The Life of Bon: A most entertaining dinner guest

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A most entertaining dinner guest

"I've actually heard that hippos are the most dangerous of all the African animals," said Dennis at dinner tonight.
"Yah!  They'll step on you!" agreed Danny wholeheartedly.

Danny was at our Sunday dinner by invitation of my sister, Becky.  She's got a heart of absolute gold, made friends with Danny, and now often invites him to family get togethers.  Danny is charming and likeable and completely unique.

And he always says exactly what's on his mind.

"I totalled my car."
"What happened?"
"Oh, I ran into someone.  It was my fault."
"What were you doing?"
"Oh.  Just looking around."

"The other day I was driving through a neighborhood and this crazy lady got mad at me, yelling to me that I was going too fast."
"Were you going too fast?"
"Danny, should you be driving?"
"Ha!  Maybe not."
"Are you a very careful driver?"
"No.  Not really."

"Don't you feel like when a lady has a cat that it just tells you something about her?" (Becky)
"Yah!  That she's a slut!"

"Danny, how did you like the ice cream?"
"Ah, it was fair to midland"
I didn't understand. 
"You know, like fair to mediocre"
"You know Danny, he doesn't like anything fair to midland," my mom joked.
"Yah!  Especially my women!  That's why I'm 52 and not married!"
"Oh come on, what's wrong with women who are fair to midland?"
"Nope!  Not for me!  I like mine hot sexy babes!"

That was the highlight of my weekend, how about yours?

Oh, yah, highlight #2 was Hubs wearing short shorts.

Oh, yah, and Highlight #3 was the weather. 75 degrees and sunshine all weekend long.  Summer, here we come!

This is my family.  That's Danny wearing blue, sitting in the lawn chair.
No doubt telling my mom about his need for hot sexy babes.

A couple of signs that this man will be a good daddy.
As if I didn't know that already.

My niece with a cast up to her hip.
That's what happens to poor little girls who are too rambunctious.
I sympathize with her.

Love. Sunshine.


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  1. I love, love, LOVE your blog!!! :)

  2. i think danny and i would get along. he sounds hilarious. and your poor niece! :( mine has broken her collar bone twice lately. no fun.

  3. Lol don't you just love people like that?! They add so much spice to life - but he is right, hippos really are the animal responsible for the most deaths in Africa :)


  4. I hope the Jazz do make the playoff. Then my Timberpups will get a 1st round pick thanks to them. Cheering on your Jazz.

  5. ok you are hilarious. pretty much love your blog! you are soooo lucky you are already done with school! (:

    xo, b.

  6. Just found your blog - spat out my Bran flakes reading Dannys comments. Brilliant! I will be visiting often - so funny :-)

    Do you have a FB page?

    Love Sarah