The Life of Bon: Be Nice!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Be Nice!

Sometimes I live in this world thinking that everyone is either an idiot or a jerk or a moron and how did I get stuck the only normal person on this whole big earth?

And then something happens that make me realize that most people are actually real nice and it goes and restores my faith in the whole human nation.


Late last week I arrived home from a hot afternoon of running errands.  My back was sweaty, my house was messy, and my diet coke was long gone.  I was in no mood to be reckoned with.  Sitting on my front door was a package.  It was addressed to me.  I had not ordered anything.  I was puzzled.  Naturally.

I tore into the package to discover several foot products, scrubs, exfoliators, (my spell check says this is spelled incorrectly but offers no alternatives.  HELP?!?) lotions and even cooling spray and cooling lotion for my poor, hot feet. HOLY AWESOME!  The package was from Annie, who I met through blogging several months ago.  We have corresponded via email and blog world but have never met in real life.  And yet Annie, out of the kindness of her heart, decided to send me something for my birthday coming up in a couple of weeks.  Just to be nice.

AND she gave me this nail polish.  LOVE IT!

I was reeling from shock.

Never, ever, ever in my life would I be so kind to think to send a birthday gift to someone I had only met via the internet.  Never would I make that big of an effort to make someone else's day so much better.  Heck, I hardly do that for those who are closest to me- I can't imagine the star treatment Annie's husband and kids get on the daily!

And the cooling spray?  It's my new best friend.  You better believe I carry that stuff in my purse and spray my little feet the second their temperature starts to rise.  HOLLER.

AND everything at Avon is super affordable and still such good quality.
AND all shipping in June is $.99.
AND I'm done now.  But seriously, from friend to friend, this Avon stuff is rocking my world.

There's someone else who is absolutely blowing my mind right now due to her total kindness.  That is this girl, Simone.  She works for a charity called sygif and they raise mon... who am I trying to kid.  She could explain this way better than I ever could... Take it away Simone!

1. Tell us a little about yourself first.  We want to get to know you, sexy girl!


I'm a Public Relations major and French minor at Utah Valley University. I like to think I have a particularly lovable dose of sass, and I like to make people smile. I have a wonderful(ly hot) and hilarious boyfriend who makes my day every day. I love Pinterest, kittens, America's Funniest Home Videos, desserts, and laughing. My favorite color changes daily and I don't like the word "supple"... I just don't.

2.  How did your charity get started?


Jd Tueller is a rarity and has a bigger heart than most anyone I know. At age 19, Jd decided that he wanted to figure out a way to make a big difference in the world with everyday people and small actions. I don't know many 19 year old dudes that dream of spending their lives helping other people. Now 26, Jd is working to make Sygif a revolutionary charity by utilizing clicks to involve people to take action. For example, Jd has devoted a month in China this summer to help children (he ventured off without a return ticket to America for goodness sakes!), and all we have to do is watch the videos he sends back, share posts with our friends on Facebook, and click to donate online - piece of cake!

(Bonnie commentary here:  Uh... is this JD guy married?  Because if not, you gotta take advantage of that, Simone!  I mean, I'm a happily married woman, but I know a catch when I see one.  Also, Hubs saw this picture and burst out: "ARE YOU SPONSORING DUDES NOW?!?")

3.  How did YOU personally get involved?

Jd is a good friend of mine, and often talked about Sygif as his little baby. He told me that he was looking for someone to keep up with all of the social media, and once I understood what Sygif was I practically begged him for the job. I'm a peta and Kony bandwagon-er but was particularly excited to be personally involved in something that is changing peoples' lives right before our eyes (Literally! Jd sent back footage as it happened!). I feel an inexplicable love for the kids we are helping and every time I see a donation I have a mini heart attack and erupt into dance. Donating to a charity can sometimes be discouraging, but with Sygif sending back instant updates and footage of the people being helped, it turns donating into a more rewarding experience.

4.  This all sounds so great!  How is the money used?


100% of all donations (minus supply and shipping costs if you order a shirt) goes directly to the kids. This summer Jd visited with the kids we helped to see donations in action! On this trip (China, Vietnam, and Thailand!), Jd visited children whose education we are sponsoring and met children whose cleft lip and heart surgeries we funded (and hope to fund) to prepare them for adoption. We are totally transparent with all of the money given to us. You can even check out our transparency reports on our blog!

4.  How can I donate?

Easy Peasy! You can click here to donate. For those of you who are poor college students like me, or simply pinching pennies as it is, you can even help by spreading the word. We have sidebar buttons on the blog, and a pretty sweet Facebook page and YouTube channel you can share too! Sygif is a charity based on social media, so any way you connect with us and spread the word makes a difference! Our latest favorite thing is Instagram! Jd and other team members were able to show us in real time the things they were seeing and experiencing!



5.  And now for the most important question, favorite flavor of otter pop?

Blue raspberry, duh.


There you have it, my friends.  Just when you thought our world was full of liars, thieves, and ingrates.  A couple of people to restore your hope in humanity.  Feels good, doesn't it?


  1. That sounds like an amazing charity!
    I just love surprises in the mail, sounds like yours arrived right on time.

  2. What a great present! LOVE that nail color!

  3. Thanks Bonnie! :)