The Life of Bon: Please accept my apologies

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Please accept my apologies

Last night, the Utah Jazz soundly deafeated the Phoenix Suns and clinched their spot in the playoffs.

I was at the game with Hubs, family and friends.

The arena was tense, the crowd hanging on every loose ball, every call, every shot from the free throw line.

With two minutes left in the game and a ten point lead, the entire arena was chanting "Playoffs, playoffs, playoffs!"  We could smell it.  Hear it.  Taste it.  We were making it to the post season, despite the naysayers and the millions of critics who said playoffs this year were impossible for the Jazz.

I suppose that now would be a good time to say an apology is in order.

Yes siree.  An apology, strong and clear to my favorite Utah Jazz team.

I'm sorry, Jazz.

I'm sorry for this.

I'm sorry for doubting you, for retracting my love, for publishing in a statewide newspaper the fact that I was done with you forever.  I'm sorry for enjoying 30 seconds of fame at your expense and then posting it proudly on my refrigerator for all to see who enter my home. I'm sorry for doubting your abilities, for doubting your motives, for doubting you.

I was young when I wrote that article.  Young and naive.  Frustrated with an NBA lockout that showed no signs of let up, a team that showed no signs of playoffs, a franchise that showed no signs of progress, I took to writing to let out some angst.

After publishing that article, I got my fair share of questions from die hard family members, from friends who had long been fans.  "Are you really quitting the Jazz?  You can't really give up on them!"
"Yes I am!" I said proudly.  Strongly.  "I'm done with them!  You won't see me rooting for the Jazz anymore- I'm through and I mean it!"

I didn't mean to watch the games this season.  They made, you see.  They tied me down to the couch, threatened me with a stun gun, held my eyes open and forced me to view all those games.

Or maybe I wanted to.  I don't know.  The lines all get so blurry sometimes.

The point is that somewhere in that truncated 66 game season, somewhere in the seven over time games, the double over time game, the triple overtime, or even the quadruple overtime game, somewhere in the ally oops and the free throws and the miscalled fouls, somewhere in the comebacks, the struggles, the road games, I realized I was wrong about the Jazz.  It wasn't just about the money for these guys.  They weren't breaking my heart on purpose, no, in fact they were trying as hard as they could to love back, to give back, to commit to me. 

And I was giving them the cold shoulder.

I'm back, Jazz, never to leave you again.  I've seen you bleed, I've watched drops of your sweat on the court, and I've witnessed your heart break in games lost at the buzzer.  I've watched you suffer through three plus hours of overtime misery, through back to back to back games, through finger jams and stitches and torn ACLs. 

Your heart is in this and I know that now.  You're always going to be my team.  I'm not going anywhere.  I'm as committed as they come, baby.

Forgive me?

Naturally I have to sport my Karl Malone T-shirt.
Long live the Stockton to Malone era.



  1. Looks like you had a fun night!

    P.S. I nominated you on my blog for the Versatile Blogger award.



  3. Looks like fun! I watched that game from my sofa:)

  4. I'm not sure where I found your blog.....but I started following it. Tonight I was blog reading and read your because of course I am a Laker fan through and through.....and that makes us rivals! I then was mesmerized by your are a fantastic writer. I read post after post and laughed out loud on more than one occasion. Thank you!

  5. I do that with the Blues and Cardinals on occasion and now we're entering the 2nd round of the stanley cup playoffs so I have faith again :)

  6. I love your writing style, you write similar to me in that it's like having a conversation over a cup of coffee. You too have a new follower :)

  7. YAYYY congrats to you and yo' team!!!

    Just read your about me... HILLarious girlie!! My name is Bonnie and I'm under 50 HAHAHAHA.... love it!! love you and your sense of humor :)