about an inch longer than the owls.)