The Life of Bon: Perversion at its finest

Monday, April 02, 2012

Perversion at its finest

Do you know what I was thinking today?

I was thinking, "Geez.  I sure do like writing on my blog.  And I really like the people who read and comment on my blog.  They're just a bunch of sweethearts."

And then, with that warm fuzzy feeling glowing deep in my heart, I pulled up my blog page and started looking around the familiar territory.  I noticed my "Top Five" most popular posts on the right sidebar of the blog had shifted.  A new post had knocked another post out of its top spot.

I stared at the top five posts, and then I realized something.

You readers might be sweethearts, yes, but you're also a bunch of perverts.

Of all the posts I've written about love, family, marriage, the meaning of life, the joys of teaching, the fulfillment of relationships, etc..... the five that my readers have proved most popular are:

1.  Lessons at the gyno
2.  Prank time
3.  The day I stole underwear
4.  Let's talk about sex, baby!
5.  My pantless student

Well, at least I know the crowd I'm working with, right?

So tell me, readers, exactly why is it that you love these perverted stories so much more than all others?


Enlighten me.

So So So Scandalous!


  1. Because they are riskay ;)

  2. Lol this cracks me up, especially the picture :) I think you did a guest post for someone (which is how I found your awesome blog!) that referred to a lot of these posts- plus people just have dirty/curious minds! Eye catching blog titles always reel people in!

  3. Haha! In the case of your, "The Day I Stole Underwear" I was like "What in the world??" and of course had to read it. But then again I read all of them, so I'm safe - whew! ;)

  4. ha ha ha we are perverts! Here's my justification: I have SO many new blog posts in my feed every day, so I have to pick and choose which ones I want to read. The ones with interesting titles, I ALWAYS read. They grab my attention instead of link ups and instagram photos.

  5. Ha - too funny! My most-read post is entitled, "my neked baby," so I'm with you on those perverts out there! x

  6. I started with those posts and was laughing so hard I had to read the rest!

  7. its because you are hilarious. people like funny stuff, and often times people can relate to embarrassing moments of funny things.


  8. Haha this is the first time ive seen this pic! I can't believe how well that dress hid that i was 5 1/2 months pregnant! Good thing u got married last year, I don't think I would have been so lucky this time around :)

  9. bahaha. and you just got one more perverted follower.