The Life of Bon: I'm on vay-cay, how do you expect me to write?!?!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I'm on vay-cay, how do you expect me to write?!?!

Oh, hey guys.

Um...  I have to tell you something.  But it's not easy.  Here goes.  I think....  No, that's all wrong.  I feel... no, not that either.  I guess what I'm trying to say is... how do I say this without hurting your feelings...deep breath.... I don't feel like writing a post today. 

There.  There it is.  I don't want to write today.  And I'm not going to, DANG IT! 
Vacations don't lend themselves too well to blogging, you understand, don't you?  (FYI: Hubs is not with my on this vacation. He couldnt' swing the trip because our spring breaks don't align and he has classes and rehearsel and tests to study for. Let's all have a moment of silence for Hubs.)  Now, back to the issue at hand.  How can I write when I've got to spend my day teasing my two nieces and catching up with my sister and visiting JOHN STEINBECK museums? (Yes, you heard right.  It's an English teacher's wildest dream. I'm going to spend the whole day with John Steinbeck, who I lovingly refer to as Johnny.  We're that tight.) For crying out loud, I can't just be sitting around writing on my blog!!!  Come on, people!  Show me so sympathy around here!

Old Steinbeck, author of my two faves: Of Mice and Men and East of Eden
Grapes of Wrath, not so much.
ANYWAY... What I am trying to get out here is that I won't be posting much today and you're going to have to go without.  I don't know how you'll survive.  Also, I'm in a weird mood.  I just feel like that should be clarified before I write anything else.  I mean, hey, I'm on vacation, you can't blame a girl for acting a little crazy around here!  Or can you?

ANYWAY... I had a problem on my hands... the problem being that I didn't want to write, but that I felt like I owed it to my readers to write something.  Which makes me wonder how do you people get off thinking I owe you anything?  Oh, probably because you read what I write and support me and leave nice comments.  Hmmm... yah, I guess I might owe you.  You win.

ANYWAY... I didn't know what to do about this small conundrum.  (And ain't conundrum a diddy of a word?!?)  Lucky for me, I found some smart, pretty girl to guest post on the blog today.  You know how I feel about smart, pretty girls, don't you?  They rock.  And I love them.  So... without further ado... and before I say anything else that offends me readers (Upon editing this, I discovered that I had written me instead of my... but I decided to keep it that way. It sounds Irish, and I sure love the Irish!)  ....take it away, Elease!

oh, how lucky i am to be a guest on such a lovely blog today. 
being a guest is quite exciting.
it means i get to {hopefully} meet new followers,
which of course leads me to your cute blog.

yes, you. and your blog.
so, be certain to stop on over to the little lovebirds and leave a comment

so i can discover the beauty behind your blog.
Bonnie here:  I know what you're thinking.  This girl is pretty.  And she looks smart.
I told you I have a thing for smart, pretty girls.  Next time just take my word, ok?

i thought i'd do a little introducing of myself through listing

a few of my favorite things:
{as of lately}
the one thing i crave most: 
time with lovebird. {aka my hubby}
we are oh-so-busy. sometimes too busy.

my guilty pleasures {or it's safe to say: sweets}:
cadbury eggs, this gelato, chocolate covered cinnamon bears.
dark chocolate with sea salt.
and the classic soft serve cone from mcdonald's.
yep, completely guilty. 

if i could go on a shopping spree right now:
my bags would be overflowing with these items.
my go to lunch at the moment {and has been for the last month}:
a salad made with these essential {and organic} ingredients:
broccoli {lots of it}, spinach, yummy veggies, blue cheese crumbles, cranberries, sunflower seeds. 
oh, and this poppy seed dressing. 
my absolute favorite, or rather addiction. 

being a ballerina i love these three things:
yumiko leoatards.
classical music. {nerd alert}
and the ability to express or vent my emotions through movement. 

my little weaknesses:
downton abbey, blogging, and snuggling with lovebird.
all things which distract me entirely 
from doing my homework. or cleaning my house. 
or simply getting anything productive done for that matter.

favorite trends at the moment:
bare eyes with coral lips.
bright colors. nothing like a good pop.
floral pants. obviously.
and soft pastel nail polish. essie, please.

favorite little quote this week:
"you can never be overdressed or overeducated."
two things which i absolutely love: learning and fashion. 

well, there you have it.
that's me in a nutshell. or at least as of right now. 
now, i can't wait to meet you.

There you have it, people, ELEASE!!!  Now go give her a visit and leave her some love.  She's perfect in every way.  Except she doesn't capitalize her "i"s, but I guess I can learn to forgive that.  Just know, Elease, if you were my student I would circle every one of those uncapitalized "i"s in red. 

And sorry for the sass.
I really do think you're great.
And smart.
And pretty.
Okay, I'm so done.  John Steinbeck, here I come!


  1. just found you over at the little lovebirds. you are absolutely hilarious girl. and of course i just adore elease!!!
    xo TJ

  2. love this. follower of the little lovebirds and can't wait to catch up with you and yours.