The Life of Bon: Today

Monday, April 30, 2012


TODAY my little sister, Mary, asked me in an email how I pronounce my middle name.  It's spelled Louisa but she wanted to know if you pronounce it Lou-EYES-uh, or Lou-EEZ-uh.  (It's the former, if you wanted to know.)  Naturally, I was offended that she has gone 21 years without knowing the pronunciation of my middle name.  I, in turn, asked her if her first name is pronounced "Merry" or "Marie".  That'll get her, don't you think?

TODAY my student asked me why I was wearing such weird things on my legs.  I asked if she was referring to the tights.  She said she didn't know what they were called, but she didn't like them.  Yes, they are called tights.  Yes, you are rude.  This is also the same student who told me I looked like a Target commercial the other day.  You gotta have tough skin for my job, I tell you, TOUGH SKIN!

TODAY I was at Wal-mart at 6:50 am trying to buy 10 dozen donuts for my students.  Oh, how I spoil them.  A 50 year old man saw me loading my cart up with baked goodness and asked where I worked.  When I told him, he demanded to know why there were no teachers like me when he went to school.  "You're young, you're in shape, and you're generous!  Can I enroll in your class?!?"  Well, I look younger than I am, I'm not at all in shape, and the school's paying for the donuts, but glad you are easily tricked, my friend.
In any case, it kind of made my morning.

TODAY the weather outside looked oh-so-beautiful and my second period was restless.  "Can we go outside, PLEASE?!?" They begged. With some quick brainstorming, I figured out a way to do the lesson outside, and we were off.  After less than 20 seconds out of the building, and a fierce wind blowing all those 16 year old girls' skirts up, they clammered, "Can we go back inside, PLEASE?!?"  I said yes.
But they're all a bunch of wimps.

TODAY I went to get some bolts screwed into my car.  I went to an old car mechanic that my dad used to love.  "My car is making a weird noise and I need it looked at," I explained.  "Well, what's wrong with it?"  He asked.  "Ummm... you tell me sir.  You're the mechanic.  That's why I'm here."  I thought it, but I didn't say it, because I'm a good girl.
Naturally, his reply didn't instill me with too much confidence.  He says I need my brake pads fixed ASAP and it's a $250 job.
I think I'll get a second opinion.

What happened with your TODAY?


  1. that is hilarious and ridiculous that your sister didn't know how to pronounce your middle name. i love your response!

  2. LMAOOOO at your rude student! Obvi she wants to make a point, and love how she beats around the bush... And obvi she hasn't got to the whole fashion phase of her life yet!! I'm sure you looked fantab gooorl!!

    I'll have to look for you in a Walmart parking lot next time so I can indulge on a donut... oops I mean help you load all those boxes! :)


  3. K. I need to say something.
    I FREAKING LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG. I was with Emily Smith Bennett last night and she asked how I knew you. I simply stated that we met at a meet up and that I love your blog.
    I swear we have the same exact sense of humor. Well, you're probably funnier.
    Either way, I just wanted you to know that there is love coming from my direction.
    That's all :)
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  4. Seriously tough skin for teaching!! And my OB went to Bingham. He essentially said the same thing to me that the old man said to you. Right before giving me an exam. . .

    But! Today I took my 13 month old daughter to see the Bingham dance company perform. I thought she would sweetly fall asleep in my arms and I could enjoy snuggles while watching my students dance. Not so! Olivia had a great time watching but after a few songs, she decided she wanted to join in. So we left at intermission. Still, $5 well spent I say.

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  6. Love that picture ^
    Today I started a blog! I always enjoy your life stories and your fearless and sassy writing and am excited to embark on my own blog. (Bon, Don't tell Greg he'll make fun of me. He's really the bully in our relationship)
    PS- Bonnie I love ya, but as an amateur mechanic I feel inclined to tell you that any information about what may be wrong with the car helps… it's nearly impossible for someone to hand me a car and tell me to figure out what needs to be fixed. Sorry for the "second opinion". Why do I always feel for blue collar garage junkies?

  7. hehe is there a gun? i have one too.. but i'm scared of them, weird eh?

  8. I can't believe that girl! I bet her mom put her in tights when she was little...maybe I'm wrong. And good thin target is the best ;)

  9. My mechanic always takes me seriously when I show up and say my car is making an unhappy noise. Yes, that's exactly what I say. And they are always able to fix it with a straight face.

  10. Any job with children demands a thick skin. At least I only have to deal with three of them as an au pair.

    Yesterday my youngest (6) asked me why I never laugh. She tried to insist I only laugh once a week. If it had only been a single random comment, it wouldn't have bothered me, but she kept insisting I never laugh until I told her she was being rude.

    A few weeks ago she told me I was pretty without my glasses on. When I asked her what she thought of me when I wear my glasses (aka 99% of the time), her response was, "You're not ugly..."

    When I first started working for this family, she told me I looked pregnant. No, I don't have a flat stomach, but I'm pretty small.

    She's young, so she doesn't realize (I don't think) how rude she can be some times. Her parents and I are working on it. My primary concern is her saying something bratty (she also has a bad habit of adopting a very rude tone of voice) to someone outside our house...

    Huh, that was a long comment...

  11. This made me laugh so much!

    Just the other day, I had on a black maxi dress and one of my middle school students came up to me and said, "Generally? I'm ok with your clothes. But what the HECK is that?! Are you going to church? Or a funeral? All I know is.. it's ugly!"

    What nerve!
    I would have never DREAMED of commenting negatively on my teacher's clothing!

  12. Loved this post, made me smile and grin the whole way thruogh reading your fun stories. But, I didn't see a story that told why you are holding a (real or fake?) gun in the photo???

    xoxo, Amy