The Life of Bon: Peace OUT, Yo.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Peace OUT, Yo.

If you're looking for me, don't look at home.

I'm out.

Out and about, yo.

On my way to Monterey, CA to spend some time with the sis who lives there.

I know what you're thinking.

Wait a second, YOU!  Weren't you just in Las Vegas?!?!

Yes.  Yes I was.

Don't be mad.

Just know that if you spent all day every day with seventeen year olds you would need the same!!!

And now, as I am California bound, I leave you with some pictures of the last time I was in Northern California.

Summer after my freshman year.

Santa Cruz, CA with Kalista and Akasha.

Single and carefree.

Now we're all married and have a combined total of four kids (going on five!)

My how the times do change.

Oh, Akasha, look at you, you little head turner.

Kalista, you too. 
Don't worry- We're all sexy.


  1. I just saw your guest post over on Elease's blog and you cracked me up! Had to come peek over at yours :) Just wanted to let you know that your 7 seconds worked ;)

  2. I am speechless. I can't believe you found this pic! I forgot my hair was ever that short, and I was so scandalous back then in my little bikini... I'm going to have to hide photos like this when Aspen is a little older :) Have fun in Cali, sunbathing at the beach sounds like heaven right now!

  3. Have an awesome time in Cali, Bonbon ;)