The Life of Bon: VAY-CAY, PARTE DOS

Monday, April 09, 2012



Because really... there are so many lessons, you can't just fit them all into one post...

Lesson #18: 
(For the first 17 lessons, see here, and trust me, you don't wanna miss them!) 
Tennis is more fun than I have thought my previous 25 years. 
Thanks to a patient brother, Reed, and a few quick tips,
I felt a lot more confident with a racket in my hand.
Here's a tip I'll share with you because I'm that kind of gal: 
You can't just hit it as hard as you feel like. 
It's not baseball.

Lesson #19:
Do not ask your sister to take a picture of you by the beach.
She'll zoom in way too much.
DO ask your sister to borrow her jacket/hoodie.
It'll save your butt on that windy ride.
(Also a lesson learned- those sunglasses are too big for my face.  I look like a bug.)

Lesson #20:
If you want to look as cool as Dennis do the following:
Have a camera strapped to your hat.
Carry a camera in your hand.
Have one pant leg rolled up, one pant leg rolled down. 

Lesson #21:
Every time you visit Monterey go on the 17 mile bike ride.
It's gorgeous.
And right along Pebble Beach.
You people have heard of Pebble Beach, right?!?
(And don't you just LOVE Ashley's fluorescent shoes?)
Lesson #22:
I have some cool brothers and sisters.
Of course, I already knew that.

Lesson #23:
If you want to go to Clint Eastwood's ranch for dinner,
You are going to pay a pretty penny.
And they are going to tell you cell phones are not allowed in the dining area.
Because they're hoitey toitey like that.
Lucky for me, my students have taught me how to discreetly text under tables.
I followed the Jazz game AND texted Hubs without even drawing suspicion.

Lesson #24:
The best way to start a Saturday morning is tea with your niece.
Lesson #25:
If you're as cool as Caroline, tea is best if sipped with a fork.

Lesson #26: 
Little kids' clothes these days are just as cute as adult clothes.
Just look at that pink fluorescent jacket. 
What I wouldn't give to have one in my size.

Lesson #27:
If a little girl falls asleep on you at the beach for the second day in a row,
AND you have no stroller...
it's best to just cover her face up with a hat and let her sleep it out.

Lesson #28:
A vay-cay isn't a vay-cay unless you're at the beach every day.

Lesson #29:
When playing Ultimate Frisbee on the beach, watch out for dried up seaweed poking up.
It'll getcha when you least expect it.
And then you might let a curse word slip.
And we wouldn't want that on vay-cay, would we?

Lesson #30:
If you have the choice to throw a frisbee to...
three girls
a boy...

Choose the boy.

Lesson #31:
When I have kids,
I want kids like this baby.
She never cries.
Falls asleep whenever you want her to.
And just sits there and smiles.

Don't mind if I do.
Lesson #32:
Matching hats are not out.
They are in.
Especially if you're matching your two year old kiddo.
(I know I'm biased because I'm her aunt, but doesn't little Caroline look like a baby model here?)

Lesson #33:
If going to the beach,
wear bright red lipstick.
Because, come on.
Who DOESN'T wear bright red lipstick to the beach?

Lesson #34:
If you go on vacation and leave your Hubs at home,
You're going to miss him ALOT.
And when you see him again after five days apart,
you're even going to feel a little nervous,
with butterflies fluttering in your stomach.

Even if he is waiting at the wrong terminal...
And he's going to give you lots of cute little kisses,
and tell you he missed you,
and he's so glad you're back,
and he can't even sleep when you're gone, gosh darn it!

And you're going to think, "Man I sure love vacation...
...but I love this boy even more."


  1. haha. this is great. and i totally want to be as cool as dennis. i will be getting two cameras and rolling my pant leg up. love it.

  2. Yay! I made the blog. I'm glad you want a baby like Emery because she is the coolest. Had fun with you on the vacay!

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  4. Sounds like a great vacation! My poor boyfriend had to learn the hard way about not hitting a tennis ball like a baseball. Dude doesn't know his own strength! :) Your niece is adorable!

  5. love this post! love the vacation pictures, but I'll bet you missed him! My husband has been gone recently & i miss him so much when he's gone!